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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Rock




"Hidden Hospitals - EP 002 // 5 out of 5 stars // Punknews.org"

"Hidden Hospitals knocked this five-tracker out the park. There's a stylish ebb-and-flow to the record and a lot of substance built in around David Raymond's strong vocal caliber. Add in solid musicianship, and you've got a winner.

Raymond's vocal delivery and dynamic songwriting is a key asset but the intricate guitar work, sleek basslines and slick drumming all complement Raymond's voice like a glove. They've honed their talent to near-perfection here, with 'Featherweight' and 'Absence of Emotion' leading the way as powerful modern rock songs. Whatever they discovered and exposed is really riveting as seen on 'Picture Perfect.' It's got brilliant hooks, the right combination of neat breakdowns and a moving chorus. The songwriting has evolved tremendously and their philosophy towards arranging a song with multiple complex parts is now even better.

The production quality is stunning and Raymond's penchant for crafting confidence with consistent, catchy melodies scripts another hit with 'Monsters.' It's less turbulent and takes some pace off at just the right time time showing the band's range and inventiveness. By the time 'Lullaby' rolls around to close the record, fans of Damiera and Kiss Kiss would have enjoyed their fill and seen the many dimensions to a band that I think is gonna be knocking...and breaking down a lot of doors soon. It's an intelligently scripted record and it sounds just as good as it's written. Definitely get this one." - Punknews.org

"Album Review: Hidden Hospitals - EP 002 // 5 out of 5 // Already Heard"

"Chicago; it’s probably the city with the best music coming out of it right now. It’s got great emo, great punk, great indie and recently great hip hop so something must be in the water. Hidden Hospitals are ex-Damiera and it sounds a lot like them too, which for me is amazing. It’s a blend of punk and indie rock and it still manages to sound fresh and most of all intelligent. If you wanted comparisons, obviously I would say Damiera, but it also reminds me a little bit of mostly forgotten early 2000’s band, Park. It’s maybe a bit like Jimmy Eat World too, in places, but comparing it to these guys isn’t reviewing the music here.

What Hidden Hospitals do on ‘EP 002’ is display their skills and knowledge of this kind of music. Each song on offer here is fresh, yet a continuation of the previous one. It has mellow ones ‘Picture Perfect’ which is a bit slower than the other tracks, building however, into an absolutely huge chorus. There’s a fast track, ‘The Absence Of Emotion’ which leaves you wanting more. Then there’s one of the best songs I have heard this year, ‘Monsters’, it starts with a picked intro, and vocals, which slowly rise and soar, never too much though, it focuses on the great melodies. It’s probably the slowest track but for me it’s the standout. It leads perfectly into another fast paced track, record closer ‘Lullaby’ a brief two minute track which truly evokes memories of Park and Damiera, it’s the slightly melancholy lyrics, juxtaposed against the fantastic guitar work, built into this finale that really seals the deal for this record.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia for those bands I thought, but the fact that I still listen to them in 2012 shows that it’s not, and for a band to be doing this type of thing in 2012 is a great thing. A revival of this sort of music is in the works I hope, it’s truly great stuff. For me, the best EP of the year is this. I eagerly await a full length from them." - Already Heard

"Hidden Hospitals EP 002 // Indie Shuffle"

"Chicago’s Hidden Hospitals is one of the more ambitious bands I’m aware of. And that truly shows in their music. Their fearless approach results in a moving and emotional ride into the obscurity that is their EP 002.

At times it’s heavy and other times uplifting, but either way, their music leaves you with no choice but to feel it. The progressions into sorrow and out again toward a brighter side signifies something we can all relate to. With Hidden Hospitals, it’s very much up to your own interpretation. Either way, you know that you’re approaching an intricate and mathematical writing style when you press play. The dynamics that go into their sound make for an obscure, slightly off-kilter presentation that still has a structure that can be respectfully followed and thoroughly enjoyed.

Stay tuned for Hidden Hospitals upcoming tour, and I urge you to attend one of their live shows for an electrically charged performance that you soon won’t forget." - Indie Shuffle

"Hidden Hospitals – EP 002 Review // 4 out of 5 stars // Whatculture!"

"Hidden Hospitals, much like other more recent bands like Headlights, isn’t a Post-Punk band. Instead they are a band that is rooted in Alternative Rock but take many cues and influences from Post-Punk, especially in their sound design. Much of the music finds itself effect-laden in a spacey, dreamy matter with much use of reverb and delay and the occasional use of chorus and tremolo. It doesn’t steal completely from the genre; instead it is more influences by the sound design of the instruments than the way the music was written.

The first track, 'Featherweight,' is a more prominent example of this idea as it borrows very heavily the sort of atmosphere one would expect from the Gothic Post-Punk genre. The guitars take up a lot of space, adding sound in a variety of ways and delivering this very dissonant emotional tone to the music. The one aspect that grounds the music outside back into Alt Rock is David Raymond’s vocal performance, his vocal performance is so perpendicular to the music at times it comes off sounding more like a Progressive Rock band a la Mutemath.

If Featherweight is more Post-Punk then the next track 'The Absence Of Emotion' is more Alt Rock. While still tonally aware it wastes no time to showcase itself with a more radio-friendly rock tone. The song features many good mainstays like a big chorus hook and palm muted notes during the verse that confirm its status as a solid rock song. If there was a song off this album I would see as the most viable for airplay 'The Absence Of Emotion' would be it, not specifically because it is the one that is written to most benefit radio airplay but because of just how solid and fantastic the song sounds when put together.

I’ve had nothing but nice things to say about the first two songs off the album but the king breadwinner of EP 002 is easily 'Picture Perfect.' This song completely nails the emotional uneasily feeling that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you listen until it unleashes this killer chorus on the unexpecting listeners. The combination of guitars during the chorus is artwork, one sets up this background that spends half its time full and half its time empty while the lead guitar crafts these lines that are inviting but so unsettling. The finished product between the two is this very tense aural feeling that is instantly memorable and the quietness of the verse only furthers the impact of the chorus." - Whatculture!

"Hidden Hospitals - EP 001 // Decoy Music"

"Hidden Hospitals consists of former members of Damiera and Kiss Kiss, and anyone familiar with them will find that their new project sounds like a fitting next step from the minds behind those two groups. The odd time signatures and inclination towards experimentation is still present, but there is a greater focus on melody and succinct songwriting. Moreover, for those of you who remember frontman David Raymond’s work with Damiera, his vocals left a lot to be desired, but seemed to fit with the style of music they were playing at the time. With Hidden Hospitals, the increase in melody provides a more comfortable musical space for Raymond to work with, giving him a better chance to show off his vocal abilities.

Each track on the EP has a unique feel, creating diversity between songs but still maintaining a cohesive sound that defines the band. 'Atonement' is strong opener, with an upbeat tempo and booming, albeit short, chorus. 'One to Ones' continues the momentum with a definite Mutemath vibe to the verses, and a fantastic melodic bridge with interesting rhythms backing it up.

The last two tracks are the highlight of the EP and really accentuate the band’s strong points. 'Swan Dive' has an infectious groove throughout both verses, made possible by an outstanding drum beat that deserves to be singled out, and paves the way for a jarring chorus that serves as the perfect complement to the rest of the arrangement. The final track, 'Poet & Liar,' is the strongest overall song on the EP. The steady build in the verse leads to an epic chorus that successfully executes intertwining guitar melodies, powerful drumming, and catchy vocals.

It’s hard to justify giving any EP a stellar rating, since they are easier to create than an album, but as far as EP's go, Hidden Hospitals’ debut does just about everything right."
- Decoy Music

"Hidden Hospitals - EP 002 // 8.0 out of 10 // Scene Point Blank"

"Hidden Hospitals, based in Chicago, IL, have released their new EP, titled simply EP 002, and it is an amazing release full of emotion, hooks, and harmonies. Nashville’s J. Hall handled the producing duties on this one as well as their earlier first release EP 001. Being familiar with the group, he knows how to bring the best out of their sound. The mix is fantastic, with each layer defined and crisp.

The EP opens with the tune 'Featherweight,' where the beat continually builds and then suddenly moves up into high gear with an elegance in their delivery as the melodies soar around the guitar riffs. 'The Absence of Emotion' is the follow-up and it, along with 'Picture Perfect,' displays the depth of songwriting talent. Nevermind the fact that the production quality of the EP is stunning and brings out the vocals, which are highly charged and full of emotion. 'Monsters' is a slower song coming from a different angle—almost a fully-blown arena rock anthem which is followed up by the rocker 'Lullaby,' another well-crafted highly charged rock masterpiece.

