Hexxus is a barrage of pop, metal, rock, and progressive music that utilizes the best parts of each genre. We are highly energetic and our tunes passionate and easy to relate and sing along with!


Hexxus is a high energy Rock band based out of Seattle Washington. They draw there influences from everything from Queen to Dream Theater while hinting at the energy of heavy metal and song structures of progressive pop. With so many bands striving for success in this day an age Hexxus enjoys making music for the sake of making music. They right songs that make challenge themselves as musicians but still carry a great deal of hooks encouraging everyone from your kid brother to your parents to enjoy. After playing in various other bands over the last 5 years the members of Hexxus have come together to do nothing but play good old rock n' roll for your listening pleasure.


Hexxus - Self titled
Produced by Aaron Bowley & Hexxus
Mixed and Mastered by Ben Schigel @ Spider Studios
Released 2009

Preaching To The Choir featured on the upcoming 2010 Project Independent CD Sampler

No More Words to be featured in upcoming film from Leconarose Productions entitled "Do Over"

Set List

We play everything our time slot allows!

Our current 40 min set goes as follows:
Grizzly Adams
Leaving you Speechless
A Snails Pace
Phoenix Down
What it was
Preachin' to the choir
Bring the Reign
No more words