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Hey Leroy is a three-piece band hailing from the great city of chicago. Composed of two singer/songwriters that brought their best songs together and started writing. Their music is a unique mix of alternative, acoustic rock, country, and pop; with songs that you can not get out of your head.


Hey Leroy share a common origin with many bands, a few friends having some drinks and making music. In the beginning Hey Leroy was just a side project for singer/songwriter Nate Etchison and drummer Jared Newcomb as they had just finished recording a disc with the post hardcore group Ten to Midnight. Those evening jam sessions with fellow singer/songwriter Tim Newman quickly turned into a full fledged band and Hey Leroy was born. With a full lineup and steady practice schedule the bands sound really started to take shape. The influence of artists such as George Harrison, Elliot Smith, and Death Cab for Cutie can be heard from time to time in the songwriting of Hey Leroy. Catchy hooks, great harmonies and heartfelt sometimes thought-provoking lyrics are a few of the bands strengths. Hey Leroy's music comes from life experiences, both the good and the bad.

Based out of the near southwest suburbs of Chicago, the group has played a number of local shows with a diverse group of bands. Hey Leroy has complied over twenty-five original pieces, seven of which can be heard on the band's debut 'EP "The Things You Remember Most Aren't Things." With the debut 'EP pressed and ready to go Hey Leroy are eager to share the music they poured thier hearts into with anyone who wants to listen.


Half the Rent

Written By: Nate Etchison

let’s celebrate she’s leaving. she’s packing bags it’s going down. it’s a complicated story. let’s have a drink she’s moving out. t’s only half the rent. i’ve clearly found the brighter side but that’s what you suggested. i’ll miss you maybe probably not cause plain and simple your selfish. i can’t believe it’s finally done. i can’t believe it’s over.

Miss You Again

Written By: Nate Etchison

struggling with the question. my brother said i wish you had a little faith. if i could see you again i could make myself believe because i miss you again. the argument went past three and i can see in his eyes this is the way he feels. and believe me when i say i wish i could believe. then at least i could live thinking we’d speak again. i miss you again and i can’t make myself believe and i’ve never been one to fake it just in case. i’d love to talk to you again but i can’t. and there’s so much we’ve missed but there is no heaven.


July '06 EP- the things you remember most aren't things

Set List

Hey Leroy has complied a vast list of tracks for live show. Aside from their seven song EP, the band has over twenty original songs along with a few staple covers. Covers include: Toto- Africa Dexy's Midnight Runner's- Come On Ilene John Lennon- Jealous Guy Elliot Smith- Twilight, Between the Bars Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life