Overall, EP 002 is a great second release by a band that continues to grow into their new identities and push their talents." - Scene Point Blank

"CD of The Month: Hidden Hospitals // The Deli Chicago"

"These days Hidden Hospitals are anything but while they kick the promotion for their debut EP 'EP 001' in overdrive. The band, containing former members of Damiera and Kiss Kiss, brings a crisp and effective brand of rock oozing with blaring guitars and driving bass lines. The band's first single, 'Swan Dive,' is a soaring anthem that has turned more than a few heads. The four piece band is guided by the wide range in the vocals of David Raymond. His vocals shift effortlessly from hush swoon to forcefully scream through the EP. For a band that only played their first live show in September of last year, 'EP 001' is an extremely polished effort." - The Deli Chicago

"Best of 2012 // #3 EP of the Year // The Switchboard Sessions"

"If last year’s EP 001 revealed Hidden Hospitals as versatile and powerful and stylistically impossible to pin down, then EP 002 presented a band who had upped the ante. The five songs on this EP display earth-crumbling chords that never come across heavy and complex (but subtle) embellishments that avoid 'prog' pretensions; Dave Raymond’s voice soars easily over the multitudinous and limitless melodic landscape that they’ve constructed." - The Switchboard Sessions

"Review: Hidden Hospitals - EP 002 // 85 out of 100 // Music Review"

"With EP 001 still fresh on my playlist, I’ve been very excited for the release of EP 002. Without the backing of a record label, Hidden Hospitals teamed up with J Hall who produced EP 001 and released this five track EP at the end of October 2012.

Compared to EP 001, this album lacks nothing. ‘Featherweight’, a track with a melodic chorus and a punchy drum line, introduces the album. ‘The Absence of Emotion’ features some impressive finger work from the bassist. Ironically, it’s one of the songs with a happier tone. Very clever chord progressions add solid character to it as a song. ‘Picture Perfect’ is definitely my favourite track on the EP. With its Radiohead-like intro, the guitars seem to take up just the right amount of space in the song. This song is emotive, has ambience that draws you in and boasts the perfect mix of vocals, drumming and guitar work.

‘Monster’ has a slightly different feel to it. Dare I say it sounds a little Chevelle-ish? They took a risk with this song and it worked in their favour. What I appreciate about this band is the fact that they maintain their core alternative sound. A few say that they have a post-punk sound to them. I can’t keep up with all the post- and sub-genres anymore, but alternative rock is the one thing I know they do well. ‘Lullaby’ ends the album with the sound of Hidden Hospitals that we’ve come to know and love.

I find myself questioning the efficacy of releasing consecutive EPs rather than doing a full-length album. For Hidden Hospitals it seems like these EPs are part of a process, a sort of stepping stone into the unknown. Each of their EPs has a different tone and perhaps a different intention, so it wouldn’t be fair to combine these songs into one album. The first EP was a ‘coming together’ of the band. They used EP 001 to find themselves and EP 002 to expand on that, and I’m sure that the same rule of progression will apply to their future albums.

I loved EP 001 and EP 002 definitely did not let me down. Keep your eyes out for these boys, they’re pretty darn magical." - Music Review

"HIDDEN HOSPITALS – ‘EP 002' // 8.0 out of 10 // Daily Dischord"

"By my third listen to Chicago based Hidden Hospitals new release ‘EP 002' I was devout. Where had I been?

Luckily the band are only on to it’s second release, with the debut coming with last years ‘EP 001'. Allowing everyone to get in quick and stake a claim just as I have. Think we may be on to a winner here.

There is not a bad track on ‘EP 002', albeit there are only five. Opener ‘Featherweight’ commences proceedings with aplomb, ever building its momentum and always rewarding with a chorus that will only become complete once sung in a stadium.

‘The Absence Of Emotion’ comes out the traps second, and immediately highlights the bands aptitude at penning a gilt edged tune. While the track may have ‘single’ written all over it, its catchiness doesn’t detract from what is a very well written song.

Much like next track ‘Picture Perfect’ which is again cleverly worked, ‘Hidden Hospitals’ show that they are very comfortable indeed at crafting their ethereal like alternative rock.

The tempo is momentarily postponed for the anthemic ‘Monster’. An alternative ballad that, like it’s title, will creep up on you. Very much a grower that gets better with every listen.

With the end comes the much rockier ‘Lullaby’ which cannot help but stir memories of listening to a fledgling Funeral Of A Friend minus the valley screaming. It is the shortest track on offer here and is befitting as the EP’s closer.

