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"High Ceiling - Reality"

The last thing I’d expect to see on an album called “Illusions” is a cut called ‘Reality’. Catching my eye is one thing, catching my ear is another. I’ve listened to this cut many times this week waiting for it to start boring me. Never did. Describing it is another issue. It starts off in almost a jazz mode, but it doesn’t take long for the rock to kick in. Flavored with reggae, funk, powerful percussion and outer space sounds – this cut is wild on speakers, even wilder in headphones. Definitely presents a great method to get people up to the dance floor at any Friday night party. The best thing about this cut is its instrumental energy will fit well into any genre of party you happen to be enjoying. A good one for your toolkit, my DJ friends – you’ll wild up any good times with this. - www.eartaste.com

"High Ceiling - Illusions"

June 15th, 2009 by hux
High Ceiling—Illusions: High Ceiling fuses the classic Roots, Rock and Reggae sound of groups like Easy Star Allstars or UB40 with unpredictable instrumental jam band tangents similar to bands like Tea Leaf Green. Playing hundreds of shows alongside Jam-Rock and Reggae bands including John Brown’s Body and Garaj Mahal, the group is well known as a staple in the Northwestern music scene. They even organize their own weekend long festival, Skok Valley Music Festival that takes place every August near Shelton, WA and features some of the best bands in the region. They put on an energetic show that comes across completely on their second full-length studio album, Illusions. The opening track, “Illusions” opens with a Hammond organ, but then hits hard with a heavy dose of deep bass and percussive reggae undertones. Some tracks, like “High and Lifted” and “The Golden Rule” stay within the true confines of Reggae grooves while others like “A Fire” and “Ubntu” mix improvisational bits with odd time signatures and solos over straight dump vamps. Some songs abandon the style completely and bring in an R&B vibe or a mellow piano track. The lyrics are lush with political and social commentary of the classic Jamaican music. 4.5 McRiprock’s - www.AustinDaze.com

"High Ceiling - Band"

"High Ceiling is adventurously toeing the line between the Reggae and Jam-Band worlds. Their innovative take on fusion music has found a true base in the Pacific Northwest." - Nicholas Harris, Groundation U.S. Tour Manager

"review for "Angle Of Repose" album"

"The hooks of the songs are very catchy and danceable and the jams showcase each band member's enormous talent....I would recommend this CD to anyone and everyone... To sum it up, let me put it this way: Angle of Repose has been in my disc changer in my car since I bought it in late August, and I don't suspect it will come out any time soon." -CD baby customer

- CD baby customer

"review for "Angle Of Repose" album"

"Thoroughly enjoying this CD. The lyrics are obviously well thought out and original, the jams are inspiring, and the musicianship is awesome. Makes you want to dance and smile!" -CD baby customer - CD baby customer

"Review of show at Olympic College"

"High Ceiling is a band for all ages. The energy of the band kept everyone asking for more. High Ceiling jams with high intensity throughout their whole performance and has a sound of their own that excites all genres and ages." - Ron Childers - Campus Booking Agent

"High Ceiling - Illusions CD"

"Wanna get away? Pop this disc in and enjoy the ride!" - Drago, Froglix.com

"High Ceiling - Illusions CD"

"Easy flowing reggae escapades that ascend into effervescent jams and rootsy rock anthems. Fundamentally joyful this Washington act lyrically takes time to delve into socio/political topics of relevance while also managing to organize their own festival - Skok Valley Music Rally. " - Andrew Frey, Maximum Ink Music Magazine


"Illusions" - released April, 2009
"Angle Of Repose" - released June, 2006



As a staple of the Northwest music scene, Washington’s High Ceiling has played hundreds of shows alongside some of the biggest names in Jam-Rock and Reggae, including JOHN BROWN’S BODY and GARAJ MAHAL. When High Ceiling formed in 2004, the group had an early love and admiration for roots reggae music and also the jazz influenced musicianship, improvised playing, and eclectic sound of bands in the jam scene. Through their years of continued musical study and the growth that comes from playing music together week after week, year after year, the group’s playing evolved until they were writing songs in a style truly all their own; a unique fusion of reggae, funk, and trance music with unpredictable instrumental tangents.

