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Highah Seekah

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
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Sonicbids featured artist: Highah Seekah

Highah Seekah was born in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica in 1980. Like many children growing up in Jamaica, Richard Harvey would sing on a church youth choir, seemingly in early preparation for his future musical aspiration. Westmoreland is also known for producing other Artists such as Peter Tosh. Highah Seekah spent his first 12 years living in Jamaica whereafter, his immediate family migrated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA in 1993.

While attending high school, he sang on the schools chorus/choir as a baritone (a baritone is a male voice of intermediate pitch, between bass and tenor) for the last 2 years of high school. It was in 1997 that he began to put pen to paper to voice to music and continued building himself. "At the turn of the millennium, I experienced a spiritual awakening. My consciousness took a leap forward and also became influenced by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I and the mystical Rastafari movement and way of life, which helps me develop as a conscious man and Artist." When asked what does Highah Seekah mean, his response is simply, "a seekah of highah consciousness. I strive to be creative and to make music to not only make one feel good but to get one to think and reflect on matters of life and the day and time in which we live.

Highah Seekah spent the subsequent years after the turn of the millennium further working on his talent and art and honing his skills. He has done some performances in and around Fort Lauderdale and Tampa and now looks to take his music to the world stage. Among many recordings, Highah Seekah will appear on Royal Inity Records Mad Notes Riddim compilation CD with "Body Mind & Soul." Mad Notes also features Artists such as Luciano, Natty King, Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah and Khari Kill and also Virgin Island Artists such as Binghi Ghost, Pressure, Ras Attitude and Niyorah.

Other forthcoming 'riddim driven' compilation appearances include One Harmony Records Unification Riddim with "See A Unity," Strange Things Riddim with - Dem Neva Think "Bout Jah," Sour Sop Riddim with "Mystical Vibes." He will appear on Ruff Riddims Productions African Union Riddim with Connected" and Bird Flu Riddim with "Bird Flu." Seekah has also recently completed recording for his debut 'mix-tape' entitled "Journalism 101: The Mix-Volume 1- which features over 20 lyrically substantial songs, showcasing the Artists vocal versatility and writing ability.

Many more works and shows are to follow as Highah Seekah buds blossoms and blooms into the Reggae World with natural talent which can no less be described as a gift from the Most High.


- Reggae Festival E-Guide- Thursday, August 24, 2006-Vol 3 Iss 76

"The 2007 Magazine is Complete!"

We are pleased to announce the completion of the 2007 Reggae Festival Guide. This year's cover features Michael Franti at the 2006 Reggae On The River Festival. Lee Abel is the photographer.

We give thanks for all of our contributors and advertisers who helped to make the 2007 issue the best one ever!

This year's magazine is full of interesting stories, festivals, radio information and more.

The stories include Book and DVD reviews, Reggae Fashion, Reggae Reggaellections, a feature on the legendary Clancy Eccles, Reggae Passings(a story on those who passed away last year), a piece on the winner of our Sonicbids Artist Contest: Highah Seekah, a photo matchup, a "ras" word puzzle and more.

Think that you would like to distribute some magazines in your community? Give a call to 775-337-8344 and we can tell you how to become a distributor.
- Reggae Festival e-Guide

"'Reggae Artist On The Rise'"

Reggae Festival Guide 2007 "Reggae Artist On The Rise"

The Reggae Festival Guide 2007 (reggaefestivalguide.com), in collaboration with Sonic Bids (sonicbids.com), has named Highah Seekah 'Reggae Artist On The Rise.' The 2007 edition of the Reggae Festival Guide was issued at the end of May 2007. Check out page 51.

http://www.reggaefestivalguide.com/articles/2007/RFG_reggae_onthe_rise.pdf - Reggae Festival Guide 2007

"Musical Truth To Edify The Youth"

Coming out in mid-August 2007, Highah Seekah will be featured in Blackbright News (out of the UK), which is a visual and subliminal life-long learning resource for the family and has been introduced to improve behaviours by promoting local achievers to challenge negative stereotypes.

The publication is Winner of the Mayor's Award for Citizenship 2006. Blackbright stimulates, educates, empowers and motivates her Readers regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or age. Blackbright News is a 16 page Glossy Full Colour Quarterly Publication £10.00 ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (incl. p& p)

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Highah Seekah is a writer/singjay/philosopher, and is the Reggae Festival Guide 2007 “Reggae Artist on the Rise.” His musical projects, which includes The Mixtape Series, a glimpse into the artist’s vocal versatility and perceptive writing ability, are, Journalism 101: The Mixtape 2007 (Mixtape Series: Volume 1), Highah Seekah & Friends: 2003-2008 (Mixtape Series: Volume 2), Highah Seekah Meets Hip-Hop Beats (Mixtape Series: Volume 3), These Are The Days (Mixtape Series: Volume 4) and Love Songs (Mixtape Series: Volume 5).