The EP’s production, like the bands first release comes courtesy of J. Hall who does a sterling job at honing the Hidden Hospital sound.

Essentially Hidden Hospitals are still finding their way in a musical sense, but display a sound that is usually benefited from years of graft. This body of work was recorded with no outside funding and is self released which only adds to the appeal.

A very impressive second release from a band who will surely make their mark in 2013." - Daily Dischord

"Music Review – Hidden Hospitals EP 002 // The Next Great Band"

"In my never ending journey for great indie music has led me to another great rock band.

Chicago-based Hidden Hospitals recently released their EP, entitled EP 002, which is more evidence that there is a growing tide of bands that have put making great music at the forefront of their missions, foregoing the posturing and lemming-like attitude that many bands have.

EP 002 possesses an underlying sense of urgency and uneasiness, much like a pulse of a constantly bustling city. Although the first track, ‘Featherweight,' starts off mellow, the rhythm quickly gives way to a driving pulse that that continues even during the brief, mellower part of the song. The guitars are heavy yet melodic and shares the spotlight with the catchy vocals on songs like 'The Absence of Emotion,' as well as the other songs. 'Monster' is the lone slow song of the EP and the 'scratchiness' of the song adds depth and dimension and separates it from the prototypical power ballad while providing a catchy, infectious chorus. The final song of the EP, 'Lullaby,' again has that underlying tone of urgency along with a jagged feel that adds complexity. Overall, I have to say I have been jamming on the EP pretty steadily since I received a copy of it, and with the strength of EP 002 I will go back and check out the rest of Hidden Hospitals' catalog." - The Next Great Band

"HIDDEN HOSPITALS - EP 002 // 8 out of 10 // A3 Music"

"This five-track EP is more than just music for music’s sake, it is actually quite intense - it’s not an easy-listener, it’s aggressive and Hidden Hospitals’ brilliant musicianship unapologetically demands your attention. The eerie guitar intro to 'Featherweight,' layered with bassy effects brings anticipation for David Raymond’s aggressive but melodic vocals. The track has a great chorus, which packs a punch and fits brilliantly in with the rest of the song.

‘The Absence of Emotion' is a great indicator of just how extremely intelligent the band are. The drums by Jared Karns in this track particularly are extremely clever, the timing for the song is unusual and more advanced than your standard 4/4 timing; Hidden Hospitals are not just trying this music lark out, they really know what they’re doing with it. The next track, 'Picture Perfect' actually, to me, includes all the best aspects of Dubstep without the irritating ‘wub wubs’ the kids seem to crave these days. The track begins quietly, it then builds slowly in its pace and momentum, before quickly building into a crescendo of a chorus, full of beautiful raw noise. Fantastic.

'Lullaby' is a great ending for EP 002: it’s upbeat, aggressive and melodic in good balance, with a great chorus, again displaying the band’s sound understanding on timing, and how to use it and manipulate it brilliantly in a song. 'Lullaby' is definitely my favourite track of the EP, for me, it just ticks all the boxes.

EP 002 is a great way to exhibit Hidden Hospitals’ musical progression from EP 001, injecting more intensity into their tunes, as well as displaying new sounds which had not yet surfaced in their debut release. The EP is a great indicator for the future, given the consistency of the quality of music in EP 002 suggesting they have plenty more to give for their debut album." - A3 Music

"DOWNLOAD: Hidden Hospitals - Controlled Chaos // RCRD LBL"

"'Controlled Chaos' is one of the record's propulsive indie rock tracks – a good taste of the introspective, prog-tinged numbers throughout." - RCRD LBL

"HIDDEN HOSPITALS - '002' EP (OUT OCTOBER 30TH) // 8.5 out of 10 // With Guitars"

"'Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement.' Which sounds a lot like a whole bunch of spiritual nothing until you actually listen to what they do and then their words make perfect sense. Their music has an epic sweep and muted euphoria to it that doesn’t usually fit with the typical indie style but then again there is nothing typical about this band’s sound. The instrumentals sweep you along like a river raging over rapids filled with eddies and dangerous undercurrents. The lyrics are heartfelt with a dark gothic twist conjuring images of such aching beauty that are so close to perfection but ultimately hold a fatal flaw that only emphasises its splendour." - With Guitars

"Hidden Hospitals - EP 001 Review // Melodic.net"

