Hidden Element

Hidden Element


In your face high energy rock with a message.With spinning guitars,round house kicks and the occasional back flip from front man Steven Waldon. This show is bound to leave you exhausted entertained and wanting more.


We are 6 high school friends that have became brothers over the last few years through our love for music and performing.Though our first few years together were spent goofing off in our shop where we practice we finally made the decision to take what we did and do something with it about two years ago and we havent let up since.We are a young group of musicians ranging in age from 19 to 25 influenced buy bands such as P.O.D. and Story of The Year and bring a crowd connecting energy to the stage that most love. Our goal is to leave you exausted, entertained and wanting more after each show. Our drive for this comes from each and every face we see having a great time at one of our shows.Thats something no one will ever take from us. The only thing that over shadows this drive is our never ending love for music.


Long awaited release of our EP " AT ALL COST "
is set for the first of May time and place T.B.A.
Also coming up in May we plan to shoot our first music video which will also be available soon. Check out three of the tracks off the EP at

Set List

Our set is decided according to venue and what is ask of us. Including covers and originals we can cover up to about 3 hours with 15 minute breaks in between sets of 45 minutes or more.
Keep in mind we are mainly an original band and our original set is our favorite to play lasting about 45 min. we have been known to cover any thing from Metallica to Garth brooks and even rapper 50 cent we like to entertain if you cant tell.