Hideous Input

Hideous Input


the NEW new wave. We've gained a cult following around the world thanks to the early days of mp3 sharing. The music is edgy, synthetic, raunchy, danceable, and melodic. Not too electro pop, and not too hard rock, but somewhere inbetween.


Touted as the “NEW New Wave”, the locally acclaimed and globally recognized Hideous Input is definitely the NEXT wave. The internet sensation has performed a flurry of shows over the last year, at such staples as Benders Tavern, Larimer Lounge, and Lion's Lair, making them a local cult favorite... which was demonstrated at their EP release party at CIAO! (The Lure Lounge). Hideous Input has never shied from eclectic projects such as creating the soundtrack to the Denver film “?”, among many other independent film projects.
Founder Den Hideous focused his life experiences and personal tragedies into an original and captivating vision of the future of music. The dream became reality when Den Hideous met local session musician and integral part of the Denver scene, Jonny Input. The two creative forces originated a new sound that pays tribute to their afflictions, influences and passion.
Hideous Input’s sound is a unique smash and grab of the best of new wave’s pioneers and leaders, with a style all their own.


LIFE – SEX – DEATH (2001)
01. American Dream?
02. Do You Want To Fuck?
03. Don’t Waste A Minute
04. Dust
05. Everything You Are I Am
06. Free
07. I Am Not Alive
08. I Don’t Care How You Feel
09. Incorrect
10. New Boyfriend
11. One Night Stand
12. Two Faced
13. One Night Stand (Two Ton Flood Remix)
14. I Am Not Alive (Club Mix)
15. Medicated America

E-SIDE’S (2002)
01. Little Wings
02. Heimlich
03. Lie To Me
04. Live Backwards
05. The New Romantic
06. Dead And Buried
07. Hideous Input Sucks
08. Darkest Trip
09. Maybe We’ve Won
10. Neon
11. Freemix

Set List

Set lists are either 30 to 45 minutes depending on Venue... Longer if neccesary.

01. Alone
02. Everything You Are I Am
03. I Am Not Alive
04. In the End
05. A Girl For Mother
06. One Night Stand
07. Dead and Buried
08. I See it All

This is a typical set list of ours... time permitting, we will throw in a cover or two... we do Bowie, Cars, Alien Sex Fiend... Mostly, we like to stick to originals, because our songs are better.