Hey Ungraceful

Hey Ungraceful



Hey Ungraceful consists of Kaitlin Wile on vocals, Jerry Drew and Josh Eaton on guitars and Paul Moran on drums. With the core line-up established they are currently playing full band acoustic shows, while they work in their bass player. Currently they are playing out now as much as possible with plans to go into the studio in early 2010. Their sound is very versatile encompassing smooth sometimes acoustic and almost jazzy undertones, to an obvious gritty rock and alternative aggression. Kaitlin’s voice and melodies range from beautiful and soft with a mixture of power and pop. If comparisons are necessary, the best would-be fits are the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, The Killers and Muse with female vocal melodies slightly resembling, Michael Buble, Coldplay, Radiohead and Ella Fitzgerald.


Such Intrigue

Written By: Kaitlin Wile, Jerry Drew

Would you notice me
If I failed to bleed
As I crashed so hard
Would you still believe

Watch me fall

As days go by
I sit and wonder why
Would you give this up
Was I not enough

Watch me fall

What can I do
To keep my broken heart from losing
And it hurts to much to stay
We break a little every day
But mostly it pains my heart
To watch you walk away

Watch me fall
As you walk away
Watch me fall