Hideous Pink

Hideous Pink

 Austin, Texas, USA

Looking for some original, fun lovin', country flavored, rock music to shine at your venue? Hideous Pink is an Austin band of 3 years that attracts rock, country and folk lovers of all ages, playing places like the Highball and Hole in the Wall. Call (513) 546-2905 to book.


In 2006, guitarist/singer/songwriter, Tim Burchfield, met music therapist, Angie Burchfield in Columbus, Ohio and formed Hideous Pink. After playing in Columbus Ohio for a year, they moved to Austin, where they met ex-Marine and current music student, drummer Tim Garza. The three of them began a residency at Ego's in Austin on South Congress which lasted for a year and a half. Influences such as Buddy Rich, Tom Petty and Janis Joplin have inspired this group of musicians to create a variety of rock and roll sounds, incorporating many different flavors of percussion and harmonic progression. In June of 2010, music student and bassist Brad Peterson joined the group. Currently, the band's revenue consists of income from shows and CD sales. Each performance is marked by the lyrical exchange and interactions on stage by the dual lead vocalists, Tim and Angie, as the lyrics are written to facilitate a dramatic musical dialogue between the two. Interacting with the audience frequently, they have managed to engage a loyal fan base of fun loving people. The music and it's lyrics is light hearted, dance-able and upbeat, utilizing slightly different instrumentation than standard rock bands: keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drum kit, djembe, and other percussive anomalies. Currently, the band is returning from Angie's maternity leave. The Iron Cactus and The Highball are two of their most frequently played venues. The band does not like to play cover tunes very often, as their passion lies in the performance of the original tunes that they create together. The band is looking forward to developing a wider fan base in order to finance completion of their new CD and then tour with the new product when it comes out in the spring of 2011.


Hideous Pink released the EP "Listen" in 2009, containing tracks:
"The Serpent to the Saint", "She Calls", and "Wake Me Up", all streaming and available as downloadable MP3's on www.myspace,com/hideouspink.com and on facebook.

Set List

Set lists for us can be somewhat flexible depending upon the mood of the crowd. If our crowd is involved, dancing and having a great time, we're likely to rearrange that slow song and move along to stay with our upbeat tunes. Sometimes, we change our set lists according to our personal moods and expectations or other unforeseen circumstances that would warrant a change in order to make our show better. For now, this is a framework of the songs that we will do:
Wagon Wheel

Set I:
She Calls
Tabloids and Celluloid
Serpent to the Saint
Shook Down Strange
What Is Is
Daddy's Shoes

Set II:
Little More Something
This Is Us
Kiss My Ass
You Will
Insects to Buglights

Set III:
Wake Me Up
Helter Skelter
Days Before You
Wild One
Country Girl
Don't Know What To Say
Huckleberry Man