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-The Mini Album Released March 20th. 2009 Is Now on rotation at: KGRG. 104.9 KFNK Seattle, 99.9 KISW, is about to put us on there loud and local.

- Music Video for upcoming Single "Naked" due out in July. This is in support of a new up coming Full length Album.




We sound like Jelly fish having sex on Acid in the dark frigid waters of the pacific!

HIGH is a 3 piece Rock Band that plays Space Rock with dark psychedelic overtones. We formed late 2003 in Portland, Oregon. After touring extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, We relocated to the Has-been Streets of Seattle, Washington. High lives by the same standards and work ethic that have created the legends that have carved their unique sounds from the Pacific Northwest. Good Music is Good music. There is no compromise; No matter the time it takes or the troubles we endure along this adventure…. This Is Real Rock from the Real Northwest! Come along; let’s play!

Hard Drinkin, Hard lovin, Hard Druggin and the Supernatural

Social irresponsibility is the very fate that caused this gruesome threesome's path's to collide into HIGH. Most live for the business man’s lies! We are not getting out of this life alive, so why worry about money or death?! Experience the menace and bliss of extremes. Like the time Travis and Nate went on a week long excursion into the creeping menace deep of the Olympic National Forest. While looking for Sasquatch, they awoke on the forest floor- 3 days later- with strange lacerations on their shoulders and fuzzy recollections about flying in silvery saucers with beings from the planet Pleiades. "These EVP's Don't sound like humans!". Says Nate.. “Not again!! What is this symbol they keep Carving into my arm?", Replies a reluctant Travis.

Or, how about Jason and crew’s nights of eating legendary amounts of Adrenichrome after a bottle of Wild Turkey and coming back to consciousness, a week later; standing naked-waist deep- in the ocean just before sunrise . “RING RING!?… “Ah SHIT! We got a show tonight! That’s our tour manager wondering where the hell we are!!” says Jason. “Where are we anyways?” says a red blank and dry eyed stare of Nate. An eruption of laughter by Travis, “What the hell are we doing naked in the freezing water?!” The Sunn parts the darkness with the light behind the sky, “ Last thing I remember, It was rainy pavement and brick buildings... and something about trains.. “, reminiscing through hazy broken pieces of memory. Throw the clothes on! We must make the show by night fall...

Buy the ticket. Take the ride- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson