Hey You (A Premium Pink Floyd Tribute)
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Hey You (A Premium Pink Floyd Tribute)

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
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"Pink Floyd Music Coming to Opera House"

HEY YOU TRIBUTE BAND: Concert in Clayton features '70s rockers' songs


CLAYTON — George N. Root said he was tired of hitting a wall when he performed in a rock band that played original music. It met limited success in its five-years. But one wall met another when he developed an idea for a tribute band.

"After banging my head against the wall, I decided I'd rather play something I love and to which people would respond to," Mr. Root said.

Hey You, a tribute band to the English progressive/psychedelic rock group Pink Floyd, was created by Mr. Root in late 2006.

"The reaction has been pretty phenomenal," Mr. Root said from his hometown of Buffalo.

Hey You will perform Aug. 1 at the Clayton Opera House.

Pink Floyd is known by such classic albums as "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall." The band was co-founded by Syd (Roger) Barrett, who died at age 60 in 2006. The band's other members were David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright. Mr. Waters left the band, now defunct, in the mid-1980s.

Besides Mr. Root on vocals and lead guitar, Hey You consists of Bill Pfeiffer on bass guitar and vocals; John Patrick Filutze on drums, and Matthew Johnson on keyboards and vocals. Two female vocalists also currently tour with the band.

Mr. Root said Hey You also tries to recreate the experimental feel of Pink Floyd through its stage show.

"The light show is constantly evolving and changing," Mr. Root said.

The band, according to a description on its Web site, "continually tries to find that delicate balance between what an audience expects and what an audience never saw coming."

Mr. Root said Hey You focuses on Pink Floyd's music from when Roger Waters was in the band. Its first album was 1967's "Piper at the Gates of Dawn." Its most famous is the 1979 album "The Wall." Mr. Root said Hey You doesn't perform music from Mr. Waters's last album with the group, 1983's "The Final Cut," because of its autobiographical theme.

Mr. Root largely attributes Pink Floyd's legacy to Roger Waters's lyrics. He became the group's primary song writer.

"For example, in the 'Dark Side of the Moon,' it's the struggle between the haves and the have-nots," Mr. Root said. "The music will ring for generations to come."

Mr. Root said Hey You is a regional New York band but lately it has been expanding its touring territory. He said the band recently packed about 300 people into a non-air-conditioned club in Winchester, Va., and the band has received offers from Minnesota to Ohio.

"If people want us, we will go," Mr. Root said. - Watertown Daily Times

"Riviera Theater Show Announcement"

Far away across the fields, the tolling of the island bell...

...calls the Pink Floyd faithful of Western New York to the Riviera Theatre , 67 Webster St. , North Tonawanda , for a Saturday night performance by Hey You . This local tribute band loves them some Floyd, and, according to their Web site , "...offer faithful musical recreations of Pink Floyd songs along with a visual experience that we hope our audience will never forget." On these cold winter nights, wouldn't it be nice to be musically transported to a distant, colorful world of sensory gratification? That might be fun. The show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are $15. - Buffalo.com

"Show Review"

"...not too many bands attempt to play Pink Floyd's more obscure songs....they do" - Niagara Falls Gazette

"Hey You Live"

“With note-by-note precision, the euophonic sounds of Pink Floyd echoed from the past, recollecting memories from the progressive rock icon's hey-day . . . via Pink Floyd tribute band, Hey You. “ - Buffalo.com

"Riviera Theatre Review - 1/23/2010"

Pink Floyd defines progressive rock. Hey You, THE Pink Floyd tribute band, keeps that mood fresh with their rendition of the English group. I personally was never a huge Floyd fan. However when the show started with the lights, the fog, and movie excerpts of The Wall, I knew I was just starting on a really cool journey.

In no time, my head was noddin, my boot tappin and I was singin along. With one intermission break, they played til nearly 11pm, even delivering a 2-sided encore.

I had to laugh out loud seeing people light their lighters, and since I quit smoking, could not participate but it was fun to observe just the same.

They traveled through Pink Floyd's albums, full pictures are on OP Music House on facebook. Most are reposted here.

The girls kicked it with 'Speak To Me.' Maria and Kristen hit those notes, delivered that hot emotion and transformation into 'Breathe.' That really impressed me. They went there, and did that, beautifully.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond was done with that power of mood, from isolated to pick it up to jamming to jazzy I loved the melodic waling. It was that jam that I blew my parents' speakers on back in the day.

'Learning to Fly' was performed, with emotion. The whole show captivated their audience.

Seeing mostly people who enjoyed the music when it was new, and some young kids who probably are offspring of same, filled the Riviera for a night of feeling that cool, laid back, psychedelic presence.

Maybe I am a bigger Floyd fan than I thought. The show kept my interest, rekindled some fond memories, and when they were thru, felt like I got my money's worth and that I would recommend seeing them.

A side note: I would like to bring attention to the Riviera Theater. A really cool place built in 1926 which is a nonprofit 501.c.3 I hope they can survive. The 2nd floor really captures that era and checking out the balcony was neat. The bathrooms really need to be updated but overall the place is charming and has the buttery smell of popcorn as soon as you walk in. I will do a future article on the Riviera Theater in North Tonawanda. - Buffalo.com


Piper at the Gates of Dawn
A Saucer full of Secrets
Atom Heart Mother
Dark Side of the Moon
The Division Bell
The Final Cut
Is there Anybody Out There
A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Obscurred by Clouds
The Wall
Wish You Were Here



Hey You is proud to announce winning the 2010 Buffalo Music Awards for Best Tribute Act 2010. Hey You was nominated for 5 awards this year.
HEY YOU(Pink Floyd Tribute) was created with the idea of taking the audience on a musical and visual excursion into the musical minds of one of the most provacative bands of all time-Pink Floyd. We create this musical and visual swirl by using Intelligent Lighting/Lasers/Fog/Props and an Intelligent Light enhanced Circular Screen with Multimedia video. To further enhance the music HEY YOU tours with 2-3 female backing vocalists and a Sax Player.
HEY YOU reviews both Album cuts and Live performance material to help create the live musical beauty that was Pink Floyd.
HEY YOU has the ability and experience to perform in any venue from Clubs to Large Theatres and Festival events.
HEY YOU is known for performing entire Pink Floyd Albums as they did on our Dark Side of NY Tour 2009 which brought us from Buffalo NY to Virginia performing the entire DSOTM album in large venues and Theatres.
Our 2010 Hey You Were Here Tour kicked off at the Riviera Theatre in Jan where they performed the entire DSOTM and WYWH albums in one evening-they even crashed a prop plane into the stage-what could be more Pink Floyd!
HEY YOU has also been known to recreate actual concerts and in May of this year they performed a re-creation show of Pink Floyd performing in the now demolished Buffalo Memorial Aud in 1973!
They also recreate the feel of Pink Floyd by having more than one lead singer. Pink Floyd had 3.
Hey You attempts to re-create the Pink Floyd experience by keeping the lead vocals accurate. If Roger sang it ...so does the bassist.. If David sang the song ... the guitarist does... You get the idea.
Check out our press on this site to see what others have said about HEY YOU (A Tribute to Pink Floyd). I cant wait to see you on the road!
Hey You is sponsored by Talking Phone Book/Skunkpost and Buffalo Drum Outlet

You can visit Hey You (A Tribute to Pink Floyd) online at: