HiFi Phantom

HiFi Phantom


Duke Ellington said there are only two types of music, good music and the other kind. HiFi Phantom is good music. It's feel good, sometimes feel bad music. It's Party time music, it's think about your life music. Not enough bands try to be everything to everybody, but then there is HiFi Phantom.


Not many bands try to be everything to everybody, but then there is HiFi Phantom. Meeting in Toronto, but hailing from Canada’s East and West coasts, Jamaica and Great Britain, HiFi Phantom hope to soundtrack your ecstatic joy and darkest despair. Sometimes both simultaneously.

The glue that holds the whole mess together is a love of pop songs, grooves and fuzzy noises. But delivered on a rotating selection of instruments and lead singers, the results are always unpredictable and the possibilities abundant. There’s a party at death beach and all are welcome. But brace yourself for the tidal wave.

Hifi Phantom was formed as a response to the following Craigslist Ad:

Looking for a few musicians to complement our on going music projects. Looking for people with the right fit and the right ear and taste in music. Our focus is ultimately on sounds and rhythms rather than melody's and licks. YOU MUST BE CONCERNED WITH YOUR SOUND AS MUCH AS YOU ARE WITH YOUR CHOPS. In the end it's about the music and creating nuanced and interesting whole piece rather than a showcase for your talent.

Ideally you'll be like us, able to play a few instruments well enough to come up with parts for various songs. If you are a 'guitarist' who likes to shred all over everyone to show how 'awesome' you are. Don't apply.

That means being interested in the following:
Guitar pedals
Drum Machines
Animal Collective
Vocal harmonies
Experimental Sounds
Heavy bass
Delay and reverb
A good pop song
John Cage
Pet Sounds
The Recording process
Hip hop
the Beastie Boys
The Dark side of the moon
The Talking Head
New sounds
A genre-less music
Brian Eno

We own a recording studio and are interested in putting together a live show and band for future projects. We are down to just jam and see what comes of it and hopefully something pans out. If not jamming is fun so who cares.

Hopefully we can put something interesting and enjoyable together.



All at Sea EP

Set List

Cave Writing
Backwards children
Rhun Soon
Which witch
Tear me down City
Summers Dead