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"New Band To Burn One To-Hezzakya"

Back in 1989, I was working in a record store and we got in a promo from a band called Soundgarden. When I first heard the vocals, I was in complete awe. They were strong and soaring and first brought to mind Robert Plant, but better. The music was heavier than anything I had heard in a while, then along came Kyuss. Well, the rest they say is history. Anyways, the point that I am trying to make is that if you combined the vocals of Chris Cornell with the stoner rock heaviness of Kyuss you would get Hezzakya, especially on the song "In Her Garden". - Heavy-planet.blogspot.com/

"Live review"

Local legends Hezzakya rocked a sludgy stoner metal set with vocals reminiscent or Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, this dude is worth watching! Their drummer made my night with his ability to rock the double kick through a see-through drum set! I have yet to hear a drum kit that sounded that good, booming sound backed with powerful tribal beats which almost caused me to shit my pants when I heard it. Shit-in-pants. (Had to write to make it perfectly clear for you how good it sounds, and how cool it looks!). Backed with a wall of amps and driving riffs that slap crazy time signatures around, directed with all the drive of a MotleyCrue track (like Kick Start My Heart), this band is invincible. Even their logo rules! Drop everything you are doing and see this band! - Some magazine that I can't remember

"KE Review"

Imagine youre standing at the bottom of a large mountain side and then, look up. Watch a demonic fire god with the words Im going to kick your ass scrawled across its chest rise into the sky high above the mountain with a burning building clutched in one iron fist. Continue to watch as said fire god pelts the fiery mass down the steep slope right into your path. Listen. Hear the sound and watch the destruction as it approaches. See the ruin left in the wake of that building and wonder if its going to mash your head into the dirt too. Welcome to the musical project that is Hezzakya.

The members of the band whose live sound is responsible for conjuring up such images played to a small but enthusiastic crowd last Friday night at The Waldorf in East Vancouver and managed to leave little doubt that louder can indeed be better. With an onstage amp and cabinet setup that dwarfed the in- house PA, the band looked poised to destroy some hearing. Following two local acts, MMF and Next Hundred Years, and playing right before the headliners from Calgary, Hypnopilot, Hezzakya went to work on a mixed six song set covering new songs as well as material from their first studio album Drug Metal.

Drummer Nat Green provided two thirds of a thunderous rhythm section that was the foundation of Hezzakyas set. The remaining third was filled with the clever cuttings of bass player Brad whose instrument effects resulted in a sound more like crackling electricity than the loppy punchings one might expect from the electric four-string. This crackling effectively stitched together the huge power chords and soloing of the guitarists to the pounding roles and cymbal crashes of the drums. Listening to Nat and Brad play within the bands massive guitar sound, it was quickly evident that Hezzakya would not work without a drummer and bass player of their stripe, musicians who could, and did, properly keep a sturdy base intact, despite the amount of auditable terrain that was gulped up by the guitars.

The two-axe sound of Hezzakya, as a result, and not surprisingly, is where the majority of the bands loudness emerges. Mike Steiger and Sayad Nassir both stood over their instruments like blacksmiths over anvils, hair draped around their faces, fingers moving up and down the fret boards in a measured pace that revealed a stark and deafening landscape. The lack of flashy finger work was obvious but not a drawback. The brave bareness and block-like fit of the notes gave the guitars a simplistic elegance that galloped slowly, thundering as it went. Just to be sure that the audiences focus was indeed on the fit and not the absence of flash, Mike and Brad provided ample, well timed devil horn salutes and head nods to the crowd throughout the set, salutes that were promptly returned by us along with cheering and yelling.

Vocals were handled by Hezzakyas most recent addition. Rob joined the band February 2006 and quietly took his place on stage Friday atop the churning mass of guitars and drums. With this surging symphony of fire at his back, he continually reached for the upper registers of whats humanly possible from a vocalist for the entire set, singing in pitches that could only be reached by Sayads occasional and loose solos. Robs presence throughout the first two songs, In Her Garden and Satans Curse was good, but he kicked things up a notch for the third number, Temple of Fire. His voice seemed to open up and the improved range was instantly noticeable. The band tightened as well, and as a result the next couple songs, September and Burn the Witches, especially the latter, were great. The fret board climb through a handful of chords at one point in Burn the Witches sounded amazing and added a command-and-conquer feel to things. The six song set came to a crashing halt following Hands of Stone. The first thing I heard once the guitar amps quieted came from a guy standing behind me: Fuck, my ears are ringing. Amen.

Many bands, including Hezzakya, play with enough shear volume to rattle ceiling tiles, make dental work hum, and ensure that hearts beat irregularly, but not all bands know what to do with that amplitude. Hezzakya does. They play at that volume live to establish a take-off point for the audience. Then they stand on that point and move off, shaping the noise, putting their patent on things with thumping rhythms and riffs that pull like an ocean undertow, and connecting with the audience through the mutual appreciation of a slow roar. This was certainly the case Friday, and we surely havent heard the last from this demon of a band.* - KE-ZINE.com

"Discorder Review"

"Hezzakya seem to have decided to sacrifice high fidelity for sheer teeth-rattling volume. Guitars aloft and balls out, they tear headlong through a relentless barrage of riffage, fuelled by testosterone and beer" - Discorder magazine - Discoder Magazine

"Live review 2"

