Higgins-Madewell combines strong vocals and acoustic guitar, with originals that cover many genres and appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. Their fan base spans from teens to retirees, and their on-stage compatibility and humor is often compared to Johnny Cash and June Carter


The music of Higgins-Madewell is a combination of strong vocals, acoustic guitar and heartfelt original lyrics that is difficult to classify as one specific genre. Their original music, for example, ranges from the country sound of their very popular "Like a Stone," "Spider Bite which features a Delta blues flavor, and "Nothin' Like You" with it's soulful classic rock sound. Their music appeals to a broad range of people and their fan base spans from teens to retirees. Their stage compatibility and humor is often compared to Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Both artists have dedicated their careers to music, have a broad background of musical experience, and in previous bands have opened for national acts including The Plain White T's, Rick Derringer, Firehouse, The Tubes, XYZ, Shotgun Messiah, Baton Rouge, Lillian Axe, White Trash, Hurricane, and Metal Church. Their influences include AC/DC, Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Beth Hart. This may sound like a strange combination, but once you've seen them perform it makes perfect sense! Their versatility, professionalism, dedication and genuine love for the audience is very apparent.

Erin Higgins' incredible vocal range allows her to cover everything from the low register of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" and Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child o' Mine," then seamlessly flow into a performance of "Me & Bobby McGee" that will leave you stunned. In addition she plays acoustic guitar and harmonica (she is also quite the fiddler/violinist!). She's been performing live for more than 10 years.

Jeff Madewell has performed in live bands since the age of 16. After winning a battle with Cancer and the loss of the majority of his vision at 19, he dedicated himself soley to music and the music industry. He managed several of his former bands including "Madewell," who opened for national acts, received radio airplay and traveled and performed at a multi-state level. He recorded and produced the Higgins-Madewell CD "Spider Bite" at his production studio as well as his former band Love Junkie's CD "Is This Us?." Both are solid evidence of his musical skill and understanding, and his commitment to quality sounding music.


Spider Bite

Written By: Jeff Madewell

Ol’ spider comes a crawlin’
and in his web you’re fallin’
and once you’re there that spider’s
gonna say you’re just his size.
But don’t trust his kindness
his poison causes blindness
so you can’t look him in his eyes
and see he’s spinning lies

Ol’ spider’s been decieving and he’s
got you all believing that his poison
isn’t poison and it’s oh, so good for you
But that bite won’t get no better and
the poison’s getting deeper and
if you don’t watch out that poison
turns your soul all black and blue

So run, run, run from that spider’s bite
That bite makes all things wrong seem oh so right.
You know it’s gonna cut you like a knife
Funny how one bite can change your life


Written By: Higgins-Madewell

Save my soul
Like the rain
When it falls on me
And come rescue me

Say my name
Like you want me
Standing by your side
Please need me

And take my life
Higher than I’ve ever been
Oh, redeem

Reach for me
In desperation
Of my touch
Breathe, breathe me

I cry for you
Oh, like a child
Looking for love
Just hold me

Oh and take my life higher than I’ve ever been
Oh, redeem

Undress me with your eyes
To see me smile
Oh, redeem

Nothin' Like You

Written By: Higgins-Madewell

I’m waiting to see you
Waiting to see that smile, yeah
Waiting to hold you
Been waiting for awhile

Trying to get you
Trying to play your game
Trying to catch you
I can’t wait to hear you say my name

You see I been all over the world
Lord knows that it’s true
I been all over the world
But I ain’t seen nothin’ like you

Now I’m feelin’ so lonely
Gotta have you here all the time
Feeling so crazy
Can’t seem to shake you off my mind

You see I been all over the world
No there ain’t much I can’t do
I been all over the world
But I ain’t done nothin’ like you

Thinkin’ about you
Every single second of the day
Thinking I need you
Honey, in such a bad way

I been all over the world
But I keep coming back to you

My Mountain

Written By: Higgins-Madewell

Another day on this lonely hillside
The trail ahead is a rocky, uphill climb
On this journey I call my life

The driving force behind my life has been
To climb this mountain, climb it ‘til the end
Wonder what I’ll find way up there

‘Cause I can see me goin’ down that road
And I can see into the great unknown
But I got no time to spare
So show me how to get there

From where I stand it’s so achievable
The view from here is unbelievable
I will make now if I try
When that day comes I will be ready
I’m standing strong and so steady up here
There is nothing left for me to fear

Now it’s head first into the water
One foot in front of the other
Don’t stop, don’t even bother my life
It’s my mountain to climb

So come on run, run into the sun
Gotta move, move into the groove
Gotta keep climbing don’t even bother
This mountain, the mountain I call my life

Like a Stone

Written By: Jeff Madewell

I know where this life comes from And I raise my hands to the sky Thankful every day for helping me get by
Never cause no problems
I leave well enough alone
No love for money, I'd rather give you all I own
So give me a fire, a few family and friends
A full moon and a million stars and a night that never ends

'Cause I'm like a stone
Skipping across a quiet lake
Bouncing here and there
I'm always leaving my own wake
I might sink to the bottom
But that's a chance I'm gonna take
Just trying to make it to the other side
I'm like a stone

Never been complicated
What you see is what you get
I love it when life's easy and today's the best day yet
I know I'm a dreamer
Yeah and one or two came true
I just close my eyes and I can go anywhere I want to
There's nothing wrong with having fun and listening to the wind
I got a new idea every day and a shoulder for a friend

'Cause I'm like a stone
Skipping across a quiet lake
Bouncing here and there
I'm always leaving my own wake
I might sink to the bottom
But that's a chance I'm gonna take
Just trying to make it to the other side
I'm like a stone


Spider Bite

Set List

Like a Stone; Spider Bite; Over Me; My Mountain; Love Tank; Redeem; Tell Me; Nothin’ Like You; Black Clouds; Season

Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Black Horse & the Cherry Tree KT Tunstall
Here’s A Quarter Travis Tritt
The Joker Steve Miller Band
The Sky Is Cryin’ Stevie Ray Vaughan
Baby, I Love Your Way Peter Frampton
Pride and Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan
Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi
Boys of Summer Don Henley
Want To Sugarland
Stay Sugarland
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
Walk the Line Johnny Cash
Jackson Johnny Cash
Voodoo Chile Jimi Hendrix
Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
Red House Jimi Hendrix
Over The Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin
Thank You Led Zeppelin
Can’t You See Marshall Tucker Band
Guilty Beth Hart
Am I the One Beth Hart
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Ever Seen The Rain CCR
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