Hey Willpower

Hey Willpower


"Hey Willpower combines Schwartz's indie-rock sensibility with the sex-funk feel of early Prince and the party vibe of Top 40 R&B and hip-hop to create arty dance jams that their bedazzled backup wigglers can shake their booties to like their lives depended on it"-Bill Picture


"hey willpower" was conceived one night in july on 3rd
street in san francisco when amy linton and i were at a
tussle show and i was still smoking. we were talking about
our love for r&b pop/hip hop and how she had lived in
the same building in harlem as Sean Paul the summer
before and our favorite songs on kmel. i gave her a ride
home and the Busta/Mariah song "i know what you want"
came on and we just listened in awe. as if she was reading
my mind, she said we should get together and make a
song using all the elements of pop that we've ever loved.
a couple of days later we started working on a song in her
basement. i came up with some vocal melodies and
keyboard/guitar parts and left amy overnight with them.
the result was the backing track for "onthefloor". after
exhaustively stalking amy and trying to convince her
to drop everything and work on this project, she told
me she had to go on tour with her band the Aislers Set.

i was left despondent in sf with a new computer and
this music in my head. i met tomo through a friend
and we hardly even asked each other on a music
date before we were on a regular practice schedule
furiously writing and recording music. tomo loves
blippy bleepy yet melodic landscapey music the most.
i had to coerce him a bit into some ass-shaking, but
he eventually caved in. whether it's a hot beat or bass
part or a strangely beautiful keyboard melody, he
always brings something unique and inspiring to the
music. we'll be hanging out and he'll be tapping out a
beat with the keys in his pocket and we'll record that.

i grew up listening to Michael and Janet and L'Trimm
and pop that my sisters would turn me on to. as soon
as I heard Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground my
world turned inside out and I started voraciously ingesting
anything other than what was played on the radio. i
became immersed in the indie music world with my
band Imperial Teen, all the while reveling in the latest
greatest pop/hip hop songs and records.

"hey willpower" feels like something new and exciting
and postmodern without being smug or ironic.
although it's different from Imperial Teen, it makes
perfect sense to me to be making the music we're
making because it comes from what i love about music.
when we're performing live and people are doin' their
dances and making noise, we know it's right. dance is
becoming a big part of our live show. erin rush and
justin kelly are on dance detail and we have a
good time synching up. i'm good with the chin
scratchers and musicologists and philosophers too,
but sometimes you have to let the emotions take over. let's dance now and we can talk about it later if you want.


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Hey Willpower EP (Debut)

Double Fantasy II and Hundredaire have radio play and

Set List

Double Fantasy II Sets are around a half hour
Silent Ring
Magic Window
Room 318
Retail Heaven