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Hey Hey My My @ Centre culturel du Mont-Dore

Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie, Not Applicable, France

Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie, Not Applicable, France

Hey Hey My My @ Centre culturel du Mont-Dore

Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie, Not Applicable, France

Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie, Not Applicable, France

Hey Hey My My @ Ile de Lifou

Nouvelle Caledonie / New Caledonia, Not Applicable, France

Nouvelle Caledonie / New Caledonia, Not Applicable, France

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



“Hey Hey My My transcends its outsider status here with a remarkable and luminous first
album which should impose itself on the high wire for weeks as one of the major moments
of the year 2007.”, MAY 2007 - BENZINE MAGAZINE (SWITZERLAND)

“This trendy band who has just released an eponymous album, is part of a great indie
tradition...their ballads are at the same time melancholy and uplifting.”,

“In this mix — totally new in France — of ethereal folk and refined pop sung in the language
of Shakespeare, one must also recognize the shadow of giants Brian Wilson and Nick Drake.
The keynote compositions, very polished falsely simplistic melodies and intimate lyrics from
easygoing Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier soar like effervescent bubbles.”,

“Too Much Space...veritable small pop jewel of the year 2007...the album is also almost
perfect...the compositions are well-groomed, original and melodic...A gem!”, AUGUST 2007 - YAWAM/RADIO GRAFFITI 101.5FM (FRANCE)

“Premiere classic folk album by hugely talented Bordeaux natives...Too Much Space, is
rich in so many drawers, subtle illusions and references that it was already a complete
discography in of itself. One recovers this little treasure trove, luxuriously rearranged on
this full-length release, and in excellent company of pop-songs peering delicately towards


- EP + 45 Tours "TOO MUCH SPACE
January 22 2007
- Album "HEY HEY MY MY"
April 23 2007.
May 26 2008.



In the late 1990s, the atmosphere was electric in Bordeaux, France. Grand cru wines were still on every table, but from the quays to the estuary, rock had taken over the city. Guitars being the main weapons – electric, of course. And one guitar in particular, a single object passed back and forth from one hand to the next, from brothers to friends, from Julien G. to Julien G… like a stroke of luck.

"Hey hey my my, rock and roll will never die…” Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier, Parisian students who moved to the Gironde region, share a passion for artists such as The Beatles, Blonde Redhead, Nirvana and The Pixies, just to mention a few. But from the start, they made these lyrics by Neil Young their motto, long before realizing that this legendary title would seal their musical union definitively.

Inevitable night-time rehearsals gave way to ultra-private concerts for ultra-fans. They composed less for others and focused on finding their own sound… Julien, or maybe it was Julien, remembers creating his first group, as epic as it was ephemeral, the Rice Cookers. They played together under the name Migraine Institute before founding British Hawaii, a punk rock group that never lost its craving for saturated amps…

And then one day, THE concert took place, the set that no one would soon forget. The crowd was won over: Hey Hey My My was created. Not only for the reference to Young, whose overly serious lyrics and extremely stripped-down style they left by the wayside, but more as an homage to all of the artists who influenced them. Rock and roll will never die…

Hey Hey My My is a superbly instinctive blend of enthusiasm and melancholy. Above all, it’s an explosion of energy and the deceptive lightness of simple folk, as if to give more space to the words, which go right to the heart… In all cases, their love of catchy ballads always has the same devastating effect. We leave Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier with a smile on our lips and a tune in our heads. With the hope of savouring this tantalizing, irresistible folk pop once more and heading back to Merryland, the intimate and enchanting world of Hey Hey My My…