"Hidden Hospitals is a new exciting band from Chicago, the band features former members of Damiera and Kiss Kiss and I must say that I am very thrilled about their debut EP. They're artsy, experimental and progressive. The production from J.Hall goes in the same style as Aaron Sprinkle's work, very classy and edgy. The distorted bass on 'Controlled Chaos' gives me the goosebumps, amazing! The vocal harmonies from David Raymond (Damiera) on 'One to Ones' and 'Swan Dive' is worth a Grammy, mark my words. If you think a mix of Thrice, Mute Math and Anberlin sounds like something really awesome, then HH is your band for sure." - Melodic.net

"If you like Sparta, Circa Survive..."

"If you like Sparta, Circa Survive, Engine Down, Far and even some Hopesfall, Hidden Hospitals might be up your alley."

- Halifax Collect

"Hidden Hospitals // Epitonic.com"

"Former members of indie/math-rockers Damiera and Kiss Kiss formed a new indie-prog outfit in Chicago. Touches of pop-punk vocal stylings and throttle-locked drums are offset by mildly progressive time signatures. Imagine if Maynard took A Perfect Circle in an indie rock direction and you've got a rough idea of what Hidden Hospitals are clearly not hiding."

- Epitonic.com

"Hidden Hospitals - EP 002 // Domain Cleveland"

"Hidden Hospitals might be one of the smartest bands in alternative rock at the moment. Don't believe me? Front man David Raymond said this to Krisp Magazine about the band's new EP, titled EP 002: 'After absorbing the experience of our first EP (001) we discovered all of these new sounds that I feel are unique to us as a group. In other words, they wouldn’t have surfaced had we not been exposed to each other. EP 002 is parallel to this exploration, discovery, and mindful application.'

Now do you believe me?

EP 002, which comes out on October 30, is really, really good. While it's not altogether fair to label the band as some type of progressive/alternative band, that's about the closest thing you will find to describe HH. Some elements of pop, electronica and a little bit of a harder sound are found all throughout EP 002, but nothing takes over to the point that you'd classify them as a certain type of band. You could name anyone from Thursday, Mutemath, Minus The Bear, etc. to give yourself a little bit of an idea of the type of sound HH has.

EP 002 brings a lot to the table musically. At times you have your shoe gazer type of sound, then the very next verse or song will be all guitar driven rock. The next minute you will want to sway your hands back and forth. The first three songs, 'Featherweight,' 'The Absence Of Emotion,' and 'Picture Perfect' are the more hard type of songs, while the last two tracks, 'Monsters' and 'Lullaby,' are lower, more melodic and experimental in sound. I really like 'Monsters,' a softer sound that just grows on you.

Hidden Hospitals is a great band that you've never heard of. It's great and downright amazing when a band seemingly has it all together so soon (HH have only been playing as a band for a little more than a year), and by that I mean you can tell by listening that these guys know the sound they want, and they know what they have to do to accomplish that. One of rock's best kept secrets right now. Enjoy." - Domain Cleveland

"Hidden Hospitals featured first on Sonic Pill Podcast Episode 12 // Built By Sonic"

"Hidden Hospitals is definitely a band to watch out for. A progressive rock riff sound with just enough breaks to give you time to embrace the build-up of its choruses." (Transcription from Podcast) - Built By Sonic

"REVIEW: Hidden Hospitals – ‘EP 002' // SoCal MusicToday"

"For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Thursday and alternative, Hidden Hospitals has new music for you. In their simply-titled EP 002, they aim to show that a band can flip pop structure on it’s head, making a ton of noise in the process... I look forward to another release from them." - SoCalMusicToday

"Hidden Hospitals - Atonement"

"If you don’t know who these guys are you should really educate yourself. Hidden Hospitals is what awesome music sounds like. If you could wield the sword of progressive rock in a pop cage fight, this is what it would sound like. These guys take unforgettable vocal lines and put them over what I can only describe as perfectly calculated music.

'Atonement' is a huge song without being overbearing. They dip in and out of a wall of sound, letting the song breathe. The bass is there at all the right times and skips class on occasion letting that kick drum really shine through. Speaking of which…their rhythm section is ridiculous. Sure, you can do a lot of tricks in the studio, but there’s some real chemistry going on. Also, I just saw these guys live and they nailed it. They put their record to shame and Hidden Hospitals’ EP 001 is stellar. One of my many things to do this week is find out who engineered this record. Jealous.

