High Flight Society

High Flight Society


High Flight Society is modern rock band that delivers powerful, catchy songs with a sound all their own - soaring vocals, dynamic rhythm changes and hooky guitar riffs that break away from typical song structures. The songs are delivered to audiences via a tight and engergetic live-show.


After releasing their national, self-titled debut under Nashville's RKT records in June 2007 and touring the country from Georgia to California to support the album, the four guys in High Flight Society (Jason Wilkes, brothers Michael and John Packer and Scotty Lockridge) had accomplished just about everything a young band could hope to. Radio success with songs like "Sweet Redeemer" and "Time is Running Out," playing shows in front of crowds of thousands and being named one of the top 100 releases of 2007 by itunes were crowning achievements. The road to success, however, is never an easy one. RKT shut its doors shortly after releasing the album, partially extinguishing the flame of what was a promising career.

The touring and the writing of new music, however, didn't stop and a new day brings new opportunities.

Flash forward to the end of 2008 and the flame is beginning to burn bright again. Fueled by the best music of their career thus far, which is about to be recorded and released, and new member Jerad Griffin (formerly of Anberlin, on guitar/background vocal duties), who has added a fresh dynamic to their sound and already tight live show, morale is high among the HFS team and their many fans all over the world alike. The road to success may not be easy but for HFS now, the path there has never been more clearly lit or eaiser to see.

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Self-titled - released June 2007

The Par Avion EP- released June 2009

Up Above (2007)
Time Is Running Out (2008)
Sweet Redeemer (2008)
I Will Follow You (2008)
Run From Yesterday (2009)
Inhaling A Bullet (2009)

Set List

Inhaling A Bullet

I Will Follow You