The band has been compared to a mixture of styles and genres, from rock to metal, hip-hop to country. Critical listeners compared them as mixture of Muse, My Chemical Romance, twist of pop punk, and modern alternative rock and roll.


Music is so profound its deep truths could clog a library to the point of bursting. �The feeling of music, in order to be elaborated completely upon, could honestly fill an entire book.� So says Highland. �In the end, it is an art, a business, a love, a hate, a lifetime, a covenant, a vow, an obligation, a passion and truly it is a trap that has been set by fate itself.� With this statement, Highland has captured � in condensed form, in words � the joy, complexity and importance of music in human experience. It has also captured the depths of Highland�s music. This is big musical territory. Get ready to explore. What? �The philosophy of Highland can be compared to that of a Top 40 pop rock act formed to produce opera and musical theatre during the 1800s.� Whew! �The music of Highland when it comes to composition, performance and presentation is simple yet complex.� Highland�s talent becomes readily obvious when you hear a Highland song, hear how well it functions and then realize just how man eclectic elements have gone into its creation. Highland is a master of pulling together multiple influences and making a solid, cohesive, surprising, electrifying whole out of it. Influences from bands like My Chemical Romance, AFI, Muse, Metallica, Bach, HIM, The Academy Is and countless others can be heard in their compositions. The artist in question here combines mainstream accessibility and the depths of art rock. �The average mainstream set of ears enjoys a simple-yet-catchy song that will jam a hook-based melody into one�s head, no matter what the song is saying � Highland�s songs all have catchy melodies with the hooky chorus � then, Highland�s musicianship can be heard through the use of diverse chord progressions to apply the mod, along with the rebirth of the 70s-80s guitar riffs and solos, articulate punk-meets-classic rock drumming, graceful classical piano playing, all topped off with finely tuned and experienced theatrical vocals � that hide a large philosophical agenda.� In other words Highland plays in waters both shallow in deep and truly enjoys the best of both worlds musically. Highland�s performance boasts the same diversity and dynamics. Entirety of Life Life, by definition, is the entirely of human experience and the attendant human emotions. From this rich source Highland draws the material for its songs. Reflecting the broad scope of the musical engineering at work with this band, the themes and ideas within the music also embrace a huge range of ideas. It is this all-encompassing aspect of Highland�s music that will guarantee them a big, devoted audience. Success for Highland is an exclamation point, not a question mark! Acclaim, Accomplishments Highland has opened for Hawthorne Heights, Fallout Boy, Bad Company, Don Vito�s Rockstar Ball, Lucerin Blue, Punchline, Chiodos, AM Radio, Smile Empty Soul, Spitalfield, Silverstein, Candace Coleman, Lisa Marie Presley, Dash the Assassin, River City High, We Are The Fury, Rediscover, Goldfinger, Damien, Happy Anarchy, Ron Jeremy, Melidrone, Unsung Zeroes, The X�s and more.

Highland took the grand prize of $1000 at the Northwest Ohio Pepsi Smash 2006, whose spokesperson cited an unprecedented crowd response. They have been featured on 106.5 the zone, a local radio station, countless times during their career. For months, WorldAudience.com gave the band front-page coverage on their website. MySpace.com listed the band in the top 10 most listened to unsigned bands for three weeks running. This band has talent, to be sure. �Highland does not intend to be a simple flavor-of-the-week music act; not by a long shot. They intend to turn heads, raise eyebrows and make every footstep heard along the way.� The band is currently working with Buzz Inc., out of LaJolla, California, to get their music heard.


The Irony Of Eminence

Written By: Jake Pelewski

This is where the widowed lead the way...
and blackened hearts will march the death parade This is when the angels
start to cry...
as the aforementioned bid goodbye

Do you hate the way I went?
Or the sound of my lament?
Or maybe just hate letting go?

When you miss me, come and kiss me,
You will find me in the ground
I'll be broken, dead, and frozen
Bring black roses for my crown
And don't forget, it was YOU that put me down

Listen as the aching bells will toll...
ringing out the fragile life you stole Tragedy will often be misplaced...
covering any blame and empty space

Well if this is what you want,
Then it's you that I should haunt...
Forget it, you don't deserve my ghost

chorus (repeat)

So if this is how it feels
when the dirt is at your heels,
Just leave me, forget me and go

Separation Anxiety...and All That Comes With It

Written By: Jake Pelewski

Here we are placed on different sides of the room,
worlds apart; but I know that I'm just inches from you Well I've been
thinking lately about you, You're just something that I had, Something that
I never want again...
You can break this heart, I'll break these chains and then...

I'm gonna find my way, maybe not this minute,
or not at all... but I'm on my own
I'm gonna find this place that gets me high like you could...
but never did. Like it was before...
Without you.

Just blow me off like everytime you turned your back,
then turn around and tell me why... tell me why
you suddenly decide to care so much
If you love me like you hate me, then you know that I would
love to see you struggle for your life, so here's a knife You can kiss
these lips but kiss this heart goodbye...


T-Shirt Jesus

Written By: Jake Pelewski

Strike down my left to kick up the right...
I'll stomp my way through thinning ice I clinch my fist and hold my
it might be the one thing I have left

Blue skies bring me rain
Blue eyes keep me sane

Forever, always remember
Keep this feeling for a lifetime
When we pray, Sunday to Sunday,
know the pleasure was mine

They nailed my wrists and burned my skin,
but this charcoaled mess just won't give in They ripped off all my
and in spite of them, I lived to tell

Blue skies, leave me be
Blue eyes: all I need

chorus- repeat

Blue skies bring me rain
Blue eyes keep me sane...


We have a few new tracks that we recorded this past fall of 2006, which are unmastered as of now. Our hopes are to finish recording our newest songs and combine them with our older material and put out a full album by the end of the summer of 2007. As far as singles and radio play, �Count the Stars for Chances� and �Irony of Eminence� have been our main singles and that have received the most radio play as well.

Released Summer 2004

Track Listing:
�Count the Stars For Chances�
�Separation Anxiety�
�Trying to Lose�

Released Fall 2005

Track Listing:
�Count the Stars For Chances�
�Love This Memory�
�Ode to Ellis (Thanks To us)�
��In The Billiards Room With The Candlestick�
�Separation Anxiety�
�Trying to Lose�

Set List

We have a list of about 10-12 songs collectively, some of which are not recorded at this point in time. The songs below are what we are playing in our current line-up for shows. We play an average of 30-45min sets, but can play less or more if need be. Acoustically, we can cover just about any song on the spot. Every once in awhile we throw one of the covers listed below into our set. We have a few different intros that we use for our shows as well.

1) Irony of Eminence
2) T-Shirt Jesus
3) Separation Anxiety
4) As Wolves Amidst The Sheep
5) Je T�Adore
6) Ode to Ellis (Thanks to us)
7) Love This Memory

Weezer -Say it Aint So
My Chemical Romance- I�m Not Okay
Bon Jovi- Its my life
The Police- Ill Be Missing You
The Wonders-That Thing You Do
Kelly Clarkson-Since You�ve Been Gone