Andrew Frey of Maximum Ink Music Magazine describes High Ceiling’s music as “Easy flowing reggae escapades that ascend into effervescent jams and rootsy rock anthems. Fundamentally joyful, this Washington act lyrically takes time to delve into socio/political topics of relevance.”

Uplifting, conscious, and adventurous are all good words to describe the band’s music, especially in a live setting. In concert, High Ceiling hits hard instrumentally with a heavy dose of deep bass, percussive reggae grooves, and improvised sections where the group creates layers of live dub, danceable drum and percussion rhythms, or epic guitar driven climaxes.

From the start, grassroots is the method High Ceiling has used to promote, tour, organize events, and introduce their music to the people. The band tours extensively throughout the west coast, especially in the Northwest and the result has been a steady influx of opportunities and passionate fans who love High Ceiling’s music and who will travel hours to see the band perform. The group has gained much notoriety for their self-produced Grange events in which they create a one-night festival experience for the audience with non-stop music and an atmosphere of freedom and community.

The band has released two CD’s, and now they have really managed to capture their energetic live show on their second full length studio album, Illusions. Currently in rotation on hundreds of community and college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada, Illusions reached #14 on the jambands.com radio charts and also charted top ten CMJ on multiple station’s charts.

With the #1 song of 2010 on the somojo.net radio charts, High Ceiling was awarded Reggae artist of the year for 2010 at Somojo Magazine & Radio.

The group even organizes its own festival, the Skok Valley Music Rally. This weekend long music festival takes place in July or August near Shelton, WA and features many of the best bands in the region. 2010 was the third year of the event and the vibes were High.

High Ceiling has also performed as "Reggae Legend" Norma Fraser's backing band at multiple festivals.

Through years of touring and creating conscious music with reverence for unity, love, compassion, and growth; High Ceiling has built a loyal spirited fan base.

Festivals played:
Seattle Hempfest (Seattle, WA) - 2007
Olympia Hempfest (Olympia, WA) - 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Reggae Consciousness (Seattle, WA) - 2010
7th Flowmotion Summer Meltdown (Darrington, WA) - 2007
Dogstock (Melvern, KS) - 2007
Gathering Before The Light (Eugene, OR) - 2009
Super Saturday - Evergreen State College Graduation (Olympia, WA) - 2007
Capitol Lakefair (Olympia, WA) - 2005, 2006, 2008
Medicine Wheel Music Festival (Twisp, WA) 2006, 2007
Squidstock (Shelton, WA) - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
Apple Jam Music Festival (Provolt, OR) - 2010
Urban Art Festival (Tacoma, WA) - 2006
Oysterfest (Shelton, WA) - 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
Picking on The Hoh (Forks, WA) - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Cleanwater Surf Competition (Westport, WA) 2007
Gemini Festival (Eugene, OR) - 2008, 2009,
Llama Family Reunion (Trout Lake, WA) - 2008
Skok Valley Music Rally – Self Produced (Shelton, WA) – 2007, 2008, 2010

High Ceiling has played at festivals and clubs with bands including:
John Brown's Body, Garaj Mahal, Mikey Dread, Junior Reid, Clinton Fearon, Hot Buttered Rum, Norma Fraser, The Panda Conspiracy, Heliotroupe, Trolls Cottage, Mystic Roots Band, The Georgetown Orbits, Acorn Project, TapWater, Lazy Bones, Albino, Jamcamp, Alpaca, Flowmotion, The Bridge, The Special Purpose, Higher Ground, Das Vibenbass, Late Night Freakout Odyssey, KJ Sawka, Z-Kamp, Yamn, Sideways Reign, B-Shorty, Publish The Quest, Equal Eyes, Laborer, Bat Makumba, and many others.

The music of High Ceiling has also been featured in an O'brien wakeboards instructional DVD with over 60,000 copies in circulation.

High Ceiling has played school sponsored shows at Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA), Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA), Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA), St. Martin's University (Lacey, WA), Olympic College (Shelton, WA), and Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA).