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A Lap-Top Dog

Written By: Steve Andrews

" A Lap-Top Dog ! "
A "lap" dog ! .......Me ??, (Chorus)
Cuddled ?......Constantly ?,
It's not my cup of tea,
I've climbed the corporate tree.
(Above the mist and fog);
I'm a Lap-Top Dog !

Reaching for the heights,
The U.N. in my sights,
Promoting Peace, not fights,
Advancing Doggy rights.
I have a Daily Blog;
A literate, Lap-Top Dog !

Family can't believe,
The emails I receive,
On issues that I probe,
All around the globe.
Seems I'm a vital cog;
A savvy, Lap-Top Dog !

May need a Leisure Coach,
World problems do encroach;
And my fashion flair,
Causes some to stare.
I wear a comfy clog;
A modern Lap-Top Dog !


You can rest assured,
When I go abroad,
I have my Lap-Top near,
And my objective clear.
Avoiding dust and smog;
A busy, Lap-Top Dog !

Morale has been revived,
The i-Pad has arrived,
And the Inter-net ......
Is like a favorite pet.
Must post my Daily Blog;
I'm a Lap-Top Dog,
A Lap-Top Dog ! .. Woof Woof.

Copyright: 31st May, 2010. H.G.(S). Andrews. All rights reserved.

The Elvis Experience

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews

" The Elvis Experience."
( The Universal Tie that Binds ! )
Elvis apparitions, ( Chorus 1 )
In homage to their King,
Display a skill....THE ELVIS THRILL !
What pleasure it can bring.

Elvis gives....His Legend lives !,
For all the World to see,
When some folks meet on " Lonely Street ",
The songs flow proud and free.

Elvis apparitions, ( Chorus 2 )
Everywhere we go,
Some....faster than a " Hound Dog ",
Some...." Love me tender " slow.

Elvis tours " Down Under ",
The posters boldly state,
First time ever...." Now or Never ",
We know the love can't wait.

The Loch Ness scene is busy,
The Monster has the blues;
Elvis sighted there last week,
Hence long and winding queues.

(Chorus 1 & 2 )

Somewhere south near Bangalore,
Elvis takes a break,
He's off the set in Bollywood,
Where many hearts will ache.

Elvis now in Ireland,
The headlines do declare;
To harmonise with " Danny Boy ",
In the Londonderry air.

Must not forget our Chinese friends,
No more " Suspicious Minds " ;
Embracing Elvis....just like us,
The Universal Tie that Binds !
ELVIS............................... !

Spoken: " ' I Believe ' the spirit, sincerety, humanity and humour of Elvis and the Elvis Experience can unite
the world in Peace, Harmony and Goodwill......
There is nothing else quite like it ! "

West-bound over Winslow

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews

" West-bound over Winslow."
( A Tribute to "The Eagles." and Winslow, Arizona.)
West-bound over Winslow, ( Chorus.)
What a sight to see;
A foursome....flight of Eagles,

Reminder of a Moment,
When the pen of Jackson Browne,
and the Music of the Eagles,
Gave Winslow its Renown !

From the West Coast..in the Seventies,
Came a Bold, Exciting Sound;
With Country/Rock their Kingdom,
The Eagles had been found !

and Randy....keeping time,
Stirred the Hearts of Angels,
With Music....near Sublime !

Kind of laid-back....casual;
A " Take it Easy " style....;
Livened-up old Winslow,
Folks tell you....with a smile.

" Take it Easy " set the standard,
Their Star began to rise:
Lyrics matched with harmonies,
When the World heard.." Lyin' Eyes."

Concert Shows....a Sell-out !
Music at its Prime !
A Thrill to watch them " Take It....
To the Limit "....every time !

When a " Peaceful, Easy Feeling "
Ends another..busy day,
Select an Eagles album,
And....let the Tension drift away....
Let the Tension drift away....

( Chorus.)



