HIGHCYDE is a high-energy alternative rock band, who offer driving rock guitar tones, powerful beats and lyrics that most people can relate to. The result is a tightly integrated, commanding rock sound that hints of Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Creed, Papa Roach and Staind, among others.


Highcyde is influenced by too many bands to list them all here...but the one theme that runs throughout is their appreciation of hard driving, straight forward rock and roll. Highcyde's "story" can best be described in one of their singles, "My Story Now". Check it out at hichcydemusic.com !


Highcyde recently released it's first full-length album titled "My Story Now"--a much anticipated follow up to the band's 2004 self-titled EP that secured the "Best Guitars in Rock" and "Best Beat in Rock" awards on GarageBand.com, and raised the eyebrows of independent reviewers, who praised the music as "very radio-friendly" and having "cool, powerful guitar licks." With the new album, Highcyde has stayed-the-course with a straight-ahead powerful rock sound, yet poured more fuel on it's already fiery sound with even heavier guitar tones and lyrics meant to symbolize never looking back at the past, or even looking too far ahead into the future, but living "in the now". Stay tuned for an upcoming new release, summer /fall 2007

Set List

45-60 minutes is our typical set list. We have a total of approximately 120 minutes of music that we currently play live. An additional 40 minutes of music in the archives, that we can use when necessary. Constantly writing new, modern material.