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Joey Daddario
Singer-Songwriter and FOUR-time ASCAP Plus Award Winner

Singer-songwriter Joey Daddario is a four-time recipient of ASCAP’s Plus Award which recognizes composers whose work has unique prestige value (2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008).

During Vivendi-Universal's height of popularity, Joey Daddario watched his song Miracle Mom overtake Madonna, Faith Hill, and REM on mp3.com's worldwide Top 40 chart - a chart truly reflecting a level playing field, allowing both independent and major label artists to compete with each other in an honest showdown. His beautifully written song rose to #2. Considering that each song competes with millions of others worldwide, this is a phenomenal achievement for the independent artist!

Joey is one of the most sensitive and creative singer-songwriters of our times.
Actress/Author Suzanne Somers said of his work:
"...Your music has an important message. I felt like [your song] 'Little Miss Perfect' was written about my life. You have taken a negative and turned it into an incredible positive to help others."

His CDs and Music Video have sold thousands. His songs are popping up everywhere - in Independent films, Radio, and all over the Internet (including the popular, mammoth-sized, website www.amazon.com and the largest seller of independent CDs - www.cdbaby.com). His original compositions, heard all over the world, have garnered him nearly 1 million in downloads/plays/sales. Incredible!

His timeless award-winning music video, Retreat-Domestic Violence Awareness, is so popular on amazon.com that it continues to be re-ordered time and again.

His songs have made their way to film as well. The latest one is a Todd Portugal film, co-starring Rachel Hunter, called Soul Mates. Another one of his popular songs is in the film Flooding which has been rented over 10,000 times at Hollywood Video.

This socially conscious, God-centered, artist delivers passionate heartfelt vocals layered over well-crafted personal stories and beautiful melodies. His songs stir your heart…deeply. He is unafraid to write on sensitive subject matters such as recovery, domestic violence awareness, social/Godly struggles, heart-wrung relationships, and spirituality. His groundbreaking work is the seed of legends – courageous. His Top 40-fueled-radio-friendly sound engages the listener automatically as they feel their heart beating in rhythm to his.

Listen to his songs and find out why fans treasure the soulful touch of this intimate, personal artist - an artist who voices our hidden feelings, and quiet truths, which guide our lives. He is the artist who already knows you.

Joey Daddario is also an award-winning photographer, www.touchedbyaphoto.com. He currently resides on Amelia Island, Florida, USA, performing and songwriting full time. Visit www.songman.com for his performance schedule.


Livin' Alive

Written By: Joey Daddario

Livin’ Alive (On The Island Of Amelia)
Joey Daddario, ©2008

There’s a place
That I’ve found,
Where the weak
Become sound.
The broken hearted know the way.
They come to live another day.

Livin’ Alive on the Island of Amelia.
The people there say this place will surely heal ya.
When I was lost and tired and needed, a new start,
Amelia left a light on in the dark,
Offered me a dance under the stars.

She would paint.
I would play.
Growing old,
And young each day.
She whispered handing me a flower,
“You’ve yet to see you’re finest hour.”


Someday when I leave I’ll think how sad it would have been,
If I’d not been rescued by the real life heroes living in…..


Red Letter Day

Written By: Joey Daddario

Joey Daddario

There’s nothing I can add
To this beautiful day.
I got no destination.

Barefoot and free,
Blessings blowing my way,
I’m the crown of creation.

Come take my hand,
We’ll walk this land together.

(We’ll go) Day-walking
With no need for talking
Knowing it’s a Red Letter Day.

(I’m just) Free-walking
Got no need for talking
Soaking in a Red Letter Day.

There’s nothing I can add
To this wonderful day.
Why mess with perfection?

Let the linen of love
Clothe you from above.
Can you feel the connection?

Come hold my hand,
We’ll take this land together.

Red Letter devotion.
High Spirit emotion.
Red Letter devotion.
Keep in motion (on this beautiful day, God just gave away).

© 2008 songman.com

In Search Of The Mother Lode

Written By: Joey Daddario

In Search Of The Mother Lode
Joey Daddario, © 2008

Where did the years go?
Now you lose more ground than you're making.
It was once all there for the taking,
Mountains filled with gold, till each hot trail went cold
In search of the Mother Lode.

