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HighHouse & Ken Bhangi - "Demo" - 2002
Jack Stick - "Demo" - 2003
HighHouse - "Demo" - 2006
HighHouse - "In True Colors" - 2007



Producer, songwriter and recording artist HighHouse began his musical journey at an early age. Anders Højhus Neergaard a.k.a. HighHouse, born in the small country of Denmark on July 19, 1985, has been all over the place musically and geographically. Because of his father's job in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other related work, his family has lived abroad in various countries. Moving back and forth between Denmark and foreign countries, HighHouse and his family has lived nine years abroad in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda and Washington D.C. This traveling around has given HighHouse many different cultural and musical inputs, and, as a result, he has developed a big understanding and appreciation of diversity.
HighHouse has always been interested in music. As a little boy he would sit around and play with his parents piano or their African drums. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of ten, and was inspired by the music of guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Eric Clapton, and others. As he developed musically, he played in different bands, playing and writing everything from rock, to funk, to bossa nova.
While living with his family in Washington D.C. from 1997 to 2000, HighHouse became truly inspired and fascinated by the American hip-hop and modern r&b scene. He would try to play some of his favorite hip-hop and r&b songs on the guitar, but he quickly found out that what he really wanted to do was to produce and write the songs himself. Filling up his parents' computer's hard drive with his own productions, he slowly entered the world of music production and songwriting.
In order to improve and explore his skills in music production and songwriting, HighHouse entered a music performance/engineering school (Den Rytmiske Højskole) in Denmark in 2005. Focused and ambitious to learn more and expand his musical network, HighHouse applied for the sound engineering program at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was enrolled in the summer of 2006 and is still attending.

Through his musical career, HighHouse has acted both as a producer, solo artist, and in a couple of different musical groups. HighHouse joined forces with Kenyan-Danish rapper Ken Bhangi. The collaboration went on for several years, and, in 2002, the duo recorded a five song demo. HighHouse also rapped in the hip-hop-funk band Jack Stick, where he wrote lyrics and composed songs together with the rest of the band. From 2002 to 2004, Jack Stick played at various venues, clubs, schools, and festivals in Denmark. Today, HighHouse works as a producer, songwriter, and engineer on several different r&b and hip-hop projects. He works with different artists and musicians from around the world (e.g. the Danish hip-hop duo Ren Reflex). He finished his lastest project and demo "In True Colors" in the spring of 2007, which features four songs with a more live sound than heard before from HighHouse. Upcoming releases and deals with HighHouse are yet to be announced.
HighHouse draws inspiration from many different genres, but his music can best be described as modern urban music, mixing r&b and hip-hop with a bit of jazz, blues, funk, and reggae. HighHouse always tries to bring something new to the table and to take music where no one has gone before. His music is distinguished by his open-minded, humble, and spiritual lifestyle and his love for all kinds of music. HighHouse really puts his heart into his music and this can be heard in his lyrics, which are all inspired by his own experiences and everyday problems and issues.