Hideyo Blackmoon

Hideyo Blackmoon


Japanese Female Gypsy DJ/Vocalist based trance culture and club music scene, work for party lovers


Hideyo Blackmoon had been one of the premiere visionaries behind the underground music scene in Tokyo. She expresses her multifaceted talents as a DJ, vocalist. Currently, her activity across Tokyo and throughout overseas, collaborating with several artists and also for her own pilgrimage.

She has moved around, since 2001. She has DJ played several major trance festivals, also played at clubs, lounges, bars, exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops etc..check it out her DJ mixes at http://samurai.fm/zenbient


'07 Mar.
PUREPRESSURE feat. DJ Hideyo Blackmoon "Princess Mononoke "
Animation Trance Mix Album "Anime Trance III" Farm Record/Japan .

'06 Aug
Deep Dive Corp feat. Hideyo Blackmoon " Jiyou "
Deep Dive Corp Album " Some Funky Fish" IN-D Rec. Germany.

'06 Oct
The Nun Project feat. Hideyo Blackmoon " Tears of Joy".
Compilation Album " Global Slowdown" Tempest Rec. Australia.

'03 OMB feat. Blackmoon "Eternity" .
Compilation Album "The Rollig Thunder" Anoyo Japan.