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High 5 Riot

Tipp City, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Tipp City, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Rock




""High 5 Riot: The Riot Starts Now""

High 5 Riot
The Riot Starts Now
Written by Jimmy Cummings

There is a new band ready to make their mark on the Ohio music scene. Over the weekend members of the press were invited for a sneak peek of a new project called High 5 Riot, spearheaded by Ashley Stacy (formerly of Gathering Mercury) and Andy Uzzel (formerly of The Broken Lights). The special Meet & Greet at Dayton’s Trolley Stop in the Oregon District drew plenty of media attention that included representatives from the Dayton Daily News, Music Connection-Dayton, Downtown Dayton Radio, 106.9 WWSU, Ohio Is On Fire, Dayton Unknown, Dayton’s own resident music supporter Richard Brown, and more. The intimate gathering gave us some time to mingle with friends and colleagues, have a few drinks and enjoy some great BBQ. All this followed by a live three song performance by High 5 Riot that included songs from the band’s much anticipated debut album named “Crowd Control." Recorded over the summer at Babblefish Recording Studio, the five song EP Produced by Steve Falearos is scheduled for release on October 11 when the band makes its first official public appearance.

I first met Ashley Stacy at Louie Wood’s Dayton Does Dayton Tribute show at the old Canal Street Tavern a few years ago when she was performing with her band Gathering Mercury. The short 30 minute set that included a killer cover of Rick Derringer’s “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” was all they needed to turn the heads of everyone in the joint including my own. Over the next couple of years I watched as the band seemed to be on the fast track to success. Unfortunately as is the case with many young bands, members of the talented quartet began to develop different tastes, goals, and musical direction. Despite the struggles to keep the band together, Stacy never lost focus of her goal of taking her music to the next level. The gifted Singer/Songwriter contemplated a solo career before a meeting with The Broken Light’s Bassist Andy Uzzel took place back in February at a show at Gilly’s. It just so happened that both Gathering Mercury (one of the band’s last performances) and The Broken Lights were performing that night at Wood’s Dayton Does Dayton Tribute show and the pair began to talk. Turns out that Uzzel and The Broken Lights were having many of the same issues as Gathering Mercury at the time so the two discussed the possibility of performing together as a Duo. Eventually the pair would get together for an acoustic set at the Songwriters United Show at the Yellow Cab Building and then at Mick Montgomery’s Birthday Bash.

The response to the Duo was amazing prompting the pair to begin the search for band mates for a new project. It’s not easy finding five people with the same ambitions and musical goals yet somehow Stacy and Uzzel scored big landing “In The Cut” Keyboardist Aaron Noble, Drummer Sean McGrath who played with Libby Gill, and Austin Labig former Drummer for “Free Fall Theory” who gave up the sticks to illustrate his skills on Guitar. With all the pieces in place High 5 Riot was born. The band gelled quickly and wasted little time getting into the studio, the result was a five song EP called “Crowd Control."

At the Meet & Greet High 5 Riot broke out three of the five tunes on the EP much to the delight of all us music junkies in the room. If there were any nerves or anxiety going on between band members it didn’t show. Stacy and the guys calmly seized the room as all eyes were glued to the makeshift stage. The band ripped into three songs from the EP that included an acoustic solo by Stacy that gave me cold chills. I heard more than a few “WOW’s” from the crowd as the band offered up a great preview of what’s to come. Now I can’t speak for the others in attendance, but for me the performance by High 5 Riot on this night left me wanting more.

Luckily the band put together a press kit that included an early copy of “Crowd Control” and I’ve been indulging ever since. Fans of Stacy will notice that her vocals are more potent and robust than ever before while her songwriting abilities show a maturity far beyond her years. Each member brings something unique to the table allowing High 5 Riot the freedom to explore a number of genres from Rock, Blues, Pop, and Punk. After listening to the EP several times now I think it’s that musical diversity that is going to set them apart. If you are looking for High 5 Riot to be a “cookie cutter” version of Gathering Mercury or The Broken Lights you might be a little disappointed. High 5 Riot’s “Crowd Control” is fresh and offers up an eclectic array of songs from the Pop/Punk sound of songs like “The Pursuit” and “Detox” to the amazing acoustic solo by Stacy called “Dusk."

The excitement continues to build for the unveiling High 5 Riot’s CD “Crowd Control” but your wait will be over soon. On Saturday, October 11, 2014 “The Riot Starts” at the Old Yellow Cab Building in Dayton when High 5 Riot makes their much anticipated live debut. Kimberly Weiss from Music Connection-Dayton will host the show along with yours truly. The Riot starts at 8pm with Dayton’s A Shade of Red followed by the Columbus Rock band 7th Cycle. At 10pm its High 5 Riot and Cincinnati’s To No End will close things out. Tickets are available now for $5 and will be $7 at the door; copies of “Crowd Control” will also be available at the show for $5. - Buckeye Music Magazine

"It's a Full Scale High 5 Riot in Dayton!"

It’s a Full Scale High 5 Riot in Dayton!
November 15, 2014
by Mike Ritchie

High 5 Riot hit the scene earlier this year already loaded with experience, talent and a collective drive to succeed and name based on their previous local ventures. Singer/rhythm guitarist Ashley Stacy cut her teeth in Gathering Mercury. With her young spirit and energy, she’ll settle for nothing less than global domination for H5R. The birth came in February at Dayton Does Dayton when GM and bassist Andy Uzzel’s band The Broken Lights were playing. A mutual desire and determination for musical progression brought them together. A massive reaction to their acoustic set at the Songwriters United Show at The Old Yellow Cab Building sealed their partnership. They also earned the Mick Montgomery seal of approval saying, "This needed to happen."

They searched and completed the ensemble with guitarist Austin Labig, former drummer of Free Fall Theory, drummer Sean McGrath and keyboardist, formally of In The Cut Aaron Noble. Each shares an incredible drive and desire to strive for the highest level possible. High 5’s debut EP Crowd Control is a pleasant taste of what’s sure to come with elements of pop, rock, punk and acoustic’s. Stacy unleashes her range from a soft soothing serenade to a Linda Perry type wail, over the five tracks particularly 'going off' on "Locket."
“The Pursuit,” lyrically dark, is a poppy, rock, addictive tune with psychedelic keyboards winking in the background. "Oo, Oo, Oo," a manipulator's voice, a cold calculating stalker's heart, it’s me or no one babe. Stacy gets a little sexy with some down and desirable words for them dirty blondes on “Turn Out the Lights." “Detox” says appearances are deceiving, the truth underneath is revealing. Get the drugs out. “Locket” is a loud proud proclamation of self-identity, lifestyle, and triumph to make your heart happy. The disk ends at “Dusk." a western styled acoustic vibe, wailing out a life’s tale of ending too soon.

Keep updated on future riotous news at www.high5riot.com. - Dayton Most Metro


Still working on that hot first release.



   Few bands start out with the combination of talent, experience, and drive found in High 5 Riot. All five members are on a mission to scale the heights and make their mark on more than just the local music scene. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ashley Stacy definitely knows where she wants the band to go. “I don’t think I will be satisfied until everybody knows High 5 Riot’s name,” she said. “I want people all over the world to hear our music.”

   The genesis of H5R can be traced back to a meeting between Stacy and bassist Andy Uzzel during the 2014 Dayton Does Dayton show at Gilly’s in February. Stacy’s band, Gathering Mercury, and Uzzel’s band, The Broken Lights, were both performing on the show. Both artists were restless about taking their musical careers to the next level, and they discussed the possibility of performing together. A wildly enthusiastic response to the duo’s acoustic set at the Songwriters United Show at The Old Yellow Cab Building sealed the deal. An impromptu performance at a birthday bash for former Canal Street Tavern owner Mick Montgomery brought down the house. The Dayton, Ohio music legend -- who had been so encouraging to both Gathering Mercury and The Broken Lights, as well as hundreds of other local bands over the years – gave his imprimatur to the pairing. “This needed to happen,” said a smiling Montgomery.

   Stacy and Uzzel then set out to find three more partners with the same ambition, as well as the same work ethic. They found them in lead guitarist Austin Labig, drummer Sean McGrath, and keyboardist Aaron Noble.“I have never been involved with anything close to High 5 Riot,” said McGrath, a veteran of several Dayton and Cleveland area bands. “The time and effort and drive behind it is amazing to me. I’ve never seen a group of people come together like this. I think we can make something really incredible and long-lasting.” Noble, who came to High 5 Riot from In the Cut, agrees. “I do believe all the pieces are there,” he said. “The way everything is set up is awesome. With the drive that’s there, it could go all the way.”

   Each individual member comes from a diverse musical background, ranging from blues to rock and pop to punk. Stacy cites Lady Gaga, Cher, and Pink as major influences on her style. According to Uzzel, Paul McCartney and Gene Simmons have had the most impact on his bass lines. Labig lists Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge and U2’s The Edge as having helped shape his guitar work. McGrath identifies most with drummer Carter Beauford’s work in the Dave Matthews Band. Noble points to Dream Theater and Journey as having affected his keyboard sound.

   “I think it’s interesting to hear all our influences come together,” said Labig, whose talent as a guitarist was previously hidden behind a drum kit with Free Fall Theory. Labig also grasps the H5R ethos. “I want to make a difference, to matter,” he said. Mattering in the music business can only happen with vision coupled with hard work. “It’s amazing to be surrounded with people who have the same musical goals and the will to take it as far as it will go,” Uzzel said. “No self-imposed glass ceiling.”

   All of this talent and enthusiasm is evident on the band’s debut EP, Crowd Control, produced by Steve Falearos at Babblefish Studios. Buckeye Music Magazine calls Stacy’s vocals “potent” and “robust,” noting that her “songwriting abilities show a maturity far beyond her years.” According to BMM, “High 5 Riot’s Crowd Control is fresh and offers up an eclectic array of songs from the pop/punk sound of ‘The Pursuit’ and ‘Detox’ to the amazing acoustic solo by Stacy called ‘Dusk.’”

   High 5 Riot definitely knows what it’s going for, and the riot is just beginning.

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