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"The News Herald Article"

Check out this site for a article about us that is to big to include here.

http://www.hidefromcleo.com/press.html - Mr. Troy Bruzewski

"Hide From Cleo - Alabaster"

Apr 30 (2006) - Coming off a first place finish at Emergenza round two, a music festival which eliminates bands in a tournament format, Hide from Cleo has obviously appeared on the music scene. That’s old news to the locals in Tawas, Michigan who have known this band could play for years now. Known for their energetic live performances and lyrical creativity they mix a folky versatile rock sound leaving listeners refreshed to know that rock is still alive and it lives in Michigan. (Take with a few shots of Jager to set the mood).

The band blends two singer/songwriters/guitarists (Lori Keisler/Uncle Steve Haupert) into their music allowing their depth as musicians to shine and unspoken artistic freedom to create inspirational tales that take us on an emotional rollercoaster. Jay (Dr. Knobs) Valley on bass and Jim Ellis on percussion keep pace and construct musical synchronicity that strengthen and accolade their lyrical counterparts. Songs like “Sixteen” sang by Keisler has strong lyrics mixed with simplicity that are entirely complimented by excellent guitar and drums. Here a young Stevie Nicks (Keisler) screams out to the struggling youth. Uncle Steve belts out a lyrically powerful song in “Small town Gothic”; excellent story teller, with a Fleetwood Mac sound and a Bad Company like refrain captures the listener’s attention through the headphones down to their toes. A song like “High Banks” sang by Haupert mixes a Gov’t mule feel with a Crash Test Dummies pace. An excellent lick and lyrical togetherness had me putting up the lighter in my room, holding it high.

One of my favorite sweet ballads sung by the young Stevie Nicks (Keisler) “The dum dum song” passionately sets the mood and keeps me vibing throughout with an enjoyable guitar riff. She repeats “come closer to me” as she sweetly sings to an audience in rhythm. Now she can command me anytime and I’m running closer, faster and farther than ever. “Mexico City Bound” makes Uncle Steve sound like a cousin Van Zandt. Cool tune that makes me think he enjoys telling stories because that’s the way he sings his songs, I can see this being great live. A little Moe and OAR all mixed in one to create a uniquely inspiring band; grooving me through the night.

I look forward to seeing these guys on the road, maybe take a trip from Boston to Michigan and get more than my moneys worth. This band will not be hiding from anyone soon, so check them out at www.hidefromcleo.com for show dates and audio and cd samples. Alabaster is the new cd check it out but for now that’s Hide from Cleo and it’s time for you to enjoy.

Mr. Dan Rondinelli - NORTHEASTERN IN TUNE MAGAZINE (May 21, 2006)
- Mr. Dan Rondinelli - NORTHEASTERN IN TUNE MAGAZINE (May 21, 2006)

"Band Program Gets Donation"

Steve Haupert and his band "Hide From Cleo" recently donated $1115 to the Tawas Area High School band.

This donation was collected by Hide from Cleo during their recent performances at the Captains Table Restaurant in Tawas City. The money will be used for the high school band's upcoming trip to Walt disney world. This band seems to becoming local legend being one of the only "original" rock bands in the county. - Tawas Area News Herald


Check out the one hour long WKJC radio interview (by Mr. Jimmy Duncan) we posted on our website. (Click on the music page) Hear us talking with a local radio legend.




Stevie Nicks meets a dobro fuelled Jefferson Airplane. This feels experimental, great stuff!!!
- John Cartright - Broadjam.com

"I found CLEO"

This is quite a versatile band who have a knack for writing and performing catchy, well-written songs.

Good production, nice artwork,and songs from lead singers Lori Keisler and (Uncle) Steve Haupert run an emotional gamit from avant garde heart break to fun loving rock. Great job guys! - BB - Jam Rag Magazine (Detroit Michigan)

"Regarding CLEO"

"You made love a Lie" catches your attention right away, the vocals are great, reminds me of Stevie Nicks, I like the mood and the subject matter...a revenge song that sounds so calm and calculated...

- Anomymous - CDBABY.com

"Comments from the Guestbook"

Les Thomas
August 31, 2005
Very exciting, artistic, gutsy and meaningful performance at the 2005 BOB at the Alcona Fair!

Hope to see you on the road in the future. (open invitation to come back to the Fair in '06)

Thanks for your music.
Les Thomas, 4-H Agent www.msue.msu.edu/alcona
Fairboard Member, Soccer Coach, All around good guy
- Les Thomas


Hide From Cleo gives us a gut wrenching display of musical emotion that is reminiscent of the 60's man! I felt like I was taken back to the Janis Joplin days and at the same time they had me thinking of Crosby, Stills and Nash in the same breath. Beautiful guitar licks and real emotion. Some of the tracks were recorded live and are seriously emotionally driven. A truly pleasing listen. Witty lyrics complement this bands musical force and finish the delivery with an intelligent punch. I truly believe you'll "find" Hide From Cleo a beautiful addition to your collection of laid back listening rock and folk blues. My favourite track has to be "Lines" with it's folky rythm and "real life" appeal you'll want to cop this album and do your stressed out self a favour.

Standout Tracks: Lines, Ball and Chain (Live w/Broken Strings)
Genre: Rock
Artist Site: www.hidefromcleo.com
EPK: www.sonicbids.com/HFC



Check out the catalog at www.CDBABY.com/hidefromcleo2 (ALABASTER) or www.cdbaby.com/hidefromcleo3 (COFFEE BEANS AND ACOUSTIC DREAMS) BUY OUR CD's we'll give your money back if you don't like them!

Check out www.hidefromcleo.com our music/clips page has many more of our songs posted and clips from radio interviews around the area...


Feeling a bit camera shy


***07-15-2007*** Hide From Cleo opens Mountain Rock Fest in Farwell, Michigan for Uncle Kracker, Styx and Def Leppard.

*** 06-28-2007*** Hide From Cleo wins Mountain Rock Fest Battle of the bands. Winning out over 52 other bands that were selected to compete from the state of Michigan.

***05-21-2007***Hide From Cleo plays MAMAPALOOZA in New York City. And a fun time was had by all. (See photo gallery at www.HideFromCleo.com)

***05-01-2007***Hide From Cleo Chosen to play the official "DownTown Hoedown" after party. The DownTown Hoedown is billed as "The Worlds Largest Free Outdoor Country Concert". (Hide From Cleo does not consider themselves a Country band)

***1-19-2007*** Hide From Cleo has been selected to be one of the few bands chosen from the nation to perform at the Sedona Jam Music Festival in Sedona, Arizona February 9th and 10th of this year. The Sedona Music Festival is a showcase for emerging artists. Present at the festival the crowd will not only include a great section of Sedonas public but producers, DJ's , industry professionals from record labels, celebrity artists, promoters, venue owners, radio stations, booking agents, management companies.

*** 1-8-2007 *** Our video "Rosarito" has been selected by CMT (Country Music Television) as the "Music City Madness Pick of the Week" along with the National TV slots they've given us, you can view the video at www.CMT.com/loaded. This same video is also airing across Canada on Dirt TV out of Dawson Creek, B.C. Check it out if you'd like to get a taste of what we are like live - you could also just check the video section here - Thanks! And we hope you are having a good day. (HFC)***

Hide From Cleo. Original, Intelligent, sometimes experimental, designated one of Detroit’s top ten bands at the Emergenza Music Festival for 2006. This is music from the northern climes of the USA and one of Michigan’s hottest bands. In the short time that they have been together, since November 2004, Hide from Cleo have been drawing on their extensive song writing and performing backgrounds to produce music that ranges from Hard Rock to R&B, crossover folk, country and blues. Members of the band have shared the stage with Kid Rock, played the House of Blues in Las Vegas and have been a big part of the Michigan Music scene for years. Think about what would happen if Janis Joplin, Jewell, Tom Waits and Joe Cocker joined the Counting Crows... That's Hide From Cleo. Sort of...

The bands accomplishments so far are numerous. In July of 2005 Hide From Cleo was chosen, over all other entrants, by WQLB FM 103.3 (BROCK) to share the stage with GRINDER a band that featured local sports hero and Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty. The show was held at the 1500 seat Northern Lights Arena in Alpena, Michigan. The band was chosen because of its well-known "local draw potential" and great live show.

The band has been lucky enough to be chosen to perform at numerous festivals and showcases. In February 2006 the band was chosen to showcase for the ALLBIZ Music Conference. The conference hosted in Columbus, Ohio featured bands from all over the country and provided great networking opportunities that the band has taken advantage of. Also the band was able to perform for A&R representatives from Virgin, Atlantic and Koch records.

Then in what began in November 2005, H.F.C. started taking the three-hour trip down to Detroit from their "up north" town of Tawas City, Michigan for the Emergenza Music Festival. There they competed against Detroit’s hottest local bands, and ended up one of the top ten bands and in the Detroit Finals. (Held at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan July 3rd 2006) Out of the over one hundred and twenty bands - even though they were not a local Detroit band, and part of the judging was based on the audience. Most of the time scoring significantly more votes than any of the other bands over the four rounds of the festival. (Which is a testament to the energy of their live show)

In the following weeks after The Emergenza Music Festival Hide From Cleo entered a competition in the Bay City, Michigan area. Held over consecutive weekends at Perrys’ Grand Arlington Ballroom in down town Bay City, the contest consisted of six total rounds, approximately 42 bands participated in the competition. The judging was based on audience participation and by a panel of judges that scored them on things like originality, musical ability, stage presence, professionalism and crowd response. Hide From Cleo came out on top. Further proving that the Emergenza Music Festival top ten finish was no fluke and that the band is a definite musical force in the Michigan area.

The band has been gaining some notoriety with the local press and television in the towns where they play – In Grand Rapids, Michigan they were featured in the one hour live concert/interview show “No Cover TV” giving the local area a good dose of their brand of music. (And learning th