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Hide From Cleo


Black Crows meets Counting Crows with a chick singer too...


***07-15-2007*** Hide From Cleo opens Mountain Rock Fest in Farwell, Michigan for Uncle Kracker, Styx and Def Leppard.

*** 06-28-2007*** Hide From Cleo wins Mountain Rock Fest Battle of the bands. Winning out over 52 other bands that were selected to compete from the state of Michigan.

***05-21-2007***Hide From Cleo plays MAMAPALOOZA in New York City. And a fun time was had by all. (See photo gallery at www.HideFromCleo.com)

***05-01-2007***Hide From Cleo Chosen to play the official "DownTown Hoedown" after party. The DownTown Hoedown is billed as "The Worlds Largest Free Outdoor Country Concert". (Hide From Cleo does not consider themselves a Country band)

***1-19-2007*** Hide From Cleo has been selected to be one of the few bands chosen from the nation to perform at the Sedona Jam Music Festival in Sedona, Arizona February 9th and 10th of this year. The Sedona Music Festival is a showcase for emerging artists. Present at the festival the crowd will not only include a great section of Sedonas public but producers, DJ's , industry professionals from record labels, celebrity artists, promoters, venue owners, radio stations, booking agents, management companies.

*** 1-8-2007 *** Our video "Rosarito" has been selected by CMT (Country Music Television) as the "Music City Madness Pick of the Week" along with the National TV slots they've given us, you can view the video at www.CMT.com/loaded. This same video is also airing across Canada on Dirt TV out of Dawson Creek, B.C. Check it out if you'd like to get a taste of what we are like live - you could also just check the video section here - Thanks! And we hope you are having a good day. (HFC)***

Hide From Cleo. Original, Intelligent, sometimes experimental, designated one of Detroit’s top ten bands at the Emergenza Music Festival for 2006. This is music from the northern climes of the USA and one of Michigan’s hottest bands. In the short time that they have been together, since November 2004, Hide from Cleo have been drawing on their extensive song writing and performing backgrounds to produce music that ranges from Hard Rock to R&B, crossover folk, country and blues. Members of the band have shared the stage with Kid Rock, played the House of Blues in Las Vegas and have been a big part of the Michigan Music scene for years. Think about what would happen if Janis Joplin, Jewell, Tom Waits and Joe Cocker joined the Counting Crows... That's Hide From Cleo. Sort of...

The bands accomplishments so far are numerous. In July of 2005 Hide From Cleo was chosen, over all other entrants, by WQLB FM 103.3 (BROCK) to share the stage with GRINDER a band that featured local sports hero and Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty. The show was held at the 1500 seat Northern Lights Arena in Alpena, Michigan. The band was chosen because of its well-known "local draw potential" and great live show.

The band has been lucky enough to be chosen to perform at numerous festivals and showcases. In February 2006 the band was chosen to showcase for the ALLBIZ Music Conference. The conference hosted in Columbus, Ohio featured bands from all over the country and provided great networking opportunities that the band has taken advantage of. Also the band was able to perform for A&R representatives from Virgin, Atlantic and Koch records.

Then in what began in November 2005, H.F.C. started taking the three-hour trip down to Detroit from their "up north" town of Tawas City, Michigan for the Emergenza Music Festival. There they competed against Detroit’s hottest local bands, and ended up one of the top ten bands and in the Detroit Finals. (Held at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan July 3rd 2006) Out of the over one hundred and twenty bands - even though they were not a local Detroit band, and part of the judging was based on the audience. Most of the time scoring significantly more votes than any of the other bands over the four rounds of the festival. (Which is a testament to the energy of their live show)

In the following weeks after The Emergenza Music Festival Hide From Cleo entered a competition in the Bay City, Michigan area. Held over consecutive weekends at Perrys’ Grand Arlington Ballroom in down town Bay City, the contest consisted of six total rounds, approximately 42 bands participated in the competition. The judging was based on audience participation and by a panel of judges that scored them on things like originality, musical ability, stage presence, professionalism and crowd response. Hide From Cleo came out on top. Further proving that the Emergenza Music Festival top ten finish was no fluke and that the band is a definite musical force in the Michigan area.

The band has been gaining some notoriety with the local press and television in the towns where they play – In Grand Rapids, Michigan they were featured in the one hour live concert/interview show “No Cover TV” giving the local area a good dose of their brand of music. (And learning th



Written By: Haupert

Jenny's hearing voices again
You can notice 'cause her eyes get a little bit wider
She does the evening dishes
And listens to the voices stabbing daggers inside her
They're saying -
This is pointless
It's time for this to end
Have another whiskey and we can play pretend
We can help you if you listen
you stupid country wife
We can make it better

Rob's in love with Jenny
Having a beer and watching fishin'
in his old recliner
He's working for a living
He knows Jen's a little odd
but he's still happy to find her
He aint real handsome
He's a farming man
It's work and pay the bills
Have some fun when you can
He's thinking about tomorrows chores it's time to get the crops in
When Jenny comes in and says
I Just killed the children....

It's a small town gothic
I'm gonna rock it
Ain't nothing this town hasn't seen before
Small town Gothic
Load it and lock it
What's that moving through the darkness by your bedroom door?

Robby's got this buddy named Dan
It turns out Danny is a covetus man
He was using booze and pills
to get inside of Jennys head
Pretty soon Jenny'd do anything
that Danny said
He'd say now listen to me we're going to make movies
Don't you talk back anymore
What do you think you are doing
You are gonna lose the children
If Robby ever knows the score....

Danny Drove her to it.
Danny Drove her to it.
Danny Drove her to it.

It's a small town gothic
I'm gonna rock it
Ain't nothing this town hasn't seen before
Small town Gothic
Load it and lock it
What's that moving through the darkness by your bedroom door?
We've got disease we've got petilences
We've got the worst kind of sin behind white picket fences
You think it's so wholesome
When you pass
But there is something rotten in the new mown grass

It's a small town gothic
I'm gonna rock it
Ain't nothing this town hasn't seen before
Small town Gothic
Load it and lock it
What's that moving through the darkness by your bedroom door?

Ain't nobody innocent...

Nobody's innocent at all...

Cause Danny Drove her to it
The whole town knew it
Nobody's innocent at all...

It's a small town gothic
I'm gonna rock it
Ain't nothing this town hasn't seen before
Small town Gothic
Load it and lock it
What's that moving through the darkness by your bedroom door?


Written By: Lori Kiesler

She's just sixteen
Combs her hair like the magazines
Goes out dancing with older boys
And her mother listens in on all her phone calls
That's her waiting by the window

While the child runs away
Gets farther everyday

After Christmas she exchanges all her clothes
Gets a tatoo
And a ring pierced through her nose

Then she runs away
gets farther everyday


Written By: Haupert

I saw you coming down from the High Banks
The AuSable river moon in your hair
Looking serene and sullen while waiting in the welcoming water
You couldn't have known that you weren't alone

So I tipped my bottle back in the rushes
Cut my line with my knife and watched you walk past
Cause there aren't any words for fixing everything that I've done to you
It's sad 'cause I used to think it could last

Leave it alone.

She saw me headed down to the High Banks
And she smelled the whiskey that followed me there
And as she followed me she realized that all of her feeling were wrong
It's sad 'cause she used to think that she cared
So she changed her mind when she found the river
And she went on down stream and swam in the night
And she became cleansed when she realized that all of her feelings for me
Were useless and nothing would ever be right

Leave it alone.


Written By: Haupert

Sitting in a Mexico City cafe
Having coffee and looking at the rain
People walk by with umbrellas and taxis honk at everything
Pale skinned women with jet black hair
Kiss me with their beauty and make me groan
A respectful whistle and wishes to be twenty five years old - or maybe younger?
They make a point of touching me when they talk and I feel uneasy for all of my guilty thoughts
Then I think

Mexico City Bound
Mexico City Bound
It's kind of fun for a traveling man having coffee down in Coyocan when ten thousand mariachis try to sing you home
Sing you home

My buddy Marius walks in and says "Good morning Mexico"
and all the guys from the US embassy turn their heads because he speaks with a Romainian accent and he might be the enemy
People stop traffic for you for a quarter
Ladies ask if you want a table dance
Marius gives all the beggars money because he says he knows what it's like to be hungry from his days in East Germany

Mexico City Bound
Mexico City Bound
I'll prove I love you what the heck
I'll jump from the top of Chaputepec and ten thousand mariachis will sing me home
Sing me home.

Carne assada for dinner
Try to stay away from the water and ice
I think I'll just sit here and write the day down
And think of you
And think of you


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Set List

All songs written by Keisler or Haupert

So much material so little time. Please see our website for more samples of our music. www.hidefromcleo.com

Good Times
No Way
Time Alone (Get me out of here)
Right Here
Have you been watching me
One Kiss
Can’t you see
The week it rained
You made love a lie
Instrumental Thingy
Small Town Gothic
Ball and ChainSet Two
Light Suit Song
Mexico City Bound
Elvis Years
In Time
She Blinks and Smiles
Cold Full Moon
Sixteen Shells*
Gypsum Rock/Train Kept a rollin’
Townline Twine
Hole Inside Me

Led Zepplein
Black Crows
White Stripes
Fleetwood Mac
Johnny Cash
Rage Against the Machine