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i have no music because i am not a emcee or a dj i just write lyrics to tell ya the truth. if i find some help i will add to my pitch but i am gonna call myself hi-5 i have a cat named highfive so so i decided to name myself after my favourite cat in the world. gonna write whats on my mind.


i am a 28 yr old male i am a cook at local popular bar n grill i like to write i dont like recording my self or being recorded i dont likke the sound of my voice. i love rap i guess biggie and eminem are my # 1 inspirations. i have no band i am solo. influences are trying to kick a drug habbit which is why i am writing.



Written By: Jimi Schram

Chorus - We are just a bunch of mixed up faces , that come from different f***** up places , that we call “Races.”

I don’t care if your Chinese, Vietmenese, Japenese, Cantonese/ As long as you get on your knees & don’t give me a dirty disease/ if your nice to meez I’ll treat you right no fees/ slept with bed bugs & fleas, oh geez/ Mexico’s where I stash my keys/ latino’s speak to me n I just freeze, I reply back n offer my cheese/ AK’s @ my head I need to get out now please/ they don’t want my cheese till my keys be seized/until my fees decreased they steal the cheese/
Where I’m from you are the minority/ all I hear is white power/ but all I can see is white cowards/ living with Hispanics taking over who think they just built a tower/ I hate how were stuck third in power I want super powers & be over powered/ air powered like you’re a blood flower/lord gives us a rain shower grows like a snail flower/ we eat it like wheat flour & use it for our power.
I’m not racist just born with a brain cist/ like cancer it forms like a catalyst/why do I even exist/ I consist of being on top of the class list/ I speak of the sickest freaks that clenched a fist/ I sound pissed to assist/ wha’d I miss/


I don’t compare just be aware/throw down your flare I’m a average man that’s fair/ listen to this & have a care about what you could bare/ I got stories to share/ text me I double dare/ I need to clear the air that’s rare/ you all be saying where I can smell it but I can’t find this pear/met a girl named Clare in Latin square/ she had the best health care & had a lot of red camel toe hair/



have nothing realesed