HighLife Click

HighLife Click

BandHip Hop

HipHop group with new West Coast Style. Bringing back the old West Coast with a new look, sound, and style. Our music can be considered as West Coast Trap Music.


This group was actually not meant to be, and it was formed almost by accident. It consists of three different dudes from different areas and backgrounds, but when thrown over a beat, it seems to mesh so well. We all started out comin' from different scenes and styles but all that changed with a chance meeting in Moreno Valley. Fudge Quest and Young West had already been livin around the Edgemont area of Moreno Valley for a few before Lazy the Kid moved into the area and set up shop. Lazy the Kid was working with a BOSS BR-1600 18 track multi track recorder and was working on trying to master every little function of it when he met Fudge Quest and decided on doing some tracks with him. After two tracks were complete, it seemed like it was gonna work and it was getting off to a good start. Then things got a little better when Fudge Quest brought Young West in to the recording spot and from there, things just flowed and the rest is history. They recorded a whole mixtape which was only supposed to be a learning experience and something to do for fun, but when it was all done, it actually came out pretty good so things had to be taken a little more seriously from there. Fudge Quest had the skills and the responsibility of a little boy to look after. Young West knew there had to be a better with the same responsibilities as Fudge. And Lazy actually wasnt looking in the same direction as far as the music thing went until his house was raided in '09 and charges totaling 17 yrs. piled up on him. After that, things started getting a little more serious and the three of them knew that music had to be the only way to escape all the bullshit.


C.S.I. Mixtape 2009, DJ King of Da Airwaves & HighLife Click present "The West iz Back 2010", HighLIfe LP 2010

Set List

Our sets typically depend on the promoters, our demographic, and what the venue calls for. we are a very flexible group.