High Charity

High Charity


HIGH CHARITY is High Energy. Every member of this band puts his heart and soul into their music and the result in more than amazing - it's inspiring. When you hear them, you know they are that rare, special band that is going to be around for a long time to come."Sherry Sabine, HomeTownBandstand.com


High Charity was created in October of 2005 by guitarist Spencer Healy and bassist Chris Banja. Chris recomended his former guitarist, Andy Frier, to try out on drums. Andy immediatly became a member of the band after one rehersal. High Charity continued to write music minus the Lyrics for a few months, amazing their friends @ every jam session. Numerous vocalists attended tryouts, but none were chosen. In Feburary 2006 Ryan Carlton wanted to see if he could rock with High-C. He fit perfectly, and continues to write amazing and meaningful lyrics to the well written music. High Charity has been playing live shows for over a year now, and just recently won their first battle of the bands! You must check these guys out!!! Stay tuned for their first music video...coming soon.


We have released 9 tracks in 2006/2007-- Forgiven, Red Tide, Miles From Nowhere, Endless Rhythm, 420, Mindset, I am Yeti, and Purity.

Set List

our Typical set list consists of 25-30 songs. Thats for the venues that want us to play all night. Our favorite covers to rock are--- Rage-Killing in the Name, Tool-Sober, Smile empty Soul- Bottom Of a Bottle, Silverchair- Pure Massacre, STP- Dead and Bloated, and Disturbed- Down with a Sickness.