Hidden Amongst Us
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Hidden Amongst Us

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative





Alternative rock quartet, Hidden Amongst Us, is a riff-driven storm of aggression whose sound could fill an entire arena of headbangers. -


Rounding up our trio of blazing new music is one of L.A.’s amped up and coming Grunge collectives, Hidden Amongst Us. The sound of their wailing guitars, thumping drums and in-your-face vocals will get you and keep you fired up all day long! Their latest EP, Echo, is one of the best Grunge albums that we’ve heard so far this year. This five-track opus is nothing short of amazing. I keep this in heavy rotation in the gym. It gives me that boost of energy that I need to motivate myself through that last quarter-mile on the elliptical machine. Head over to their website to find out more about the band, purchase their album, and to cop some really cool merchandise. -

"PopVulture Interview"

"I can honestly say my proudest moments are happening every day with the growing success of HAU. No matter how much fun I've had in the past what matters most is now. Having a band with such camaraderie as ourselves is hard to come by and is an accomplishment within itself that paves the way for other accomplishments."

popVLTR: You've been making moves in Los Angeles, how'd you get into music? Hidden Amongst Us: (Evan) I did not get into music so much as music got into me. Its been a part of me as much as my own heart for as long as I can remember. I can trace it back to my first encounter but that is another answer to a different question. (Michael) I'd have to say it was probably the moment my uncle played me the opening riff to Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog". It was all over from there.

popVLTR: Congrats on 'Disappear', who are some of your influences? HAU: (Michael) Thanks. We had no idea it'd go platinum as quick as it did… (Evan) It didn't. (Michael) What? It didn't? Oh wait, that was that strange dream I had with the unicorns, one-eyed bellydancers and Lemmy. OK, moving along…As for influences, personally I'd have to say Soundgarden, Sabbath, Alice In Chains & Zeppelin probably had the biggest overall impact, but I'll chalk it up to G 'N R's "Appetite for Destruction" and Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" as being the reason I first picked up the guitar. (Evan) Spin Doctors, Ace of Base and Europe. Almost forgot, Big Bird and the letter Q. In all seriousness, Led Zep, NIN, Failure, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction, Tool, the list goes on… (Michael) The band's influences as a whole are pretty schizophrenic. Grunge, electronic, rock, punk, metal, blues, Mongolian throat singing…really anything. Except Jazz.

popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? HAU: (Evan) I can honestly say my proudest moments are happening every day with the growing success of HAU. No matter how much fun I've had in the past what matters most is now. Having a band with such camaraderie as ourselves is hard to come by and is an accomplishment within itself that paves the way for other accomplishments. (Michael) I'd have to agree with Evan on this one. The songwriting process has never been easier and things are gelling really well. Being a relatively new band, we've got a ways to go, but so far things are falling into place quite nicely.

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Hidden Amongst Us? HAU: (Evan) Aside from taking over the world?.... Or is it saving the world?.... (Michael) I'd say both, but you know, baby steps. (Evan) We're also in the running right now to open for two of our biggest influences, Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction, in September at the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival. Our fans have been doing a bang up job with voting and have kept us at #1 for the last month with about two weeks to go. And now for some blatant self-promotion … go to www.battle.rockstaruproar.com/u/HiddenAmongstUs and vote everyday! September/October will also see us hitting the studio to record our first EP which should be available right before the holidays. Also we'll be playing Alex's Bar in Long Beach on September 26. Looks pretty good that we'll be playing the Uproar Festival and are booking another Friday night Viper Room show for October on either the 4th or the 11th. Stay tuned! - PopVulture Magazine


“Powder” is definitely on a separate wavelength…with more emphasis on the voice in the chorus, the vocalist is clearly willing to display his capabilities on a clearer stage. “We Are The Machine” softens up the traditionally pounding and distorted verses and the whole song has an added dynamic that is definitely welcome…it shows the bands willingness to expand their ball park without leaving it entirely. “Comfort in Solitude” definitely displays the band’s more ‘emotive’ side without the need to fill out lyrics, and leaving it up the audience’s interpretation…shows off an emotional side to Hidden Amongst Us which definitely is an aspect many bands of this genre forget. -


