High Hopes

High Hopes

 Norwich, England, GBR

An Upbeat Modern Style Of Pop/Punk. Grabbing The Attention Fast And Keeping It Throughout. Ear Catching Melodies And Choruses Showered With Hard Hitting Breakdowns, Beats And Inspiring Loud Chants. Full Of Heart And Passion And Never Anything Less Than 100%.


We Are a 5 Piece Pop/Punk Band Who Mix Soft Melodies With Loud Aggressive Music And Performance. Incredible Energetic, Fun And Entertaining To Watch, Also With a Great Sound. Its Our Passion And Take On a Typically American Genre That We Have Injected With British Attitude And Heart To Create A New Style Of Pop/Punk.

Started Summer In 2010 And Since Have Been Playing Shows All Round Norfolk And Norwich Area. And Also Playing Guildfest In 2011. Also Have Recorded Two Demo CD's "Mary Jane EP" & "Beautiful Lights". And Now Recording Our First Online Distributed Mini Album Titled "What Happened To Morals?" Which Will Be On Itunes, Amazon, Tescos and HMV By Summer 2011.

With Influences Such As Blink 182, Paramore, Four Year Strong, A Day To Remeber, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Parkway Drive, Deaf Havana, Young Guns And Many More.


Beautiful Light

Written By: Melodie How

I'm Not Sure If I Should Fall For This One,
My Heart Is On My Sleeve,
My Best Friend In a Whole New Beautiful Light,
(Lights Will Take You Home)

I've Known You For Too Long For My Heart To Be Right,
But If You Break My Heart,
Then I'm Sorry For Tearing You Apart,

Can't Say That, That I Mind,
You Make It So Easy To Find,
Just Take My Hard And Ill Try To Show You,
And Be As Gentle As I Can.

Mary Jane

Written By: Melodie How & Josh Arter-Taylor

Pardon Me, But Could It Be,
Your Messing With My Head,
You Make Me Want You,
And You Do It All So Easily,

Oh Mary, Oh Mary Jane, Now I'm Stuck With You And I'm Singing,
Oh Mary, Oh Mary Jane, Now I'm Stuck Here With You....

I've Been Down And Pushed Around,
And It Makes My Heart Feel Bigger,
If They Saw The Laughter That You've Made,
You Know They'd Want You And Things Would Never Be The Same.

Oh Mary, Oh Mary Jane, Now I'm Stuck With You And I'm Singing,
Oh Mary, Oh Mary Jane, Now I'm Stuck Here With You....


In 2011 "Beautiful Light" Has Been Played Over Norfolk Through Future Radio. And Since Has Been Played Again And Again Due To Request.

Within 2 Months Of Being Added To Our Page Their Was Already Over 7000 Plays Up To 200 Plays A Day.

Set List

What Happened To Morals?
Beautiful Light
To Be Patient
Didn't You
Mary Jane