We are an indie/pop band from Belfast, Ireland. We have a wide range of influences such as the beatles, Bob Dylan and Radiohead to name a few. After spending the guts of four years on the N.Ireland music sence refining our sound we are finally ready to get our music out to a wider audience.


Heyday -

"From a group of melodious musicians brewed in Belfast come beautiful, unique and catchy tracks that discuss the penetrating, sometimes painstaking, passion that we ultimately live for – love. Combining whimsical vocals with inspired instrumentation ranging from the cheeky pep of the Beatles to the heartfelt lyrics of Coldplay to the radiating energy of Radiohead, Heyday has hit a peak in musical performance" - Indiestore.com

"These 5 lads from Belfast have an incredible ear for melody, and more than enough skill and power to back it up." - Puma.com

"Heyday are a frighteningly competent preposition... Musically, it's melodic power-pop all the way - punchy and memorable, and with the blokey charm and charisma that's flowing from the stage it's easy to get swept along." - Alternative Ulster Magazine

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We are releasing our new E.p. in Feb 2009 although you can download some of our other tracks at:


Set List

01. Promises
02. Liar Liar
03. Home Sweet Home
04. Librarian
05. Move Away
06. Big Fish
07. Glad you Came
08. Stay True

We have many more songs but we feel that this is a strong set for us at the minute.