The latest project from the artist with a unique 'eagle-eye' perception, a highah perception, is Body Mind & Soul. Body Mind & Soul is a collection of 15 substantive and thought-provoking songs, recorded with various independent musicians from around the world. The multi-subject album/CD ranges from matters historical, social and geo-political to issues in health, wellness and spirituality. The title track, "Body Mind & Soul," analyzes states of human nature and the possible future of Earth and her inhabitants. In demonstration of his keen and vivid perception, Highah Seekah offers up a larger perspective outlook on life. The underlying theme of the catchy anthem-like "Body Mind & Soul" is love; it states clearly, that the solution to the ailing wounds of humanity is "love in the body, love in the mind, love in the heart, love in the soul, more than the silver, more than the gold, only YOU can take control.

Richard O. Harvey, the name given him at birth, was born in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica on August 6, 1980. After his first twelve years, some of which were spent in church singing on the youth choir, his parents moved the family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1993. While attending high school, he sang on the schools chorus/choir as a baritone (a baritone is a male voice of intermediate pitch, between bass and tenor). In 1997 he began to put pen to paper and voice to music. At the turn of the western millennium, after experiencing a 'spiritual awakening' and change in consciousness, he also became influenced by the mystical Rastafari movement and way of life. When asked what Highah Seekah means, his response is simply, “a seeker of higher consciousness” and that he “strives to create songs to not only make one feel good but to inspire reflection and introspection on matters of Life and the Times." His other areas of study include Holistic Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Metaphysics and ancient and indigenous knowledge and wisdom.

Check Out: http://www.highahseekah.com and http://www.myspace.com/highahseekah.

Site where you can purchase: www.sonicbids.com/highahseekah. http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/music/bands/11831/ - Reggae Festival E-Guide, Friday, February 6, 2009, New CD's in the Mix

"Highah Seekah (in association with WonderSound JA) Reggae Got Soul"


Highah Seekah (in association with WonderSound JA)
Reggae Got Soul
The album is now available digitally


"Reggae Got Soul" is a traditional reggae riddim album with a number of artists each voicing unique mix-downs of the same rhythm track. The beat is based on a Casio CZ101 bassline reminiscent of 1980's digital dancehall, and is layed over thuggy hip hop drums and punctuated with various skanks and FX. Jason Poras (Jace) and Peter Wade produced the album at their studios in NYC, with some feature guests recorded in Jamaica and Italy.

A number of new up-and-coming artists are featured on "Reggae Got Soul," alongside classic DJ's and singers including the legendary Sugar Minott, and iTunes 2008 #1 artist, Jahdan Blakkamoore.
Other features include rapper Izza Kizza (Timbaland, Missy Elliot), NYC's notorious 77-Klash, and Jamaica's gravel-voiced DJ Lion.
A number of American top-of-the-pop hit songwriters also lent their voices, including Andrea Martin (Leona Lewis, Monica, En Vogue), Shelene Thomas (Nas, Santana, Tan-Yah Records) and Michelle Lynn Bell (Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Lynn & Wade LLP, Miley Cyrus). Also look for hard cuts by New York rude-boy King Django and Philly's master of gangster chat, Stamma Ramma.
Highah Seekah has the title track.

Highah Seekah hails from Westmoreland, Jamaica. His tuff reggae style was recently noticed by the Reggae Festival Guide which named him "Reggae Artist on the Rise" in 2007. Taking the ""Reggae Got Soul"" riddim's title as his inspiration, Seekah delivers a song of livity and upliftment and sings the praise of good reggae music delivering the proof that Reggae's got soul. With a number of hot albums under his belt and his star on the rise, Highah Seekah has his eye set on highah heights and more big tunes with WonderSound JA. http://www.myspace.com/highahseekah
(954) 667-3035 - Reggae Festival E-Guide, Friday, October 9, 2009, New CD's in the Mix


Reggae Got Soul (second independent album compilation)
Released February 25, 2012

Body Mind & Soul (debut independent album)
Available now at http://highahseekah.bandcamp.com/album/body-mind-soul

Official debut studio album coming soon



Highah Seekah's tuff ‘singjay’ style was recently noticed by the Reggae Festival Guide which named him "Reggae Artist on the Rise."