hide inaba

hide inaba

 Long Island City, New York, USA

singer songwriter, Indie Rock


i am a singer songwriter. Born and raised in Chiba, Japan I began singing at the age 15. I wanted to play bass in a band, but my high school friends urged me to step up to the mic because nobody else had the nerve to sing. Through the years, I stepped out on my own as an artist, cultivating my love for singing as the ultimate expression of love and passion. Throughout the Tokyo area, I performed at local bars, clubs and colleges for many years. I moved to New York 1997, where I have continued to write songs in both Japanese and English. I have written and arranged over fifty compositions. My music is very versatile. I can compose various styles of music from Jazz, bossa nova to Hip hop, pop, R+B or even ambient techno. This eclecticism stems from my experience playing gigs in New York with formidable musicians such as Gene Williams, Travis Harrison, Tom Aldrich, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brian Drye, etc. Experiencing the unique mix of cultures in New York has totally changed my musical style. made EP album on 2007"white lilac" is on sale at CD baby.com and I-tunes.



Written By: hide inaba

Hide Inaba

I cry. You smile. You will fly.

I smile. You cry. I will fly.

I will see you in this end.
My soul sears because I am seaching for your love.
Beauty surrounds.
It is like every breath I could get.

I smile. You smile.We will fly.
We will fly?c

I will see you there.
I will see you there.
I will fly?c


EP:Lilac white

Set List

45min for 8 songs to 2hr for 15 songs include some covers.
basically original songs, sometimes some cover songs.