Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

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All Original...All The Time...since 1997... Hidden Agenda has suitable music for any venue...we can open for anyone...anytime...or do a night by ourselves. Melodic, clean, pop/rock with good riffs and meaningful lyrics. Totally indy with 3 full albums recorded and a writing well that never dries up.


Marina Ross & Terry Darling have been writing music together since 1996. Hidden Agenda has been recording & performing since 1997. We've opened for Dr. Hook, Wild Strawberries. Goddo, & Honeymoon Suite & toured the East Coast solo, We boast "Careless" as our nationwide single and our album "Verbatim" was selected as Canadian Music Magazines " dark horse pick of the week." and our single " Careless" was featured.


Lasting Effects- Full length CD - released 1998
Verbatim - Full Length CD - released 2004
Careless - Single - 2006 Canadian FM airplay
Through the Looking Glass - Full Length CD -2008
(Not yet Manufactured)

Set List

Our typical set list would be as follows:

Exactly What I Need
Persuasive Jade
Turn Around
The Right Time
Time Well Wasted
Out of Hand
Slightly in the Dark
Parade Day
Straight Talk
Watch the Fall
That’s What She’d Do for You
Catch Me if You Can
Water Meets the Sky
Time to Shine

We offer diverse melodic pop rock and offer a 2 hour concert of All Original All the Time Music or 2 one hour and 15 min. sets.