Easy listening / country / folk.


My music is unique, it has the ability to fit many genres based on performance techniques.

Self taught song writer. My guitar playing is intermediate at best, my songs' messages are what I'm proud of. I try to write songs everyone can relate to.

Inspirations including Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, George Jones


Love's Eyes

Written By: Heybo

Love’s eyes are a mystery, they can take a vision and make it a reality

Love’s eyes can make a fool a king, they can take a heart of stone and make it a diamond ring

It can happen any moment, it can happen anywhere. You’ll find yourself doing things before you wouldn’t dare

The world will think your crazy and you know they’re probably right

but none of that really matters while your standing in the light

Love’s eyes are a living dream, they can turn calm water into a raging stream

Love’s eyes can break a heart, what once made perfect sense now doesn’t seem so smart

Love is pure power, but sometimes it isn’t fair, You can burn in your heart & soul while your lover doesn’t seem to care

Sometimes it throws you off the train on the wrong side of the tracks

And those who have lost passion can spend a lifetime to get it back

But Love’s eyes are a mystery, they can take a vision and make it a re—al---ity

The Zone

Written By: Heybo

Riding down the highway in the ice cold morning light

My truck started spinning ‘round on a patch of black ice

I don’t know how I made it through, how I gained control

I entered into another time and place some folks call the zone

In the zone… And your fight to survive (You have to spit the devil in the eye). A second lasts a minute when you heart’s in overdrive.
In the heat of danger you’re in an eerie calm as you do the impossible, in the zone

On some bloody battlefield your buddy makes a hero’s charge

He’s wounded out in no man’s land as your mind hears his call

If he’s going to make it back, if he’s going to make it home

You know what you have to do, you have to go back to the zone

Now the zone is a place where no one wants to be, but if you make it through it makes the sweetest memories

The greatest sacrifices that you’ll ever know, are the one’s that you’ll make in the zone



Set List

I have only written (3) songs, I only write when I'm inspired by an idea.

My cover repertoire includes songs by Garth Brooks, George Strait, Jimmy Buffet, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Billy Joel