Music is a shared passion, love, and lifestyle of five aspiring artists from the Greater Toledo area, who all have their minds and hearts set straight forward, with the common goal of becoming a national act where touring and recording are adopted as a favorite past time. Each member came together and instantly created chemistry, due to each of their diverse musical backgrounds and common goals. Realizing that the music industry is fast-paced and complex beyond comprehension, Highland has come to believe that as long as they stay grounded and write music that can both reveal their personas but also connect to a universal audience, they have a promising chance; they live by the concept of creating a unique, self-actualizing sound while also giving listeners of all ages some musical therapy to rock out to. The diverse influences of the band include The Used, Green Day, Morrissey, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, Metallica, The Doors, and Coldplay. Utlimately, the band will keep playing and pursuing their dream with every last breath in them. Highland is so greatful for the intense impact music has had on their lives on so many levels that they hope to make their mark and impact listeners and future artists the same way past and present musicians have influenced them. To Highland, music is an artistic symbol of what exactly life is all about, physical and cognitively; they don't want to simply make a hit record, they want to make a hit career with admirable longevity that sets examples for future musicians.


Love This Memory

Written By: Jake Pilewski

These lines, spitting “everything’s just fine”,
but I just lost my mind
These eyes, too drenched to re-ignite..
.. the fires burned out tonight
When you take back this promise made,
I hope you cut your feet on this glass you break

So tell me, I can’t remember these days
I can pretend it’s easy, but you kill me, kill me
Rip my heart out of my chest, still beating
Love me and leave me bleeding
Hope you love this memory

When you fall, these hands that once would catch you,
They won’t be anywhere, cuz I won’t be anywhere for you.. you
You won’t find me anywhere,
cuz when I lost my heart I lost my head all thanks to you

Chorus: repeat

Take my head and break the pavement
Take my heart and drain and waste it
Take my love and love to hate it
Take my secret you take for granted

So tell me, how you make this seem so easy
How you love me just to kill me
From now on, each time you see me
Hope you learn to love this memory

Separation Anxiety... And All That Comes With It

Written By: Jake Pilewski

Here we are, placed on different sides of the room
Worlds apart... but I know that I'm just inches from you
And I've been thinking lately about you
You're just something that I had
And something that I never want again
You can break this heart, I'll break these chains
And then tonight

I'm gonna find my way
Maybe not this minute, or not at all
But I'm on my own
I'm gonna find this place
That gets me high like you could, but never did
Like it was before, without you
Without you

Just blow me off
Like everytime you turned your back
Then turn around and tell me why you suddenly decide to care so much
If you loved me like you hate me
Then you'd know that I would love to see you struggle for your life, so here's a knife
You can kiss these lips, but kiss this heart goodbye


The Irony of Eminence

Written By: Jake Pilewski

This is where the widowed lead the way
And blackened hearts will march the death parade
This is when the angels start to cry
As the aforementioned bid goodbye

Do you hate the way I went?
Or the sound of my lament?
Or maybe, just hate letting go?

When you miss me, come and kiss me
You will find me in the ground
I'll be broken, dead and frozen
Bring black roses for my crown
And don't forget, it was you that put me down

Listen as the aching bells will toll
Ringing out the fragile life you stole
"Tragedy" will often be misplaced:
Covering any blame and empty space

Well if this is what you want,
Then it's you that I should haunt
Forget it. You don't deserve my ghost


So if this is how it feels
When the dirt is at your heels
Just leave me. Forget me and go



The Irony Eminence EP


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Love This Memory
Seperation Anxiety... And All That Comes With It
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