"...this night was Hezzakya's night by a long chalk. With the inclusion of new vocalist Rob's thrilling Cornellian vocal swordsmanship and bassist Brad's tuned-in, toned-in bottom thump, the Mark-II lineup of Vancouver's finest stoner-rock ensemble (which also features powerhouse drummer Nat Green and the twin guitar attack of Sayad Nassir and Michael Steiger) has now made them a true West Coast force to be reckoned with. Older material from their debut album 'Drug Metal' has been kicked up a notch, while the brace of new songs is stronger than ever. And they know it, too. Their stage presence was more exciting and more confident than I've ever seen in them before, and the entire crowd ate up every thrown goat, every earshattering drop-C chord, every smashed crash cymbal, every pickscrape. They could have played for hours and I would have loved it. So would have everyone else." - The Nerve Magazine
- The Nerve Magazine


HEZZAKYA - DRUG METAL-2005 release

***songs from debut album "Drug Metal" can be downloaded from download.com/hezzakya

*** please note that HEZZAKYA had a different vocalist on this album***


Kozmik Artifactz.com
"Drug Metal", the debut album by the Canadian foursome will without any doubt blow your speakers. It is one of the heaviest stoner rock attacks ever heard.Irresistably swinging and with sheer heavyness the ten songs blaze their trail through "Drug Metal".This thundering mixture of groove, melody and monolithic stoner insanity is truly one of a kind within the genre. Holy shit, this one will leave your mouth open, if you're into heavy smashing stoner rock. Songs like "Spirit Gun"or the 6-minute-monster "Muted God" make me shiver. This is what we want, this is what we need, I'm a fuckin addict!

"Big-fisted riffs and gritty, whiskey vocals and attitude as thick as the music... These are the elements attacking on HEZZAKYA's aptly titled "Drug Metal", a heaping serving of infectious stoner metal, sure to have all the addictive qualities the real stoner stuff doesn’t (and is reputed to have)
By: Upchuck Undergrind

".. this is an awesome disc. This is pretty riff-oriented stuff, lots and lots of fuzz in the guitars and a real droney vocal style. Even though the name of the album is "Drug Metal", it's got about as much rock in it as it has metal. The best songs are the last two tracks, which are definitely the strongest on the album.HEZZAKYA's sound is pretty identifiable, once you hear these guys you won't soon forget what they sound like.
6 out of 7." By: staff

"Not only does HEZZAKYA have a cool name, they also rock hard with a heavy stoner sound that would be at home in any rock club around the world. HEZZAKYA is from Vancouver, Canada and their fuzzy guitar grind on "Drug Metal" seems like it would transfer very well to a live performance."Drug Metal" is the CD's title and it's an apt description of the band's sound. I liked what I heard here. "Drug Metal" has a rawness to it that is appealing and unpretentious.
3 out 4." By: Sniderman

"HEZZAKYA, strange name, but a great band. The debut album "Drug Metal" builds upon the building blocks Kyuss set out in their slowest and lowest rhythms, adding their personal watermark with elongated dragging lead guitars and Rob Zombie-like vocals. Down tempo melodies in combination with deep vocals make "Drug Metal" sound melancholic yet power and strength. HEZZAKYA has a strong debut album and no doubt a lot more up their sleeve. From my experience, five heads make a great live performance, tuning in and on each other, let's hope we get to see these this band play in Europe some day."By: Sander


"Next up was Hezzakya, and I have to say were one of the best things I heard for a while. Crushingly heavy shit, forget the Sword or Priestess and listen to them instead. "

"I can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now, so I won't. I will just leave it at this... waiting years upon years to see Hezzakya play live paid off in full force. Especially when a certain special guest came out on stage to sing, "Spirit Gun" live with them. Oh my goodness, I may not have any hair on my head no more, but the last time I ever banged my head that hard was at a Sufferance gig."

"I really dig their riffs. They had good tone as well, a marching drone of riffy proportions."

"Hezzakya was super stoney and heavy as f@*k.Great band,it would be awesome to see them again"



No time for irony. No time for unclever metal parodies. No time here for lame-ass nu-metal rap/funk bullshit. No time for emo-screamo-homo-lamo. There’s only room for the die-hard and the dedicated and the deliberate and the drop-D and the deadly. They cut to the quick with the time-honoured and passionately reinvented traditions of turbo-distorted power-chords charging their way through minor keys, propelled along by crashing cymbals that are worked too hard to stop shimmering, impossibly huge bass drums sounding the march of the doomed, and startling vocal assault that is nothing short of the archangel’s clarion call to the burning skies above Ragnarok. Clad in hardass black, their sweat-soaked faces blotted out by shaggy manes, dwarfed by the screaming black towers of shuddering amplification, standing sentinel behind them at inhuman volume levels – designed to interrupt heartbeats and shatter brainpans in the finest custom of Black Sabbath and Kyuss. This is Hezzakya. Hezzakya are one of Vancouver’s highest-ranking rock contenders in the metal-power sweepstakes. Named after the phonetic spelling of Hezekiah (the kickass King of Judah), and whose name translate as “The Lord Has Strengthened,” this Hezzakya is no dusty historical footnote to be yawned over. This Hezzakya is the five-headed God of the Riff, whose modern name translates into “The Chord Has Strengthened.” Hezzakya’s reputation has been forged in the molten furnaces of Vancouver’s stoner-rock elite, having shared many stages and incinerated many audiences alongside the likes of Grass City, the Next Hundred Years, and Black Betty.
HEZZAKYA has toured to Kamloops , Calgary, Whistler, Victoria, Portland, Tacoma and Seattle and has always been extremely well received by all the fans, bands, and promoters. HEZZAKYA's future goals are to break into the American market and get back in the studio in April to record more crushing songs with hopes of releasing another album.