Hidden From Nowhere

Hidden From Nowhere


Rock pop fusion with catchy chorus and influences such as Jimmy Eat World,Biffy Clyro,Nirvana,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Fall out Boy and Bloc Party.


Hidden From Nowhere

Formed in 2005 under the ashes of the Band Aggressive Broccoli,Hidden From Nowhere(HFN) have been writing and recording original material, gigging and trying to find a sound that is their own for the past two years.

Last year they successfully released their debut EP which received a warm reception most critics and radio stations and even managed to make it to the final four bands in the FM104 "Win a Support Slot with Bon Jovi" Competition in 2006. Although they didn't win they managed to acquire some new fans and proceeded to play regular gigs in Dublin, playing in Both the UCD and DCU Freshers Balls supporting acts such as Aslan and Damien Dempsey and Around the Country in Waterford supporting the Delorentos and Tipperary playing the EMM festival in Nenagh.

Currently HFN are planning to release their first Single 'Let It Go' in Autumn. To coincide with the release they are keeping up regular gigging in Dublin and are planning an August tour with both The Fundamentals and The Looks under the name the "9 Miles To the Gallon Tour".The tour is being orgainised with the help of industry Specialist John McFadden and will include over ten dates and cover counties such as Roscommon,Sligo,Donegal,Tipperary,Killkenny,Laois,Carlow,Louth and Derry.
The bands and John Collectively have many creative ideas which will hopefully differentiate this tour from other tours undertaken by bands during the summer.
Also,to promote their new single,HFN recorded a music video for the track.
The video is avilable to stream on hiddenfromnowhere.bebo.com or alternatively go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7mFB4y4iPg.


The 'Farewell To Glory' EP. Released April '06
Ever since Release, we have received somewhat regular airplay from staions such as phantom, spin, regatta and FM 104.

Set List

Typically we play about 45 mins,but we can play an hour if needed.
We have about 16 + strong original songs.
Covers aren't really part of our sets normally.