BandHip Hop

Rhymes that intend to create a bridge across to those who do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It touches every aspect of life, there is enough for everybody whether they are saved or unsaved. The message is clear Christ gets all the shine!


Originally from Honduras but at the age of ten moved to Miami where I have resided eversince. Born into a Christian family but during my teeange years strayed from the narrow path which led into darK times. During this time I was introduced to Hip- Hop and began writing, all this was part of His great plan due to the fact that He allowed it to happen to gain a new tool to reach others for His glory. The music sounds unlike anything out of Miami so it creates a contrast in sound, the reason behind it is because I'm not afraid to experiment with different genres of music and blend them with Hip-Hop.There is so much to be said about the word so many to be reached and this is just a vehicle, I'm just a humble taxi driver, and the Father is the one giving me the directions to His destination.


Light in the City Mixtape

Set List

Still in the works. . .depends the ocassion sets are probably 30 minutes.