Written By: H.G.(Steve)Andrews

" Songwriting."
Alan Jackson....,Tim McGraw,
Who else should I be writing for ?

Nashville Legends...., Superstars,
Or good old boys, in small-town bars ?

Thinking deeply,
Thinking loud....,
How about 'Big Jim' McLeod ?

Not Alan...., Tim,
But dear old Jim;
That " World-Wide Hit "

Plays a tune,
Guitar on knee;
Sings his songs,
Proud and free !

One of many, in our land, (chorus)
Who settle down, on shifting sand.
A decent break is all Jim needs,
Some bounty from...., long-planted seeds.

Not to venture,
Not to gain,
I'll write about
Jim's grief and pain.

You've probably heard it all before,
Sometimes less, usually more.

No luck with love,
And worse by far;
Bank re-possessed
His treasured car !

........Continued: / Page 2

Page 2.

" Songwriting." (contd.)

Not a legend...., Superstar,
A good old boy....,
A small-town bar.
Good songs......,
No hits...., no car !

Still to venture,
Through the pain;
Jim soldiers on,
To try again.


Plays a tune,
Guitar on knee;
Sings his songs,
Proud and free.

Who is ' Big Jim ' ?
Good guess - It's me !
Am I ' Big Jim ' ?
That's right - He's me !


Let's sing This One for Slim (A Tribute to Slim Dusty.)

Written By: H.G.(Steve)Andrews

" Let's sing This One for Slim." ( A Tribute to Slim Dusty.)
Nulla Nulla, west of Kempsey, ( Chorus )
A Battler's dairy land,
Raised a Boy with Big Ambitions,
To lead a Travelling Country Band !
....Fifty-six years later; ( 1942 - 1998)
The Nation honored him;
An Australian Living Treasure !
....Let's sing this one for Slim.

His Dad thought he had talent,
His Mum was not so sure;
He sang for many local friends,
Was pleased when asked for more.

Sydney-bound at nineteen years,
With a nod from E.M.I.,
To make his first recording,
"....Rain tumbles....in July."
Slim paid his dues....nothing to lose,
but a Showman's pains and gains,
Lost his heart to a lovely Lady !
With music in her veins.

" Another Day....Another Town",
tells the story of their life;
Travelling Aussie Troubadours,
Slim....and his Dear Wife.
The essence of Australia,
Was captured in their song,
The Colour,....Craft,....and Character,
....We wanted to belong.

Slim and Joy and Family,
Made friends, where' ere they went,
Preferred the comfort of a caravan,
To the pitching of a tent.
Touched by treasures of the Outback,
Loved a campfire song,
Guitars were always ready,
For a rousing sing-a-long.

Slim enjoyed a beer immensely,
Once found a 'Pub' with none !
Had a little, bright-red, teapot,
When 'brew-up' time had come.

A Natural..Humble..Gentle..Man;
Liked a yarn.., Loved a joke,
Lent a hand to anyone in need,
A kind and thoughtful, decent Bloke !

( Chorus)

In September, 2003, We said farewell to Slim.
He was 76.
Fond memories never dim....We will remember Slim.

A Letter postmarked Nashville

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews

" A letter postmarked Nashville."
No easy kind of living,
Consumed by doubts and fears;
Troubled by the tough times,
Endured in recent years.

Weary, weak, and lonesome,
No contact with my peers;
Hungry, hopeless, heartaches,
Brought me close to tears.

A letter postmarked Nashville, ( Chorus )
Raised my spirits to the sky,
From the deepest, dark depression,
To the Highest, Natural High.

A letter postmarked Nashville,
Began its plea...." Dear Friend,
Country music needs you....,
Will you come back here again ? "

From my Agent, J.K.Johnson,
Who's been around a while;
She styled the hair....of Bobby Bare !
....Knows the value of a smile.

Her letter postmarked Nashville,
Gave me the welcome news,
" There's a Contract here....the terms are clear,
And it's far too good to lose !"

