Hey Beautiful

Hey Beautiful


amazing acoustic music!


are music is a mix between the honorary and as tall as lions some of are other influences bright eyes, the early november, taking back sunday what sets us apart from other bands we pretty much dont have lifes if music dosent work were gunna have to work at wawa or mcdonalds for the rest of are lifes..
are story is actualy kinda of funny we are brothers
and we hated each other forever intill about 2005 the current band dave was in was an acoustic band also with him and another kid ricky dave guitar and rick vocals but rick moved to south dakota so one day in the summer dave was playing a taking back sunday song and i started singing to it and we just kinda went from there. we started writing alot of new music and became much closer as we started to progress in are music and in life as a musician
we fell if you truley want something you have to go get it so in are case it was finding are sound
and once we did that it felt like the fucking world stoped and we said we got it we truely have something here that is a strech from any other music we have heard and that was the satrt of
Hey Beautiful


love at its's best e.p-2007

Set List

love at its best
a ghost in desinger clothes
this should keep us up all night
a city summer(a cover of an honorary title song)
so far thats the set list are songs are live 5 minutes each so about 20-25 minutes long