Hey Hello

Hey Hello


Hey Hello is heart. With compelling melodies, marching beats, and provoking lyrics, the music has something that makes you feel alive. Comparable to the likes of Radiohead, The Killers, Bjork, and Regina Spektor among others.


Were we still swimming, were we still swimming, were we still swimming. Every breath tried so hard to be an original spark, every breath was followed by another just the same. Every breathe would disappear, sitting in the sunlight, feeling the breeze, and disappearing. We sang songs, we danced, we held hands, we felt like bumbling children, we paved paths, and we sang songs. I don't know who I am, but sitting in the sun, I don't know who I am, but sitting in the sun.

Is your heart so happy?

Climbing over the mountains, setting the mountains on fire, setting our hearts out, reaching our hearts out, both the fire and our cries to the sky. When all you see is that crazy blue, it really is hard to believe. Then sometimes when you see who you were at some other time, you know everything is there, eerything is there and we've got what it takes. So you smile, you breathe, you sit in the grass, you sing, and reach out, you set the mountains on fire.

You set the mountains on fire, and you run free like some crazy foxes.

Contact and booking for these crazy foxes, 309-292-8767 steffenwade@mail.com


Inhale- 2009

Somber, Sharper Knives Harder Drives, Everything, Romance, and We Swing When Swayed have all recieved national airplay over the last year.

Set List

-Sharper Knives, Harder Drives
-Are Young
-Carry On
-We Swing When Swayed
-These Stranger Bones
-Faithful Breaths

Set can go for about an hour or be cut down to as short as 20 minutes.