( Chorus )

From the hungry, hopeless, heartaches,
Which brought me close to tears,
To the Sounds of Acclamation,

A letter postmarked Nashville,
Made my distant dreams come true,
A letter postmarked Nashville,
May do the same for you !


We're playin' 'COUNTRY" here tonight.

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews

We're playin' 'COUNTRY' here tonight.
Country People - Country Fun, (Chorus 1)
Workin' hard 'til day is done;
Do it friendly....do it right,
There's Country Music here tonight !

Country Livin' - Country Fun, (Chorus 2)
Workin' through the midday sun;
Our Local Hall..well..What a Sight !
We're playin' 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

Bring your scarf and 'kubra hat,
Settle back....enjoy a chat:
Some Line Dancin'....yes we might,
We're playin' 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

Oldest couple in the town,
Built the Hall....have come on down;
Still hardworking....fit and bright,
Enjoying 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

She does the milking..twice a day,
Seeks a young man....who will stay
Her parents' lovely..shining..Light !
Knows it's 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

He puts the fencing gear away,
Romance may blossom....who can say;
Heads for town....in full flight,
Knows it's 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

The Parish Priest.... has said he will,
Do..Waylon..Willie....What a THRILL !
Sings OUTLAW songs..and..sings 'em right,
He's playin' 'COUNTRY' here tonight !

(Chorus 1) and (Chorus 2)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Copyright:- 21st. August, 2012. All rights reserved.

Our Tamworth General Store

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews

" Our Tamworth General Store."
Something in his manner, (Chorus)
Made me think I'd found my man.
Trust comes from intuition,
Sometimes you can't....sometimes you can.

He responded to my notice,
At Our Tamworth General Store;
" Help wanted here....three days a week,
In the future ?....maybe more."
He was at "a crossroads" in his life,
He had a sorry tale to tell;
Three years and more....in a foreign war,
With the fear and heat of Hell.
He was seeking new horizons,
....A greener kind of grass.
The less he talked....the more I thought,
I recognized some CLASS !


Not too tall, though more than small,
He had a fit and healthy glow;
On the brighter side of twenty-five,
Years of toil....yet to show.

I asked if he had references,
One thing I've found a must:
He gave a sigh...." I can't comply;
Could you take a chance on Trust ? "


Five years on, still fit and strong,
He joined our happy, family throng;
Married to our first-born daughter,
....Their love flows like a song.

Fate sometimes offers chances,
Is it a chance you can afford ?
Life can be Just....Trust is a Must,
And, it brings its own reward;
....It brings its own reward.

As the years....roll on by,
I'm reminiscing....more and more;
Life improved....one special day,
At Our Tamworth General Store..
....Our Tamworth..General..Store.

Foot-note: A Grandfather told this story....of how a young, Returned Soldier found a new life, and love, in Tamworth;
and became his Son-in-law and Business Partner.
Copyright: 27th August, 2012. All rights reserved.

Does Keith Urban need a Turban

Written By: H.G.(Steve)Andrews

" Does Keith Urban need a turban."
( Promoting World Awareness of Cultural Sensitivities.)
Does Keith Urban need a turban, ( Chorus)
If he tours Punjab next year;
There is merit in the concept,
If the protocol is clear.

The Sikhs of Punjab, India,
A proud and noble race;
Long hair concealed by turbans,
Not one hair out of place.

When pondering what head-gear,
The occasion may demand,
It's best to take account of
The customs of the land........
When visiting the Punjab,
A guest may well expect:
The wearing of the turban,
Would be a symbol of respect.

The word is out, don't twist and shout,
Keith needs your very best.
Research the matter thoroughly,
Then apply this simple test.........
If not sure of the protocol,
Be honest, don't pretend;
The most important aspect is
To try not to offend.

( Chorus)

Don't lay about, let's help him out,
Keith needs to take a test;
To see a turban on his head.....
We want one of the best.

No polka-dots, forget-me-nots,
Or decor of that ilk,
A plain, light-coloured sample,
Of the finest local silk.

Keith's head adorned, his locks un-shorn,
And far from looking drab;
Guitar away, sitar now played,
The Pride of the Punjab !

He may be touring Punjab,
All the way to Am-rit-sar.
Promoting peace and harmony,
Keith, his turban and sitar. (repeat)
Copyright: 26th January, 2010. All rights reserved.

Flirtin' heals the Hurtin'.

Written By: H.G.(Steve) Andrews.

" Flirtin' heals the Hurtin'."
Flirtin' heals the hurtin', (Chorus)
Of a strong romance gone wrong.
It's not the final curtain;
A heartache needn't last too long.

First sign I saw of problems,
Was the note pinned to the door;
It said - "I'm leavin' here this evenin',
There's a whole world to explore."

One thing that's for certain,
God knows how I've been hurtin' ;
Would I ever find a new love ?
Or was this....the final curtain ?


I was walkin' through the gardens,
Near downtown San Antone,
Tryin' to get my life together,
And feelin'....all alone.

He was standin'....near the roses,
Lookin' somehow ill at ease.
He turned as I approached......
Sayin'..." Mam.., could you kindly help me please ?
....It's my first time here from Waco,
....There's one thing I'd like to own,
....A photo standin' next to..
....A rose of San Antone."

He looked completely country,
He had a sexy body sway,
His smile was cute and easy,
In a "Keith Urban" kind of way.

My response was out of character,
The truth I can't disown;
I said...."I'd love to take your photo,
and..be..your rose of San Antone."


Now were living outside Waco,
In our ranch - we built with stone.
My "Keith Urban" kind of cowboy,
And....his rose of San Antone.
No more living all alone..for....this rose of San Antone.
Copyright: 24th. December, 2009. All rights reserved.

Alice Springs - Eternal

Written By: H.G.(Steve)Andrews

" Alice Springs - Eternal "
Sold up....in Suburbia,
No regrets....to close that door;
With Four-wheel Drive and Caravan,
Had ambition....To Explore !

Alice Springs - Eternal,
The Nation's Cultural Heart;
Red Centre of Australia,
A perfect place to start.

Up the Queensland coast to Cairns,
For a look-see at the Reef;
Then west....across to Tennant Creek....
Alice Springs....within a week.

The mighty....mystic....Majesty,
of this ancient, arid Land,
Has Rugged Mountain Ranges,
Framing Dunes....of desert sand.

To gaze in Awe and Wonder,
At Nature's Gifts....displayed;
Inspires the Joy..of Life's good fortune,
To be here..on Earth..today !

Multi-coloured Memories !......... ( Chorus )
More !....than Photographs..can save,
Reminders of....The Legacy....,
Artist....Namat-jira....gave !

Alice Springs - Eternal....

Hub of our Homeland's Hearth....

Fount of First Nation Folk-lore....

Sacred Songlines....have their Path....

( Suggest a brief Interlude of Aboriginal Spiritual Music..............)


Continued - Page 2.

Page 2.

Alice Springs - Eternal (Continued)

A Spring..in the dry River..Todd,
Became the site for Alice Town;
Oasis-like....it got the nod,
Harsh landscape....all around....

Repeaters....for the O.T.Line,
Near..Stuart's..eighteen-sixties' Track;
Gave Communication....to the Nation....
Including....The Outback.

Outback Families found it TOUGH,
Especially for the Wife,
Sacrificed....in times of strife,
The Priorities of Life.
John Flynn had a Vision,
To serve the Outback Families' needs,
Fly the Doctor to..the Patient !
A response..at..Aircraft speeds !

The modern Town of Alice Springs,
Boasts a civic pride....within,
and Descendants of the Outback Folk,
Who inspired....the Reverend Flynn.

( Chorus )


Sold up....in Suburbia
No regrets ?....Well that's for sure !
The Mobile PALACE....in " THE ALICE "....
And....much more....TO EXPLORE !
Copyright: **********************************************************************************************