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Higher Ground

Brownsburg, Indiana, United States

Brownsburg, Indiana, United States
Band Christian Children's Music


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"Personal Reference"

"We love the (Selah!) cd. We gave it to the kids for Easter. You all are so talented. Thanks!" - Family who loves to worship together

"Personal Reference"

"Out of the blue yesterday when my daughter and I were taking a walk outside she said daddy can we watch lights out tomorrow? She hasn't watched it since before my wife and I left several weeks ago - it was obviously a hit with her! I havent told her there are other titles yet... I suppose I should surprise her with another :D" - "Our House" DVD series family

"Professional Recommendation"

I am very pleased to be able to recommend the music ministry of Robbie and Denise Grimes. Their outstanding talents, blended with a passion and love for Christ, makes their music far more reaching than mere entertainment. They communicate a message that challenges one to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord, rekindle family relationships, and demonstrate the love of Christ to your children. Their musicianship is dynamic and engaging. They sing a message that is Christ-centered, encouraging and designed for family members of all ages. Their heart for people and ministry is what makes this team so special. - Rodney Rice, Lead Pastor, Church at Main, Brownsburg, IN

""Higher Ground" is family affair"

Higher Ground is a family group made up of Robbie and Denise Grimes and their two daughters, Courtney and Jadyn. Higher Ground was formed in 1998, but didn't really take off until 2003. Their first CD was released in 2004 and the second just a year later. God has called this family to share His love with others and to encourage and build up families. Robbie and Denise see families falling apart all around them and believe that famillies need to hear that God has to be the center of the home in order to survive.

The Grimes' family incorporates various methods to share God's love in their concerts including their own music, dynamic skits, sign language, and compelling testimonies that reach out right where you are in your walk with God and challenge you to grow deeper in your relationship with the King. God has allowed some recent health struggles in Denise's life to increase their testimony of His faithfulness, and they have been able to minister to people they would not have reached otherwise. Of course, the children will melt your hearts, and God is using them to reach those people that adults can't reah.

Their most recent project is a movie/DVD called "Our House and the Mustard Seed." They built the sets, choreographed the production and filmed the movie in July 2006. Robbie and Denise are working on a location for the movie premiere which will happen soon and the DVD is available to order on their website. Also available to purchase on the website are their CDs, tshirts, and "Love Notes for Kids." These notes are a big hit with families...parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and teachers are buying up these precious postcards and showing love to their children in their lives. The proceeds of all merchandise will go toward their ministry.

Higher Ground continues to be amazed at how God is working in this ministry and pray that all glory goes to Him! Philippians 3:14 has been a key verse for this group. It says, "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me Heavenward in Christ Jesus." It's why they do what they do, it's on their tshirts, and it's the reason for the name-Higher Ground.

If you would like to support this talented family group in their music ministry, you can do this in many ways--attend their concerts, book them for a performance at your church or event, purchase their merchandise, donate financially to their efforts, and pray for them as they move toward full time ministry. - The Chronicle-December 2006

"DVD focuses on faith, family"

