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The best kept secret in music


The sticker on the front of the case for HIBERNATE described its sound as something like "Depeche Mode, BT, & Dirty Vegas thrown together" and boy were they right. You definitley get the vibe of all three while listening. It's not exactly dance, but not mainstream either; the word "electronic" comes to mind a lot. While I hate the term it somehow fits for this particular album. There are a few totally danceable tunes included, but most of it is downtempo or midtempo, moody, early-morning type songs. A compilation for AFTER the club perhaps.
Joey Borg not only wrote, produced, and mixed each track but also single-handedly did all the vocals, guitars, pianos, and keys; even programming them himself. A feat not to be taken lightly, Borg radiates talent both while reading his lyrics (included in the linear notes) or listening to his melodies. I'm always looking for albums that create mood or tell a story and this one delievers.

The vibe here is icy-blue with simple vocals to drive the feeling home. While most strictly dance fans will want to skip to the trancy-house offerings of LOST IN SPACE or TAKE ME TO ANOTHER WORLD, it's the slower numbers that caught my ear. The first track I WISH I HAD U was one of my favorites. A moody bassline and a popping, broken beat lay the backdrop for a haunting looped vocal. SUBMIT, I FEEL YOUR LOVE, and NOT SO BLUE are equally stellar. Borg uses many of the same pads and effects for numerous tracks; while some may call this lazy, I see it, like I said earlier, as creating a mood and telling a story.

On a totally side note, included in the liner notes and on the front and back covers are some of the most beautiful photos. These alone are worth half of the price for the CD. Simply stunning! Great work!

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July 2004 - OCD - Radikal Records (CD)

July 2004 - Submit - Radikal Records (12"/CD)

April 2002 - Black Fry - Zen Recordings (12")

Feb 2002 - Hibernate - Agitate Records (CD)

Jan 2002 - The Tank Theme - Smitten Remixed (12")

Dec 2001 - Mane Sonitus - Fragrant (12")

June 2001 - Advent EP - Agitate Records (12")

June 2001 - The Maglox EP - Agitate Records Techno (12")

April 2000 - Tranz-Canada EP - Agitate Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hibernate's music is not consumed by trends or genres. It is freely expressive yet perfectly accessible, without falling into stereotypes. Over-categorization is what keeps electronic music shackled and obscure, and often very boring. At a time when everything we hear seems to fall into some finite category, Hibernate (Joseph Michael Borg) has done just the opposite: define his own style of composition and production.

Hibernate's first major release, "OCD", showcases elements of popular genres such as trance, breakbeat, house and retro, but without ever falling subservient to them. These familiar or 'trademark' sounds are sometimes used as a foundation onto which timeless, melodic songs are written. The songs of "OCD" are deeply electronic, yet wonderfully musical and organic. Most of them would transfer smoothly into any style of acoustic or guitar based music - the mark of quality song writing. Vocally, Hibernate is a complete departure from most electronic music, having more in common with 80s pop or even 60s psychedelia.

In the future, Hibernate intends to continue toward unique dimensions musically and lyrically,while expanding on the major strengths of 'OCD': infectious, catchy melodic layers imposed over brooding moods and deep moving rhythms.