HEZUS formed in San Diego, CA in 2008; comprised of husband and wife team Ian (drums,vox) and Doreen (keys, vox). The two first met while working at an all-ages concert venue and discovering a shared affection for psychedelia-infused rock, they (along with Tiffany Huang) formed in January 2005 under the name of War&Cinema. The trio grew into a quintet and began playing around town, opening for Dengue Fever, Gris Gris, and Akron/Family. With an ever-changing lineup and differing (musical) directions, War&Cinema dissolved.

The name HEZUS - pronounced He's us - represents the belief that the music they write comes from God the creator of all things; though they are quick to point out that they are not a Christian band, but rather Christians who just so happen to be musicians.

While they are most influenced by 60's & 70's underground music: psychedelic, electronic, jazz and library film scores, their sound can't quite be pinned down to a particular genre. Their output jumps from one style to another; reinforcing HEZUS' goal to simply play what they want to hear, have fun, and positively affect people in the process.


Journeys End In Lovers Meeting

Written By: J. de Cerbo

longing gaze
take it all in
in mere seconds
you'll disappear again
i invade
grasp at air
past or future
i don't know where

failed attempts
one more time
lucky num(b) -
ber seven try
your face is
what forms hers
my red hands
was all its worth

different feel
in the air
turn around
you are there
longing gaze
take it all in
there's no rush
this is the end


Currently recording their debut release.

Also, finishing a 6 song EP of unreleased War&Cinema tracks.

Set List

Enough original material for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Most sets are typically 30-45 minutes long.