"Hidden Amongst Us wins over with its compelling mix of hard rock of the modern type, occasional alternative rock ingredients, some grunge shares and stadium-ready choruses. Moreover, this force should be well received not only overseas, but worldwide. These songs are built on riffs. On the one hand, the influence of BLACK SABBATH is proven, but you can also recognize a certain affinity for BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and ALICE IN CHAINS. The fat groove of the rhythm section can recall PRONG as well as modern rockers DISTURBED...8 out of 10!" - Metal.de - Walter Scheurer

"Did ya all hear that?"

"Their debut is a fast and tight heavy rock album with Orwellian references and an overall sleaze of minor grunge anthems. Guitar work and production is its brightest spot- the heavy riffs and virile screaming reminded me a lot of Soundgarden." - Most Def!

"Bluesbunny Reviews"

"Hidden Amongst Us is clearly a band with a purpose and it is that purpose, or more acutely sense of purpose, that provides the hitting power of this album. Devoid of the histrionics that attract 14 year old boys to the genre, Hidden Amongst Us instead show themselves to be a metal band of maturity with a strong sense of melody...that makes their songs stick in your memory. Particular kudos are thus given to the near protest strut of “Powder”..." - Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews


"I like that they know how to write good catchy hooks; that’s pretty essential for anyone other than extreme metal bands. You would think that was a given, but I’ve heard too many albums where the musicianship was good but the songwriting just wandered around without a hook to give it direction…these guys understand songwriting. I’m definitely digging on “The Machine.” Check ‘em out." - RockMusicCritic.com

"Noizz Webzine"

"While having some very distinct influences, there is a clear musical style in HIDDEN AMONGST US. They can bring to mind classics like OZZY OSBOURNE, metal innovators PRONG or the dense atmosphere of ALICE IN CHAINS. An amalgamation of different and well combined musical colors that offer a collection of really interesting topics and even some pretty catchy melodies, without falling into the trappings of commercial formulas. You can find everything from slow rhythms to heavy, classic and modern styles, all with much consistency..."The Machine" is a highly recommended album for those looking for a musical hybrid capable of traveling between the past and present without being lost down some passable road." - Noizz Webzine (Spain)

"Dangerdog Music Reviews"

"The musical foundations and overtones of Hidden Amongst Us are self-evident. Not the least of which is a heavy nod to Ozzy Sabbath and generally all things heavy...HAU also leverages some more modern angles, and you might hear Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and maybe a touch of NIN. Their music is modern metal but without the coarse harshness of something infected with hardcore riffs or vocals…Mostly the music, like the suffering and stirring dystopian lyrics, has a dense and disconsolate feeling to it...Hidden Amongst Us is on to something very good with the modern alt metal sounds of The Machine. Recommended." - Craig Hartranft - Dangerdog Music Reviews

"NR (New Reviews UK)"

"Their debut LP, The Machine, is the product of the LA-based band's reconciliation and quite noticeably their love of Black Sabbath...While George Orwell's totalitarian world in 1984 and the dull monotony of modern life are sited as inspiration, which is perfectly introduced by Hemland, which sounds like forty seconds of a soulless army called to march. This is shut down by catchy album track and lead single The Machine, the togetherness of the chorus, "We will overcome", works well and at times is empowering…There are sparks in the otherwise gloomy themes including the Nirvana-esque The Real Me, which, along Brett Pettersson's breathy vocals, are lusty and quite intriguing. The struggle to break the system is not an unfamiliar topic, but The Machine is atmospheric and entertaining." - Anastasia Aboim



Sorry, no sales pitch here. We play music, we rock, and that’s basically all we give a shit about. We got together in the summer of 2013, quickly released 2 ep’s w/some tracks written before we were even a full band in 2014, both mixed & mastered by Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet, Staind, Deftones) and spent the rest of it getting to know each other. We’re knee deep in writing our first real record, super excited about the material and can’t wait to melt faces live in 2015.

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