It's the name of a new DVD, but its origins run far deeper.
Ever since a mustard seed was used as a parable in the New Testament of the Bible, the tiny seed has symbolized how small, insignificant beginnings an produce enormous results.
Higher Ground Family Ministries, creator of a new children's DVD, "Our House and the Mustard Seed" is hoping for a similar outcome.
Robbie and Denise Grimes, Brownsburg residents and founds of Higher Ground, will celebrate the release of their first children's DVD during a free community event Thursday at the Pavilion Cinemas in Brownsburg.
The 30-minute video, featuring singin, dancing and acting by the Brownsburg couple, their two daughters and four other local children, uses a mustard seed as its central theme.
"We just wanted to show how a tiny bit of faith can grow like the mustard seed into something big," Robbie Grimes said.
The video, which the couple compares to the television show, "Out of the Box" on the Disney Channel, is the first in what they plan to be many "Our House" themed videos.
The "Our House" premise is set in a huge playroom where the neighborhood children come to play with the Grimes' daughters. In the first Mustard Seed episode, the children learn how their faith can grow, discuss the Biblical story of Noah and enjoy a science experiment.
"We wanted something that children would like, and adults could watch and wouldn't think is corny," Denise said.
Thursday's elebration will include three showings of the DVd and activities such as face painting, planting a mustard seed that children can take home and watch grow and red carpet treatment for every participant.
Fulfilling their dream to help others hasn't come easy for the Grimeses.
Higher Ground began as a music ministry in 1998 but fizzled until the couple began having children. The effort picked up steam in 2001 after the birth of the couple's second child and a new focus on helping young families culminated in 2003 with the their first CD release of original contemporary Christian music in 2005.
"God gave us 12 songs that we wrote," Denise said. "It was a God thing that came in His time, not ours. He wanted it to be a family ministry."
Each song focuses on family issues with a goal of providing support to young families. Song lyrics cover family issues such as turning to family prayer, maintaining a tender heart, and adoption.
"They are musical missionnaries who happen to live in Hendricks county," said Tony Black, a friend who has helped the ministry. "I have seen the impact, and with this new vision to reach a different audience, the response has been overwhelming."
Their concerts started in churches. But a second D has helped provide more contemporary songs to reach people outside church.
"Our goal has always been to go into the community and not make people always come into a church building to hear us," Robbie said.
The family, including daughters, Courtney, 7, and Jadyn, 5, now perform at festivals, conferences, and other family-oriented community events. In addition to the music, the famiy performs humorous educational skits during their concerts. They also have added postcards called "Love Notes for Kids" to their growing list of products to enhance family bonding.
They hope to soon focus their efforts full time on the ministry and currently are working with a distribution company to promote their DVD nationally.
"It's very humbling that God is able to use us," Denise said. "It allows us to share own problems we face as a family. When people hear we aren't perfect, they open up."

- The Indianapolis Star-February 2007

"Professional Recommendation"

Robbie and Denise Grimes, along with their children, are a living, breathing picture of a family that finds its adhesiveness in Christ. And what a joy it is to see and hear a young couple who can encourage other families through their music, stories, and drama. They truly are devoted to helping family members, whether young or old, attain the Higher Ground of God's presence in the home. - Steve and Annie Chapman-Christian Recording Artists

"Professional Recommendation"

I just want to express my appreciation for the ministry of Higher Ground. Robbie & Denise Grimes and their girls are a talented family. I appreciate the fact that on or off the platform they are the same. Their ministry is not a performance but they truly minister from their heart and their life experiences. We enjoyed the music and drama they presented to us at the Montrose Bible Conference. Their music was encouraging and uplifting. Their dramas taught meaningful lessons as they portrayed life experiences that their audience could identify. I also appreciate that Robbie & Denise were here for our guests. They interacted with our guests throughout the time with us. I can whole heartedly endorse the ministry of Higher Ground. I know they will be a blessing to you. - Jim Fahringer, Exec. Director of Montrose Bible Conference Center, Montrose, PA

"Professional Recommendation"

Families in America are being destroyed at a faster rate than at any time in our history. The only answer for healing is the one Higher Ground passionately shares through their music ministry.....Jesus Christ. They are the perfect ministry partner to assist your church with growing families in the Lord. It is so refreshing to see Christian artists who have a humble spirit of service. Higher Ground is so much more than a show. They are a ministry that uses their talents of singing and drama to bring total glory to God and encourage families in the Lord wherever they go. A must for the church that wants to challenge their families to become more in Christ. - Kent Bottenfield-Retired Cardinal's Pitcher and Christian Recording Artist

"Professional Recommendation"

The Joy of the Journey was delighted to have Higher Ground provide the worship and special music at our recent conference. The Grimes have a passionate love for the Lord and their music reflects that commitment to Him. Living in a culture where the family is so fragmented it was refreshing and challenging to see their positive interaction with one another as a family! The women at Joy of the Journey Conference were thoroughly blessed by their music!" - Bev Wilson-Coordinator of the Joy of the Journey Women's Conference

"Personal Reference"

