Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

"Explosively intoxicating"


Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," Greensboro, NC's Holy Ghost Tent Revival cannot be pigeonholed into any popular genre. Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and keys this six-piece ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles -- a musical alchemy all their own.

The overall air of their creation breathes a sense of celebration and salvation; of a raucous party where everyone's welcome and where even the most stoic will find their toes tapping and a smile breaking free. It's as if, in the same spirit as the blues greats that traveled the highways of the American psyche before them, theirs is not music to lament life's hardships but rather to celebrate in life itself; with all its hodgepodge of pleasure and pain.

It is this transcendent energy that continuously propels Holy Ghost Tent Revival to play the heart and soul of a North Carolina-born, genre-defying new groove. With a penchant for crafting thoughtfully playful lyrics and graced with exceptional musical skills, there are seemingly no boundaries for this group as they travel the country spreading the magic of their heart-throbbing, foot-stomping, good-time music.


Hammer Fell

Written By: Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Runnin around
Reload and shoot'em down
Don't nobody worry about me
I got a few tricks up my sleeve
I chased the devil
As he chased me
Chased me right up my family tree
To my chagrin and my surprise
I was standing right in front
Of my Father's eyes.
I went for the pistol hanging off my waist
Starring down the barrel at an empty face
So Long, I screamed as the hammer fell
When no bullets came out
I ran like hell

I ran to the only place I knew
And some man was sleeping with you.
Oh no.

I hid in the shadows of your bedroom
Every time he was breathing
You were breathing too
So I raised my gun up above my head
And beat him till your sheets turned red
You looked surprised
At what I had done
So I handed you the bloody gun
Oh God, you screamed as the hammer fell
When no bullets came out
I ran like hell

I ran to the station and I fell into a train
And my head was spinning with pain.

I laid myself down
In the old caboose
Woke up to the sound
Of the wheels shakin loose
The sparks burnt the air
and lit the silhouette
Of the train disappearin' through the sunset
I ran from the wreckage
Ran down the track
I could feel the devil breathing down my back
So i split for the woods and came to a tree
With a sing rope swinging silently
I went for the pistol hanging of my waist
Starring down the barrel into empty space
So Long, I screamed as the hammer fell

Don't Lord, don't forget about me, oh Lord.
Runnin around, one shot sound laid me down.
So Long, I screamed as the Hammer fell


Live Emergency (2007) live album
So Long I Screamed... (December 2008)
Family (October 2009) 12" EP
Daytrotter Session (September 2010)
NorthBound @ SouthPaw (September 2010) live album
NPR (August 2011) live on WUNC- State of Things
Alpha Dogs to Submarines (January 2012) EP
Sweat Like The Old Days (September 2012)

Set List

A regular set list is a super high energy hour and a half, but the energy of the show defines the music, and dancing is always present. Below is a list of some of our original songs.

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Hammer Fell
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(her) Father Was A Bastard
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Getting Over Your Love
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The End To
Hopelessly Longing
Better Off

-titled and fully composed songs