High Council

High Council


If God and Satan were at war, and that war was made into a movie, High Council would be the soundtrack.


The High Council is a four piece band from the Philadelphia area. Drawing from such diverse influences as Iron Maiden, Radiohead, the Beatles, and the Nintendo Entertainment System, High Council has blended several styles into a unique blend of video game fueled Neo-Classic rock metal. Longtime collegues Lou Di Domenico and Bob Saunders began writing material in 2003 following the breakup of their previous band. In early 2004 the duo was invigorated by the arrival of guitarist Steve Donahue, and completed several months later by bassist Brad Thron. In March of 2005 High Council released their debut EP All Rise, and spent the remainder of the year rocking the Philadelphia and New York City areas in support. Since that time, High Council has experienced some personel changes in the bass position, playing several shows with Chromelodeon's Denny Barron before settling on new permanent bass man Chris Haring. With all four seats on the Council once again filled, the band looks forward to its most productive year yet.


Hand of God

Written By: High Council

He said to honor His word,
answer His call, abide by His Law!
Woe unto those who've not heard.
Damnation befalls, abide by His Law.

Time to repent is past, forever.
Where are your gods? The Pagans will not save you.
From My wrath, that rains down like fire and hail,
smashing idols.
Let the guilty drown.
Let the world be renewed.

Fatum Praeclarum (The Fate of the Gloried)

Written By: High Council

This barren land could be our death.
The blood splt from our veins will soon be drowning it.
We know these breaths may be our last,
before the hour is at hand.
Now all that matters is the glory given to the dogs of war.

Watch as the rain falls down,
Streams down my face; it's alright.
We've fought in worse than this before tonight.

The storm and battle rage.
Commanders bark their orders.
We'll fight on through the storm until the dawn.

The tide of battle turns.
My fate seems set in stone now,
but a grim acceptance drives my will to fight.

And after some time, our line is breached.
The enemy swarm around us.
We close up our ranks.
And prepare to make our stand.

Oh, it happens every stormy night, that same fight...
Souls who chose glory over their final rest,
Will fight their last battles here.


Written By: High Council

I've lived a life less spoken,
seen many things through these eyes.
Can a man like me start anew?

I don't know.
What would show?
Should I go away?

Ten Thousand day I've wandered.
My art, I've put aside.
I can ignore no longer
who I was born to be.

Nothing for me here anymore!

Former brothers now surround me.
Call me traitor, charge me guilty.

Live by the sword, and you'll die by the blade.

Ten Thousand men I'd slaughter,
for freedom in my hands.
Clanless I'll be forever.
You have to understand,

There's nothing for me here anymore.


All Rise: March 2005 release. This four song EP showcases the spectrum of High Council’s talents, ranging from heavy, riff based thrashing to slow, melodic flute passages. A stern ruling to kick off the career of High Council.

Set List

We draw from the 4 song EP as well 16 additional original compositions that have yet to be professionally recorded.