Your mind walks in circles,
Cause you feel too young to feel old,
Yet you're old enough to know,
That one tick at a time, you've run off the road
In search of the Mother Lode.

So many days you set out searching
For the missing pieces of your life.
Holes in your hands, your heart is hurting.
A day you live is a day you die.

One day you stop dreaming,
Cause it hurts too much to have hope.
You lay down that old secret goal,
That kept you above the rest. You turn around and fold
Just short of the Mother Lode.


Many years later
You discover you that you touched lives,
Through the words you shared while you cried.
It all has purpose now,
But you had no way of knowing
You’d hit the Mother Lode.

On Common Ground

Written By: Joey Daddario

Joey Daddario

I still don’t know my father as well as I wished.
I dig for memories to prove his love exists.
Failing yet to penetrate the private land he lives in
That the tall walls surround,

CHORUS: Hoping just to find that place where we could walk
On Common Ground.

The distance from my father grew as I turned ten.
I found my mentors in the fathers of my friends,
Coaches who, in Little League, groomed and trained a wild seed -
A star for the crowd,

CHORUS: But I’d trade my Field Of Dreams to walk with Dad
On Common Ground.

BRIDGE: Wisdom comes with age, it’s just that way.
Teaching a bitter heart there’s nothing to be gained.
Now I know the deepest loving starts
When I can love somebody just the way they are.

My father rarely phones, he leaves that up to me.
I keep the conversations on the lightest things.
I’ve learned that I can’t control the way I want his love to show
So I settle for the sound,

CHORUS: Of him saying “I love you”, we’ve found our place
On Common Ground.

© 2008 songman.com

Broken Together

Written By: Joey Daddario

By Joey Daddario, ©2008 songman.com

On my way to school I saw
Your father throw you out the door.
You tried to smile when you saw me.
Two kids exchanged a common misery.

We walked together through the woods.
Nothing was said but all was understood.
That look of shame upon your face
Reflected back my own disgrace.

You’re the girl that they threw away.
I’m the boy who got lost one day.
But to me you’ll always be a treasure
When we were Broken Together.

The homes we grew up in were rough
Cause silence took the place of love.
I know we missed some
Wonderful words.

You’re the girl that they threw away.
I’m the boy who got lost one day.
But to me you’ll always be a treasure
When we were Broken Together.

Our story ends unlike it should.
After years you found your strength.
Although I knew that this was good,
I can still feel my heart break.

It seems like just this afternoon
I saw the look, before you spoke, I knew.
I tried to smile when you said, “bye”.
Two kids had helped each other learn to fly.

You’re the girl that they threw away.
I’m the boy who got lost one day.
But to me you’ll always be a treasure
When we were Broken Together.

Back To Baltimore

Written By: Joey Daddario

by Joey Daddario, © 2008, songman.com

I grew up near the woods outside of Baltimore,
Till progress came and tore them down.
Where boys of summer set out to explore,
The secret places, sights and sounds.
Today my lady left me. She’s taken almost everything,
Except my boyhood memories. Thank God for these.

I’m not gonna stay out here without her,
‘Cause LA’s sun don’t shine no more.
She said she’s got somebody new, and there’s nothing I can do.
So I’m going back to Baltimore. I’m through keeping score.

My friends and I spent summers in the woods,
Out in the fields of Baltimore.
We stole her beauty every chance we could,
(We were) perfectly young, restless, and bored.
I know she always had to change, to keep from sitting in her pain.
I don’t want to try to change no one. It just can’t be done.

I’m not gonna stay out here without her,
‘Cause LA’s sun don’t shine no more.
So what if I invent my own, sentimental pot of gold.
I don’t want to stay here anymore. What on earth for?

The love I want I cannot find. I think I left it far behind,
With the ones that wait for me, crying come home please.

I’m not gonna stay out here without her,
‘Cause LA’s sun don’t shine no more.
I’m not gonna stay out here without her.
I’m going back to Baltimore.