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That's You

Written By: Clarke Jackson

Written by Clarke Jackson
Music arranged by Henderson Howells

There are so many stars up in the skies
There are so many questions why
There are so many trees upon this world
And so many oysters filled with pearls
There is so much beauty to be discovered
in a midnight sky or the eyes of a lover
There is only one thing that's true
Take them all out and add them all up and that's you

That's you in my soul and in my heart
That's you right there in every work of art
That's you in every wish and dream come true
Oh baby, you know that's you

Take the diamonds and the pearls
the beauty of this world
and lay them at your feet
You, my love ,are what makes it all complete
Take all sunrises and sunsets
They are things you cant forget
Take the rainbows and skies of blue
and wrap them up in an angel
and thats you

and that's you in my soul...
and thats you in my soul...

So many stars in the sky and that's you
So many wings to help me fly and thats you
Oh that's you

These Three Nails

Written By: Clarke Jackson

Written by Clarke Jackson
Music arranged by Henderson Howells

I'll never know what He used to build this single life
How He used the good times and mingled them with strife
Took apart the demented years and replaced them with His love
all I know is it connected and this is all I think of

These three nails
They keep my life together
they keep me faithful to the Lord
they keep me singing forever
These three nails
that hung Him on a cross
I would not forget Him
He paid so high a cost
He keeps me on the road
Even though I sometimes fall
but He keeps my life together
by these three nails

Sometimes I hear of broken hearts and lives that have gone astray
It hurts me to hear these stories so each night I pray
that they will see how He is the carpenter of life
and how He can calm the water in the roaring storms of strife

These three nails...
He keeps me on the road....
You keep my life together....
oh he keeps me on the road...
Woah by these three nails


These Three Nails
Track 1: That's You
Track 2: These Three Nails
Track 3: The Ottawa Song
Track 4: A Masterpiece