Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Heypenny play happy, catchy, melodic indie rock driven by both pop sensibility and energetic beats.


Though mostly known for country music royalty--the likes of Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash--Nashville has a flourishing indie-rock scene, that along with the neighborhood streets, hills, and woods, make a perfect place for Heypenny to create their world of indie-pop-fun-rock.

Three years ago, Ben Elkins lived about 150 miles south of Nashville in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He experimented with sounds and spaces and new ways of writing songs. Through these efforts, Heypenny was born and an album called Use These Spoons was completed. Soon after, Elkins relocated to Nashville, TN and recruited long-time friends Kevin Bevil, DJ Murphy and Aaron Distler to complete the 4-piece.

Though never fully distributed, Use These Spoons made waves in the blogosphere and garnered accolades throughout the region/country/Western hemisphere for its pop-infused balance of rhythm, harmony, and DIY brilliance, ultimately selling out of all their pressings.

What started out as a quiet, solitary and patient endeavor has over the last year erupted into a staccato-rock band that finds company with contemporaries, while channeling the pop-appeal of Michael Jackson, and the naivete of Sesame Street.

The band, who has been known to dress in tailor-made Neapolitan-colored marching band uniforms or futuristic LEGO-MAN/robot outfits, put on an explosively energetic live rock show that rivals most. And it's their DIY aesthetic, the attention to detail--those custom, hand-made uniforms to the old-fashioned, big-knobbed, wood-paneled television sets that bathe the audience in abstract colors, flashing and pulsing with the songs--that gives the audience an actual show.

At Bonnaroo, the band was thrown into an unforgiving slot, performing opposite Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Grizzly Bear and Santigold, yet they still managed to attract quite a crowd and leave them with an impression. Graham Hawthorne, drummer for David Byrne emailed the band after their performance and said that he happily stumbled onto the set and that it was perhaps "the best thing he saw at the festival."

It's little things like that, going in as the underdog and winning the hearts, minds and ears of strangers that keeps them going and makes them pour everything they have into perfecting their craft and giving their fans something memorable.

Heypenny will be recording a new record with producer Craig Alvin (Colourmusic, Hanson) in fall of 2013 and will be releasing it in partnership with a well known Nashville based clothing brand.


Tendre EP (2011)
A Jillion Kicks (2011)
Cop Car EP (2009) Guerilla Music (UK)
Parade single (2008) Guerrilla Music (UK)
Use These Spoons (2005)

The song "Parade" from A Jillion Kicks was used in a 2011 Honda Commercial titled "Lineup".

A new demo song called "40 Watt" debuted on Lightening 100 (Nashville) on Aug 31, 2012.

Set List

We are an original band. We typically play hour long sets but can go longer or shorter.

Here are our original songs:
Purple Street
Star For All The Kidz
You Shine
Cop Car
Pretty Day
Angles and Arches
Oh No
Give Me The Ball
Mr. Miller
40 Watt

Here are a few covers that have been altered and made in to Heypenny anthems:
Beyonce "Single Ladies"
Weezer "Pink Triangle"
Sugar Hill Gang "Apache"
Tom Petty "Won't Back Down"
Chicago "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"
Beatles "Hey Bulldog"
Beatles "Something in the Way She Moves"