Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Vanilla Sugar is an Electronic/Alternative band composed of an all girl line up from Houston,TX.


Courtney was inspired to start a band.
She had a bass player, Fraidy, and a drummer Valerie, but still needed a second guitarist.
She put flyers up everywhere.
Until she got a phone call from Zero.
Zero picked up a flyer at a local Music Store, called Courtney, and said that she had a bass player, Vanessa with her, and they would like to try out for the band.
Well, since Hidrolyx already had a bassist, Vanessa could not play.
Zero suggested they get another drummer, seeing as how Valerie didn't seem like her dedication was music, Fraidy knew Alex Sanchez. He came to try out, and Zero threatened to quit if Courtney didn't let him in. So he stayed :).
A few months later Fraidy had to quit due to personal issues with her family.
So we went ahead and got Vanessa in.
Hidrolyx was a four piece for a while, until Zero decided that they needed a front woman.
They had try outs and Miriam was recruited.
They played for about a year with her, then she left for other beliefs.
And try outs resumed.
Chelsea Culbreth came to try out, and she has amazing dedication and has been with the band since.



Written By: Chelsea

"I'll never hurt you" he said
As he pressed his lips against hers.
And she belived him.
She desparately needed to.
But she knew, oh she knew, she knew
The truth.
We all feel the need to cling to another.
Ignoring our true feelings.
Is it better than being alone
Feeling the warmth of a stranger
Taking control?
I can feel him
Creeping up my spine.
Saying words I
Could not deny.
Stupid girl
Don't you know?
He is here
To destroy your world.
I needed something I could hold on to
I made a mistake
Thinking it could be you.
It could be you, it could be you
It could be
I love you.
No I don't.
I need you
To run away.
She needed something to pull her together
But he makes her come undone.
This is the end!


Written By: Jessica

Blood filled her mouth as she hit the floor
She couldn't take this anymore
Lost in her space
She wanted to erase
But she had to beg
Life is sick
The world's a drag.
You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful.
Love lost in this fortune of gore.
Stuck here, stuck here forever more
Why can't you see this?
You're a monster in fists.
But you had to beg.
You broke the trust I thought we had.
You're Beautiful.
You're Beautiful.
You Never Know What You Got Til It's Gone.
How could you?
You know she didn't want to.
But you forced her to.
You never knew what you had.
I fucking wanted
only you
but you had to
fuck up what was given to you.
You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful.
You wanted everything
so you took all she had
so now she's left with nothing
You wanted everything
so you took all she had
now she's
Beautifully Numb.


2007 Demo

Set List

Federline Should Keep The Babies
Black Widow
The Sun Will Be The End Of Us
Mood Swing