I know that in order for us to get our full blessing that He has in store for us, God has to teach us through suffering and heartache and He has to bring people into our lives to help us open our eyes and to soften our hearts to Him. I continually believe that you were one of those people put in my path to help me get through the struggles and trials that were coming my way...you gave me so much encouragement, you touched my heart and helped it soften toward God's plan...You helped me see that even through pain and suffering, I should lean more on God instead of farther away. God put you in my path for a reason, and He's helped us stay in touch for a reason...He's using you to reach people, and I thank God that you've helped me become that much closer to God. - Fellow Believer who met Higher Ground at a family camp in 2007

"Personal Reference"

Your participation in our worship service infused us with renewed freshness. Through Higher Ground's unique presentation and your Christ-like spirit [our] ministry has been enriched and deepened. You modeled true worship that is comprised of both "spirit" and "truth." Furthermore, you challenged us to reach beyond our normal worship experience and grasp a "greater way". Thank you for this gift. - Fellow Believer who worshipped with Higher Ground at a recent concert


Selah released in 2011
Revive Us Again CD released in 2009
Higher Ground CD released in 2006
Show Them the Love CD released in 2005

Lights Out at Our House DVD released in 2010
Our House and The Mustard Seed DVD released in 2007
Our House and The PuzzleMaker DVD released in 2007



BIO: Contemporary Christian artists Higher Ground are passionate about three things: God, family, and music. This group, also known as Robbie, Denise, Courtney, and Jadyn Grimes, brings all of these passions together and shares them with each audience they are privileged to stand before. Whether performing their hilarious skits, sharing an original song in family harmony, leading worship, or speaking about what God's Word says about life's trials, Higher Ground seeks to encourage families by pointing them to Christ and showing them the importance of placing God first in their lives and in their family.

Following a long history of amateur and professional musical experiences, including theme parks, musical theater, and church groups, Robbie and Denise were brought to a place where God changed their focus from singing to please the crowd to singing to please their God. This husband and wife team has performed many genres of music in the past, but for them nothing compares to sharing God's love and faithfulness through song.

Responding to God's call, Robbie and Denise formed Higher Ground in 1997. A few weeks after completion of a demo project in 1999, Denise gave birth to their first child, Courtney. At that time, they felt God wanted their primary focus to be their family, so they continued serving the Lord locally. They performed in their home church, at several local churches and various community events, on several other artists' projects, and wherever else they felt they could minister without neglecting their family roles.

During 2003, God began showing Robbie and Denise how to merge their desire to sing for Him with their commitment to family. They believe others need to hear that God loves their family and desires to be at the center of it, and they need to hear it from a family who is walking through life and going through the same struggles right along with them. They recognize that there are so many problems within families today, because families are not committed to each other the way God intended. God has also provided the Grimes family with the opportunity to adopt and foster children in need. They are blessed to have expanded their family in this way and love to share what God has taught them through this journey. This family prays that through their words and music, God will draw families closer to Him and to each other.

Higher Ground̢۪s desire is that every person they meet leaves with an understanding of the gift of salvation Jesus Christ has to offer and a renewed feeling of joy, contentment, and commitment to Him and to their family. Together the Grimes family strives to do God̢۪s will and sing for His glory. Together they are reaching for a Higher Ground.

MISSION: The Grimes family believes God has called them to use the gifts He has given them to share the message of His love and grace with others. They have a deep concern for how the importance of family is diminishing in our country and around the world. Part of God's plan for Higher Ground is to encourage and strengthen families. They desire to tell others how they can make Christ first in their lives and in the lives of their family.

STATEMENT OF FAITH: They believe that Jesus Christ was God's one and only son. He was sent to the earth and was born of a virgin, was crucified and died for our sins, and rose from the dead three days later. They believe He will come again for those who have made the decision to accept Him as Savior and Lord of their life, so that He can take them up to Heaven to spend eternity with Him. They desire to spread this message to as many lost souls as possible and to offer encouragement to fellow Christians who share this same desire. As Higher Ground, their mission is to love, encourage, and support family members as they seek God's will.

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