HiFlyer are 4 young musicains making waves on the UK music scene as we speak. HiFlyer have been doubed by all the national press as the next Fleetwood Mac. Not Rock, not Pop, not indie but a glorious mixture somewhere in the middle HiFlyer play gloriously infectious songs that will last forever.


Without making too big a sweeping statement, Bristol, as a general rule, hasn’t had too much to get excited about. True enough Portishead, Kosheen and the entire trip hop movement came out of the city but aside from that and an impressive suspension bridge, it’s been quiet for a little while. Enter HiFlyer, the Southwest’s very own answer to Fleetwood Mac. Imagine a sweeter than sweet Coldplay if Chris Martin got the boot and Aimee Mann took on the lead vocal.
The vocal in fact is a high point of the HiFlyer experience and an interesting topic considering that, as a child, lead singer Elle had an illness that almost took away her ability to talk, let alone sing. Her vocal chords were damaged during a procedure to clear her airways after she contracted pneumonia. In spite of doctors concluding that Elle would be lucky to walk or talk, due to lack of oxygen to the brain, here she is today fronting the most promising of UK bands. Interestingly, an illness that should have stripped Elle of her voice has instead given her a stunning and instantly recognizable asset.

Regulars on the Bristol music scene, HiFlyer have built up a loyal and active fan base. Following them from venue to venue, HiFlyer fans have built the band’s reputation in and around Bristol and are prepared to carry the name of the band across the country!

HiFlyer’s debut album ‘Here Comes The Sunshine’ was released last year to rave reviews, and built the band a solid reputation within various music magazines and journalists. ‘Antarctika’ continued the band’s success, and new single and EP of the same name ‘Chasing Rainbows’ looks certain to push them forward into the mainstream.

Elle’s voice has drawn comparisons to the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, Nerina Pallot, Aimee Mann and Sarah McLaughlin, and the band themselves have had various comparisons to a whole host of artists such as Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow and even Fleetwood Mac.

Currently working with Greg Haver, the producer behind the Manic Street Preachers, 2007 sees another exciting chapter in the life of HiFlyer and therelease of the Chasing Rainbows EP marks the beginning of great things to come. They Will be touring the UK from September, plugging the release of ´Chasing Rainbows´

Sounding every inch winners, HiFlyer are sufficiently different from the norm to be attention grabbing and extremely radio friendly. There writing is mature and poetic and is set to gloriously infectious music. There's nothing hit and miss here, nothing left to chance. HiFlyer are young and still at the early stages of their promising musical careers.

This band have unmatched enthusiasm woven with moments of absolute intimacy their emotionally charged brand of contemporary music is overflowing with big hooky riffs and balladic outpourings.


Here Comes The Sunshine - 2005
Antarctika EP - 2006
Chasing Rainbows Single - 2007

Chasing Rainbows has been getting national and regional airplay all over the UK!

Set List

Freedom Land
Broken Dreams
Chasing Rainbows
Left Behind
Where Angels Fear to Tread
Easton Grey
Last Goodbye
Your Love Is More

Typical Set for us!!! 35mins. We play 45 min sets if needed. Dont play covers!!