The inner workings of any band is a mystery, but I would love to see how these guys put songs together. Both guitarists seems to share rhythm and lead parts pretty equally, which is impressive considering one them is singing. Their guitars work together perfectly and I love their tones. The bass lays a massive foundation, but also stands on its own at times as an instrument capable of driving this song into Never Never Land.

Hidden Hospitals is doing something original, which is so hard to come by these days. When I heard Damiera was dead I was crushed. I didn’t cry, because I’m not a bitch, but that sucked. I forget when and where I heard about Hidden Hospitals, but talk about stepping up your game. Too often great bands disband and transform into other projects that just don’t hold up to their past greatness. Hidden Hospitals is definitely an exception. Record a full length and then find a way to pump it straight into my veins, gentlemen." - Listening In - Listening In

"Hidden Hospitals - EP 001"

"EP opener, 'Atonement' hits you with the kind of clean, clear production that could make it a regular on mainstream radio. Hidden Hospitals sound is unique to my ears, but seems contain nods to bands like Thrice (in their more melodic phases) and riffs that occasionally remind me of Paramore, in the experimental, not what you'd expect sense.

This isn't emo though either, it's more akin to proper rock and I'm glad to say a lot more than a boring, plinky plonky indie records. Hidden Hospitals play short, sharp songs that have a great impact but don't impose to the point where they get boring. They've got other influences in them too, like in third song 'Controlled Chaos,' where they use some heavier riffs to add crunch to their music, and there's also a subtle Deftones influence hiding below the surface too.

They're great songwriters and instrumentalists to, just listen to jazzy guitar lines at the start of fourth song 'Swan Dive,' which segues into some really good drum rhythms and dreamy vocals harmonies. This makes their sound very palatable too people who like mature, intelligent music, whether metalheads or not.

This EP is a the melodic tip of what I listen too, and it's really amazed me. To think that Hidden Hospitals contains ex members of Damiera, who used to be signed to renowned US label Equal Vision and toured with Fear Before The March Of Flames, surprised me, but I can see the progression in their sound. It just proves that a slight musical change of direction for both artists and listeners can be fulfilling and in Hidden Hospitals, you have a band for the future. I for one, can't wait to see how they progress!" - Stay Ahead Blog


EP 001 released 01 September 2011
EP 002 released 30 October 2012

Debut LP Surface Tension 24 March 2015 



“Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement.” Hidden Hospitals’ website reveals where the band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark captures the band’s foundational vision: obscured within the double “H,” a universal symbol for aid.

Hidden Hospitals’ frequently dark, powerful music strikes a balance with hopeful and often profound lyrical content. Finding their stride in two fully produced EP releases, the Chicago rock quartet’s sound continues to resist encapsulation. It is undeniably human; familiar at its core, modern and austere in its execution.

Produced and mixed by J. Hall, Surface Tension marks Hidden Hospitals’ first full-length album; a record that churns heavy with kinetic energy and precise movements. Carefully paced through 12 engaging tracks, a stable and familiar thread ties together the album as a whole. The band transitions seamlessly between sharp, taut guitar-rock reminiscent of Diamond Eyes era Deftones and an atmosphere of electronica evoking Radiohead’s Kid A. The band takes a minimalist approach to songwriting--the thoughtful process of reduction, leaving nothing but what's necessary. In this whitespace Hidden Hospitals gives us a glimpse of a persistent absence in today’s rock n’ roll. They let us hear what we’ve been missing.

The band has balanced these elements over three years of many national and regional tours providing direct support for The Used, Hot Rod Circuit, Cartel and Blindside among others along the way. “The Absence of Emotion” (EP 002) charted six weeks in top 10 CMJ Rock Charts (20 in top 30) and produced a dozen commercial licensing syncs in 2013. Exclusively, EP 001 + 002 is currently stocked at all major music retailers in Japan (Cars & Calories Records).

Hidden Hospitals’ 2015 will see heavy national touring to support Surface Tension’s release. Having cut their teeth on their first two releases, the band is now primed to ignite a fanbase seeking modern rock music. In an interview for the band’s Kickstarter campaign (which sparked the production of Surface Tension) singer David Raymond states “A big part of why Hidden Hospitals exists is because the four of us have collectively agreed that what we seek is outside of ourselves and worth striving for… It’s exciting to me because this feels like the beginning.”

Band Members