Hidden Towers

Hidden Towers

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

If a ouija board made sound, that's what I think we'd sound like: tranquil with something menacing and forboding about to present itself.


Hidden Towers has been a maturing idea for over a decade. It would get dabbled with off and on in between more active projects and careers, but had never been given the full chance to be; until now. 2012 marks the most defined and static incantation of the group and a full-length album on the horizon.

Founding member and guitarist, Chris Cantrell, has put aside this year to record the album he always wanted to hear the band produce and to enlist the lineup he always wanted to see the band become. With the powerful and articulate rhythm section of Ben Holland on bass and Jakub Svoboda on drums, Hidden Towers has finally come to full fruition.

Taking largely from bigger than life classic metal, 70's jazz fusion and space rock, Hidden Towers have turned their stripped down lineup into an evolved spectrum of sound.

In 2010, Hidden Towers won CITR radio's Shindig competition; making them the first heavy band to win the competition since 3 Inches Of Blood in 2001. From their prizes came Hidden Towers' first EP, Great Conjunction and showcases for the band at NXNE in 2010.

Following a modicum of successes, Hidden Towers was put on hiatus due to incessant line-up changes, Chris's career at the record label File Under Music and his new metal/punk imprint to File Under Music - aptly titled Defiled Under Music.

Set for release through Defiled Under Music in January 2013, Olympus Mons - recorded by Jesse Karr at Rain City Recorders - will be the first full-length release by Hidden Towers: "a band that deserves your applause, respect and, most of all, your undivided attention" - Scott Lyon, Discorder Magazine.


Great Conjunctions EP - (independent) 2010
Olympus Mons - (Defiled Under Music) Jan 8, 2013

Set List

The full album...hopefully