Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

You've never seen or experienced this.
To get a glance, type "HGich.T live" into your YouTube searchbar.


Famous for their live shows, HGich.T perform their hits like "Hauptschuhle", "Tutenchamun" or "Tripmeister Eder" in a way, nobody can digest, and nobody will or even wants to forget. Ever. They don't define terms like Rave, Freedom of Art or Freakout in a "new fashion", in fact, they are exactly that definition themselves already. Hardest Hardtrance meets a gloomy, spooky magical world. Next to this unicorn-saber-toothed-tiger-looking HGich.T, those oh-so-rough brits from "The Prodidy" look like the habitants of the small guinea pig village in the hamburgian children's zoo "Hagenbecks Tierpark". And still, with HGich.T you don't even know, whether they are in a good or bad mood.

However, this is another Century anyways, you know.
You might call it Gaga, we call it Liberty.


"Hallo Mama" (12'' Vinyl, 2009 tapete records)
"Mein Hobby: Arschloch" (12" Vinyl/CD, 2010 tapete records)